Sports Funding

Every Primary School in the country will be receiving £8,000 + in order to improve provision of Physical Education and Sport in Primary schools. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision for PE and sport in school. We have a plan which has been produced by staff. The funding will be shared between quality training for staff, delivery of PE lessons and clubs by professionals, extending swimming opportunities and purchasing the necessary resources. At Barnett Wood we are using this grant to give teachers training in dance teaching and they are working alongside a professional dancer. In this way chidren and staff benefit from professional support.

For 2014- 2015 we are allocating our budget to further enhance our swimming facilities and to provide extra swimming sessions. We are also working with a local cricket club to provide coaching to our Yr 2 children and we plan to fund some individual football and swimming club places. For the future we are considering updating and renewing some of our gymnastic equipment and out door sports facilities.

After assessing progress children have made in PE and Professional Developmemt needs for staff, we have decided to use our allocated budget in 2015-2016 as follows:

1. Provide high quality training for staff in Gymnastics. This will be followed by peer mentoring and coaching.

2. Review the resources needed in order to provide top quality PE lessons and extra curricular activities. For example, we require new PE mats for safefloor work.

3. Our children make excellent progress with their water confidence. Having a qualified swim teacher provideds high quality support. We have also trained some of our staff.

4. After school clubs have led to children joining other clubs, receiving awards and making excellent progress with their skills. We will continue to provide sports clubs in the Summer term.

5. Having a professional dance teacher focusing on strengthening children's core has really impacted on children's strengths across the PE curriculum. We will continue to employ a dance professional for the Spring Term.