Welcome to the Year1 home learning page. We will be uploading Maths and English learning by 9:30am every day. This will either be a worksheet that you can download and print or a suggestion of work to complete in your exercise book in your folder. If parents have a question about the work, they may contact the teacher by email at:

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Quarters_Challenge.pdfTry out these challenges, do as many as you can and send them to your Teacher. Good Luck! 22-05-2020 10:13
buzz_words.pdfBuzz words 22-05-2020 09:28
Quarters_21st_May_2020.pdfNow share between 4 to work out a quarter 21-05-2020 10:01
Story_end_-_The_Knight_who_couldn_t_sleepdocx.pdfThursday - Watch the video then write the END of your story and email it to your class teacher. 21-05-2020 09:24
pshe_20th.pdfPSHE: Taking care of ourselves 20-05-2020 09:45
Story_middle_-_The_Knight_who_couldn_t_sleepdocx.pdfToday you're going to write the middle of your story. Do as much as you can in no more than 40 minutes! 19-05-2020 10:03
Sharing_Challenges.pdfTry out these sharing challenges, start with the first one and work your way through to the tricky ones. 19-05-2020 09:38
Sharing18th_May_2020.pdfShare out a group of objects, what do you notice? 18-05-2020 09:37
Peace_at_last_by_Jill_Murphy.pdfMrs Gregory reads 'Peace at last' by Jill Murphy 17-05-2020 22:52
Story_beginning_-_The_Knight_who_couldn_t_sleepdocx.pdfMonday - Write the beginning of a story called 'The Knight who couldn't sleep'. 17-05-2020 22:40
quarter_or_not.pdfLook at these shapes, which ones have been cut in to quarters? 15-05-2020 09:55
castle_gardens.pdfMs Higgins reading The Gigantic Turnip and Castle gardens activity! 15-05-2020 09:39
half_or_not.pdflook at these shapes, have they been cut in half? You could fold a piece of paper to help you. 14-05-2020 10:11
english_145.pdfMedieval Banquet 14-05-2020 08:29
Wednesday_13th_May_2020_treasure_hunt_picture.pdfTreasure hunt! 13-05-2020 08:58
Buzz_words_it_s__I_m__don_tdocx.pdfLearn to spell your Buzz Words today - it's, I'm, don't 12-05-2020 08:42
Quarters_and_halves.pdfHave a look at these questions, talk about them with a grown up. You could fold a piece of paper to help you work out half or quarter. 11-05-2020 21:37
Comprehension_text_castles_differentiated_11th_May_2020.pdfThere are 2 activities to choose from. Choose the activity most suitable for your child. Please send a photo of your work to your class teacher via the class email. 11-05-2020 10:15
Halves_and_Quarters11th_May_2020.pdfHalves and quarters at home! 11-05-2020 09:57
MOney_line_up.pdfJust for fun! Who can make 10p first? 08-05-2020 09:36
Comparing_coins.pdfCompare amounts of money using greater than > and less than < symbols 07-05-2020 09:56
t-l-2120--compound-words-worksheet-_ver_4.pdfChoose some of the compound words you found yesterday and put them into interesting sentences in your English books. Try and include some interesting adjectives!!! 07-05-2020 09:43
compound-words-worksheet-_ver_4_65.pdfCompound words are words we read as one word but are made up of 2 e.g sunshine. Today use the pictures investigate and create a list of compound words. The first picture is your starting word. 06-05-2020 10:02
Money_bags.pdfChoose 2 coins and add them together, who has the most money? 06-05-2020 09:47
Miss_Charlton_reads_The_Queens_Hat_.pdfListen to the story and see if you can write your own version. Enjoy! 05-05-2020 20:13
Supermarket_Sweep.pdfOpen your own shop at home! 05-05-2020 09:45
english_55.pdfCastle jobs 05-05-2020 08:54
Money_Mon.pdfCollect coins in your house and sort them, do you recognise all the coins? 04-05-2020 09:52
english_45.pdfCastle life 04-05-2020 09:19
english_15.pdfBuzz words 01-05-2020 10:04
Arrays_hunt.pdflook for arrays in your own home and write the number sentences. 01-05-2020 10:00
Friday_1st_May_-_Pyjamarama_Day__1_.pdf'Pyjamarama Day' Looking forward to joining in with drawing, stories and singing. 01-05-2020 08:43
arrays_table.pdfcomplete the table to solve these arrays 30-04-2020 10:09
english-science_304.pdfEnglish/Science- wild flowers 30-04-2020 08:30
english_29.pdfCastle Word search 29-04-2020 10:23
compare_sets.pdfcomplete the sentences and use the < > symbols to compare these sets 29-04-2020 10:10
Repeated_addition.pdfwrite the number sentences for these groups. You can use objects at home to help you. 28-04-2020 09:55
English_284.pdfWindsor Castle 28-04-2020 09:20
Adding_Equal_Groups.pdfWrite as many different number sentences as you can for a group of objects 27-04-2020 09:56
plurals_activities_PP.pdfSome Plurals Challenges. Please just pick a couple your child would like to complete, these can be recorded in your English books. 27-04-2020 08:21
Plural_introduction.pdfA recap about plurals 27-04-2020 08:19
Arrays.pdfcount in rows to add these equal groups 24-04-2020 10:10
English_244.pdfBuzz words 24-04-2020 09:56
Dot_to_Dot_2.pdfCount in 2's to complete this dot to dot 23-04-2020 10:01
English_234.pdfHappy St Georges Day 23-04-2020 09:35
5s_and_2s_and_10sdocx.pdfComplete the number sentences to work out which is more or less 22-04-2020 10:16
English_224.pdfCastle questions and answers 22-04-2020 10:03
Odd_Dog_Out_by_Rob_Biddulphdocx.pdfMrs Gregory reads 'Odd Dog Out' by Rob Biddulph. Enjoy 😃 21-04-2020 16:16
Counting_sets.pdfCounting sets and writing number sentences 21-04-2020 10:18
Counting_in_10.pdfCounting in 10's dot to dot 21-04-2020 10:18
English_214.pdfCastles 21-04-2020 08:51
castles_topic_web.pdfCastles Topic Activities Please choose activities to complete, some will be more involved than others but no pressure. Enjoy! 20-04-2020 09:48
Maths_Monday.pdfCount groups of objects in your home! 20-04-2020 09:36
English_204.pdfHoliday news 20-04-2020 08:25