Reception - Green Class
Mrs Davies, Mrs Oliver

Thank you!
Week 8
So we’ve come to the end of Reception.  It has been a challenging final term but we are so proud of all your children.  They have adapted incredibly well to new teachers, new routines and a very different style of teaching.  Each child has approached school with the usual fun and enthusiasm and it has been lovely to see them ‘grow’ over this short time we’ve spent together.  It has been so lovely to see them all at school and we wish them a fun and happy Summer holiday.
Thank you very much for all the gifts and your kind words.  It really means so much.  We look forward to seeing everyone back at school in September.


Mrs Morris, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Oliver

week 4
This week the children at school have been very excited to learn about Space!To start our week the children used soft pastels to draw pictures of their ideas about what it might look like in space.  There were lots of imaginative ideas including swirly whirly planets and scaffold ladders on the moon! We went on to find out about the moon after reading our focus story of the week 'Whatever Next!'.

Whatever Next!: Murphy, Jill: BooksIn Literacy this week we have retold the story of 'Whatever Next!' using our phonic knowledge to help us. We had to think carefully about the main events in the story and the order they happened in to help us. The children were beginning to use some of the story language in the book in their own writing too! 

Library of addition math png freeuse download png files ...In Maths this week we have revisited addition, solving problems linked to 'Whatever next!' and using space pictures to complete addition number sentences. 

Next week we will be continuing our Space topic, finding out about astronauts and aliens!  Remember to bring in your home learning folders to share at school.

Thank you to the children who have been continuing their learning at home for emailing in their learning, you're doing a great job! 

I hope you are managing to stay cool and enjoy this lovely weather. Have a lovely weekend.

week 3
We have continued our mini-beasts topic this week. The children have really enjoyed writing their own clues about a chosen mini-beast for everyone to guess. Thank you to the children who are continuing their learning at home for emailing in their clues, we loved trying to guess them at school!

In Phonics we have been continuing to develop our blending skills to answer yes/no questions. I’ve been really impressed with how well the children were using their phonics skills.

In Maths this week we have revisited time and investigated different ways of measuring how long it takes to complete activities. There have been some great ideas including: counting, jumping, singing and doing ‘push ups’ (not as much fun for Mrs Gregory!). At school we found that using a stopwatch was the best way to time how long our challenges took.

Next week we will be starting our ‘Space’ topic.
If you still have your folder of home learning work at home, it would be great to see what wonderful things you have done.  Please bring in to school now.

Home learning reminder- If your child is attending school, Tasks 1 and 2 for both Literacy and Maths will be completed at school so these do not need to be completed at home. The optional extras are additional activities for everyone and will not be covered at school.

week 2
Another busy week in school this week. We have continued our mini-beast learning as part of ‘Our wonderful world’ topic for this half term. We have loved finding out about bees and writing the facts we had found out. Thank you to those who have emailed their fact writing to us this week.

In Maths we have been sharing between 2 and 3, finding out how to share numbers that won’t share fairly between these. If we didn’t have enough for another bug for each leaf we left the bugs to the side. Great sharing from those of you learning at home too.

Next week will be our final week learning about mini-beasts before we move on to find out about ‘Space’.  If you would like to bring in your folders of work now it would be lovely to see what you were working on at home during lockdown.  We will share some of these pieces with the class.
Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Morris and Mrs Gregory 

3rd April
Thank you for your letters this week. I have really enjoyed reading them and seeing what you have all been up to. If you have not sent your letter yet, and you would like to, please send it to the class e-mail address.
Next week is the first week of the Easter break so we will not be setting any work on the home learning page. Please take the opportunity to have a break and do lots of lovely things together as a family.
Whenever there is a break from school, I encourage you to carry on reading and sharing books. Please have a look at
for more books appropriate for your child’s reading level.


27th March
Hello everyone!
I hope you are all well. We hope that you are finding the work posted on the Home Learning page helpful. Please remember you can contact me on
I have sent you all the children’s targets that we would have discussed at the parent consultations. Please check your junk mail folders if you have not received them, and if they are not there please let me know.
Stay safe!


23rd March
Hello all! We would like to suggest some games on Education City that might help you with your learning in phonics this week.
In phonics the children are learning to read and write CVCC words (consonant vowel consonant consonant e.g. lamp, nest). Two games you might find useful are ‘Think Chimp’ and ‘Damp Tent’. You can find them by putting the game names in the search bar.
Our Maths topic is length. There is a game called ‘Classy Objects’, where the children need to order objects by length.
Please also have a look at ‘Oxford Owl for Home’. They have free, tablet-friendly e-books and other games and activities.
Any questions, please ask.
Reception Team


20th March
This has certainly been a week like no other. Based on current guidance, I had to say an early goodbye to Green Class. I have loved teaching them this year and I know that, despite these unusual circumstances, they will continue to thrive and be the brilliant children they are. I would like to thank all the parents as well for your support this year.
Green Class continued with their learning this week as normally as possible. They enjoyed the ‘Healthy Eating’ topic and have been learning to tell the time to the hour.
I am at home, but well, and alongside the Reception team, we will be adding home learning ideas onto the website from Monday. I will be answering e-mails between 9.30am and 11.30am so please feel free to contact me - I will be happy to answer your questions and offer any support that I can.
Please keep safe and look after each other.
Mrs Davies


13th March
 This week we took part in British Science Week. The whole school enjoyed a variety of activities, with a focus on learning outside. In Green Class we explored magnets, ice and what happens when cornflour and water are mixed together. We also learnt all about rainbows, their colours and how they are formed. To help us remember the colours we made ‘rainbow plates’. This involved going onto the school field and finding things to match each colour.
In phonics we learnt two new trigraphs ‘ear’ and ‘air’ We have practised reading and writing words that contain these sounds.
Our Maths topic this week is subtraction. We have practised solving number sentences, using cubes to support our calculations.
We regularly use the website Education City in the classroom to support our learning. The children have login details in their reading diaries. This week we have played ‘Fear the Beard’ and ‘Fairy Pair’ to practise our new trigraphs. Perhaps you would like to play the games this weekend?


6th March
This week we have continued our ‘Green Fingers’ topic by making cress heads. We added cotton wool to a cup and sprinkled seeds on top. Then we watered them and created a face on the side of the cup. Now we are going to watch them grow!
In phonics we learnt our first trigraph (3 letters working as a team to make 1 sound)- igh.
Our Maths topic this week is addition. We have been solving addition problems and learning to write the corresponding number sentence e.g. 5 + 3 = 8.
We had a brilliant time during World Book Day! The children all looked so good in their costumes. We began the day with an assembly in the hall, where each class shared their outfits. We had a challenge to read as many stories as we could throughout the day, either individually, with friends or as a whole class. Green class managed 121!
Next week is Science Week. Please can you bring in wellies and waterproof coats? Thank you!


28th February
Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term. The children have shared with us all the exciting things they got up to, writing their holiday news in their writing books.
In Maths this week we have been learning the pairs of numbers that go together to make 5 and 10. We have been using objects, such as counters and cubes, to help us find and remember the different ways.
In Phonics we have been learning the sounds ‘oi’ and ‘er’. We have been practising our blending and segmenting skills to help us read and write words containing these sounds.
We have begun using the wall bars in PE, focusing on learning how to use them safely. Green Class have really enjoyed climbing and travelling in different ways.
This half term our topic is ‘Green Fingers’. We have begun our topic by thinking of all the different things that grow. Our ideas included people, animals, plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables. We had lots of ideas!
Have a fantastic weekend!


7th February

This week was Pet Week and what a fantastic week we have had! We were lucky to have lots of pet visitors and enjoyed meeting Henry’s tortoises, Oscar’s puppy, Miss Charlton’s hamster and Mrs Gregory’s dog. We found out about how they are looked after, what they like to do and what it is like to have them for a pet. We also learnt about other pets, including cats and birds.
Our sounds this week are the digraphs ‘ar’ (as in car) and ‘or’ (as in torch). We have been reading and writing words containing these sounds. How many can you find in your reading book?
In Maths we have been learning about capacity. We have been using the vocabulary full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty to describe a container. We have also been measuring how many cubes it takes to fill a container.
Have a super weekend!

31st January
This week we have continued our ‘Amazing Animals’ topic by learning about farm animals. We have learnt about the different animals and created beautiful art work of our favourite farm animal.
In phonics we have learnt oa (as in coat) and both the short oo sound (as in book) and the long oo sound (as in moon). We have practised reading and writing words that contain these sounds.
Our Maths topic this week has been doubling numbers. We have used different strategies, including our fingers and drawing pictures, to help us find the doubles.
Next week we will be having our Pet Week. We are very excited about our furry (and not so furry!) visitors and the children know the importance of being calm and gentle around the pets.
Enjoy the weekend!


24th January
This week we have been learning about snowy animals. We have found out all about penguins, polar bears and snowy owls.
In phonics we have learnt the ai (as in rain) and ee (as in sleep) digraphs. We have practised reading and writing words that contain these sounds. We made snails and bees to help us remember the sounds and have brought them home to show you!
Our Maths topic has been money. We have learnt to recognise different coins and to pay for objects using 1p coins. All the children visited the Shape Shop, where we recapped the names of the shapes we learnt last week.
Today we celebrated Chinese New Year. We found out how families prepare for the celebration and what they do to celebrate.
See you at the disco tonight and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


17th January
  This week we have continued our ‘Amazing Animals’ topic by learning about African animals. Green Class have produced some lovely writing about lions, giraffes and elephants.
We all really enjoyed meeting the author Grant Koper on Wednesday. He read us one of his books and spent lots of time answering question
s about being an author and writing stories.
In Maths we have been learning to name 3D shapes and describe some of their properties. We have used words such as ‘edges’, ‘corners’, ‘faces’ and ‘points’.
This week in Phonics we have learnt the digraphs ch, ng and th (both the soft sound as in think and the hard sound as in that). The children particularly enjoyed chocolate tasting as part of ch!

We have celebrated lots of lovely achievements with our new Wow Moments. We are focussing on achievements at out of school clubs and using technology.
Enjoy the weekend!

10th January
Happy New Year everyone!
Please can I start by saying thank you for all your kind words over the last few days.
Green Class have come back to school well-rested and ready to learn. In phonics we have been revising the digraphs we already know- focusing on ff, ll, ss and zz. We have read and written words containing these sounds.
Our Maths topic this week is number bonds to 5. We have spent lots of time exploring the ways to make 5, including using counters, bean bags and objects.
Our topic this term is ‘Amazing Animals’ and each week we will focus on a different group of animals, as chosen by the children in Reception at the start of the year. We began this week by learning about bears, including brown bears and pandas.
Have a fantastic weekend!


20th December
This week we have learnt about the Jewish celebration Hanukkah. We have found out how it is celebrated and why it is a special time for Jewish families.
Our Maths topic has been sharing. We have learnt to share a number equally between different amounts, using practical objects for support.
In phonics we have been applying what we have learnt this term, by reading and writing words and captions. We have also recapped all the teddy words we have learnt so far.
All library books have now been collected in and the children will get new ones after the Christmas holidays.
Green Class loved their first Barnett Wood party day and enjoyed playing games with their friends. Thank you all so much for your cards and presents. It really is very kind of you.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to 2020!


13th December
 What a fantastic day we have had! The children all really enjoyed our Christmas lunch. We ate turkey, stuffing balls, sausages, carrots and roast potatoes and then finished off with an iced Christmas cookie. Yum! It was lovely to have the whole school eat in the hall together.
The rest of the week has been busy too. In phonics we learnt the new sounds x, qu and sh. We learnt the term digraph, which describes two letters working as a team to make one sound (as in qu and sh).
Our Maths topic has been teen numbers with a focus on recognising them, counting with them, ordering them and making them with numicon. We have especially enjoyed singing the ‘Let’s Count to 20’ song.
Thank you for bringing in your costumes. We are very excited to perform at the Church next week. We would really appreciate your help walking to and from the Church. There is a sign-up sheet in the Reception cloak room. Thank you in advance!
Enjoy the weekend!


6th December
This week we began our Christmas topic. Green class have listened to the Christmas story, learnt about how and why we celebrate Christmas and have been practicing our songs for the Christmas show. We had a brilliant time on Art and DT day, making lots of decorations for the classroom and the school hall- be sure to have a look during the Christmas fair. Thank you to all the helpers who gave up their time to come in and help us.
Our Maths topic this week was learning to say the days of the week in the correct order. To help us with this we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Mr Wolf’s Week, as well as learning the days of the week song.
Have a super weekend and we hope to see lots of you on Sunday at the Christmas fair.


29th November
This week we completed our dinosaur topic by thinking about how we know dinosaurs existed. We learnt about scientists finding dinosaur bones and fossils and even had a go at digging up our own! We also made dinosaur skeleton pictures and looked at real fossils.
We then thought about what might have happened to the dinosaurs. Was it a space rock? Did they all get poorly? Was it a volcano eruption? No one knows for sure! We learnt lots about volcanoes and even made our own volcanic eruption in the classroom!
In Phonics we have learnt the sounds ‘b’ ‘j’ and ‘z’. We are getting very good at segmenting and blending, which is helping us with our reading and writing.
Our Maths topic was length. We have practised using the vocabulary long, short, longer, shorter, longest and shortest. We even had a go at ordering dinosaur bones!
We are very excited about Art and DT day on Wednesday. We still need helpers so please sign up in the cloakroom if you are available to help.
Enjoy the weekend!


22nd November
This week we have continued with our Dinosaurs topic. We have learnt about the triceratops and the tyrannosaurus rex. As part of our learning we have written about dinosaurs, made dinosaur masks and listened to lots of dinosaur stories.
In phonics our sounds have been ‘l’ ‘h’ and ‘e’. We are working very hard on our segmenting and blending skills. Can you find these sounds in your reading books?
Our Maths topic this week is positional language (e.g. next to, behind, in front of etc.) The dinosaurs were very cheeky and decided to hide in our outside area. The children had to find them and use positional language to describe where they were hiding. We are not sure how the stegosaurus got on top of the house!
We are continuing to enjoy using the equipment in PE. Our focus is moving and travelling in different ways (for example across a bench) and landing safely when jumping from equipment.
Thank you to all those that have offered to help on Art and DT day. We still need a few more helpers so please let us know if you are around.
Enjoy the weekend!


15th November
  Our week had a very exciting start… we came into the classroom to find a mystery egg! What could it be? On Wednesday a baby diplodocus hatched out! What a brilliant start to our dinosaur topic.
We have learnt about the diplodocus and the stegosaurus. We know that they are both herbivores and only eat plants.
In phonics we learnt our new sounds ‘f’ ‘l’ and ‘r’. We have practised reading and writing words that contain these sounds.
Our Maths topic has been finding one less than a number to 10. We have used both our fingers and objects to help find the answer.
It was great to speak to you all at the Parent’s Consultations and share with you how well your children are doing. Please remember we are available at the end of the school day if you have any questions.
Enjoy the weekend!


8th November
Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic half term. It has been lovely to hear from the children what you got up to.
Our topic this week has been ‘Fireworks’. We have learnt about the history of Bonfire night, how to keep safe when watching fireworks and even danced like fireworks! We also used a variety of paint techniques to create our own firework pictures.
In Maths we have been learning to say the number that is 1 more than a given number. We have used objects, such as bricks, to help us find the answer and we are beginning to be able to say the answers from memory.
In Phonics we have been practising ‘o’ ‘c’ and ‘k’, learning to spot the sounds in words and to form them correctly.
We continue to enjoy celebrating your WOW moments. Our focus for this half term is numbers and shapes. Please leave complete WOW moments in the folder in the Reception cloakroom.
In bookbags today you will find your child’s Christmas card design and details on how to order them. Sample cards are available to view in the office.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the weekend!

25th October
The Harvest Assembly was a fantastic way to end our first half term at school! The children sang so well and we were all very proud. A big thank you to all the parents who helped us to walk safely to and from the church.
This week has been very busy as we have been revising all the sounds and teddy words we have learnt so far. We are practising our reading by sounding out the words and blending them together- please keep reading over half term!
In Maths we have been recapping numbers 1-10 and solving missing number sequences e.g. what comes next – 4,5,6,?
Our topic focus has been Harvest. We have looked at different foods, sorting them by if they grow or not, and discussing which ones are healthy and which ones are treats. We had a particular focus on pumpkins so we learnt pumpkin facts, did pumpkin writing, read pumpkin stories and even looked inside one!
Thank you again for all your support this half term. Please keep an eye on the notice board in the Reception cloakroom for sign-up sheets of ways you can help.
Have a great half term!


18th October
Image result for leaf clipart This week our topic is Autumn. We have been look at various Autumn artefacts, such as leaves, conkers and pumpkins and we went around the school track collecting things that remind us of Autumn.
In phonics we played the drum when learning ‘d’ and we made a Gruffalo when learning ‘g’.
Our Maths topic has been weight. We have been using the vocabulary ‘heavier’, ‘lighter’ and ‘balanced’ and using the scales to compare the weight of two objects.
We are continuing to practise our songs for Harvest Festival and look forward to seeing as many as possible of you next Friday (25th October).
Enjoy the weekend!


14th October
What a busy few weeks we have had!
In Phonics we have been learning the ‘n’ and ‘m’ sound. Green Class especially enjoyed eating a Malteser and making a ‘mmmm’ sound whilst rubbing their tummies!
In Maths we have been recapping 2D shapes and making patterns using both shapes and natural objects. The children have been describing what would come next in a repeating pattern and asking their friends to complete their own made up patterns.
We used our school tablets, the LearnPads, for the first time. We used an app called Annotate which allows the children to create their own pictures and they successfully learnt to use the tool bar to change colours and add shapes.
Well done to all of Green Class for coming in so sensibly on their own on Friday (due to the rain and dance being in the hall).  They all settled so quickly – we were very proud!


27th September
What a super week we have had!
 In Phonics this week we have learnt the ‘a’ sound and the ‘t’ sound. We printed with apples and made handprint tigers to help us remember our new learning.
In Maths this week we have been learning the numbers 5-10 and practised counting groups of objects accurately.
Today we celebrated Ben the Bee’s birthday! The children made birthday cards and invitations and served cake in the pizza restaurant.
All the children now have 2 reading books in their bookbags, alongside a reading record (which we would love for you to write in when you hear your children read) and a character strip. Please keep these in their bookbags everyday. When books need changing, please place them in the red box at the front of the classroom.
A little reminder for bringing toys to school- these must be pocket sized and are only allowed to come out of pockets during playtime. Thank you for your support.
Have a great weekend!


20th September
The children have had a great first full week at school. We have been very busy. In Phonics we have learnt the ‘s’ sound, listening to it at the start of words and practising forming it correctly. We also made super snakes to help us remember what it looks like.
In Maths we have been learning the numbers 1-5. We have sung lots of number songs and been recognising the different numerals.
On Thursday we made our first visit to the school library. All the children chose a book they would like to borrow for the week. Please return books on Thursday (by placing them in your child’s bookbag) so they can choose a new one.
Meet the Teacher is next week (Tuesday 24th September) at 7pm. It is a great opportunity to hear a little more about what we are up and ask any questions. We hope to see lots of you there.
Enjoy the weekend!


13th September
We have had a brilliant first week at school! The children have been spending time getting to know their new school- they have had a tour of all the classes and the playground. They really enjoyed saying hello to the other children in the school! We also visited Mrs Penny’s office, looking around at all her interesting things and singing a song together.
Green class have been busy adding collage materials to the super green paintings they did during the induction afternoons. They are all on display in the classroom – please do have a look!
Swimming today was a great success! Thank you so much to all the parents who came to help- we would not have been able to run these sessions without your support.
Enjoy the weekend!