Year 2 - Indigo Class
Mrs Theobald, Mrs Murray, Mrs Hill

Friday 10th July

How has your week been?

We have had a few rainy days this week.
Have you managed to get outside and go for some walks or bike rides?

Next week we are having a focus in English on writing letters and cards.
I hope you enjoy getting creative!

Please ask your mums and dads to check their emails this weekend as I have sent out your records of achievement for the year.

Hopefully see you on Wednesday for our little leavers’ ceremonies.

Take care,

Mrs Theobald


Friday 3rd July

Hello everyone.

I’ve received lots of fantastic poems this week and I am really pleased to hear that you’ve enjoyed your learning.

Lots of great partitioning in maths, too. Well done!

I hope you are all doing lots of reading at home – it’s really important to keep up your skills – and you can practice your mental recall in maths by playing the games on Education City as well as Hit the Button.

You should by now have received your invite to school for a little goodbye ceremony. We are really looking to seeing you all in your small groups on Wednesday 15th July.

Happy weekend!

Mrs Theobald

Friday 26th June
I hope you have been enjoying the warm (hot!) weather this week.
In class we have had to have the fan blowing non-stop!

Thank you for the wonderful leaflets you have been creating all about Mexican animals. I now know lots about ocelots, which I hadn’t really heard of before.

Did you find it interesting to learn all about Tocuaro and what it is like there? I hope so!

I have seen some great Maths learning too.
Don’t forget to keep practicing your mental recall skills on ‘Hit the Button’ and Education City.
It really makes a difference!

Next week we are going to focus on poetry in our English learning.
I have recorded a video for you to watch. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a lovely weekend…

Mrs Theobald


Friday 19th June
Well, another week has flown by and we now only have just over four weeks left of this term. I can’t quite believe it!

I hope you enjoyed the story of ‘The Slightly Annoying Elephant’ and planning and writing your own versions this week. I have certainly enjoyed reading them and have been very impressed with the quality of your writing, Indigo Class!

How have you got on with developing your understanding of calculating money? I wonder if anyone decided to actually make their smoothies?

As you know, today would’ve been Sports Day at school. Maybe you had your own Sports Day at home! Do send in some photos to the usual email address if you did.

Sending lots of love,

Mrs Theobald


Friday 12th June
       Happy Friday!

This week has been a little bit busier at school because the Year 1 children from Blue Class and Orange Class came back in small groups.

We have had fun playing outside and learning but it was a bit rainy on Wednesday and Thursday, which was a shame!

I hope you’re enjoying your home learning. I am getting lots of lovely emails from you which is nice because we really miss not having you here at school with us.

It would be nice to see a photo of you so that I can see how much you have grown and changed over the past few months, if you would like to send one, or maybe even a short video message which we could show to the other children in school.

Just email them to the class email address:

Keep smiling!

Mrs Theobald x


Friday 5th June
This week many of the Reception children came back to school, which was lovely.

Next week lots of the Year 1s will be joining us too.

It is very strange at school without you lovely Year 2s but we think about you and talk about you all the time!

Mrs Ball is teaching the Year 2 Key Worker children, so I have seen a few more of you around the school this week. 

I've seen lots of great learning from many of you this week. Thank you for your emails - do keep them coming.

I hope everybody is safe and happy and hopefully we can say goodbye to you properly before the end of term.

Sending lots of love,

Mrs Theobald 


Summer 2
Welcome back to the summer term, everyone!

We hope you had a lovely break – it’s been so beautifully sunny, hasn’t it?

This week, the Reception children are returning to school for a few days a week and next week, the
Year 1s will also be coming back in small groups.

Mrs Ball and I are teaching the children in the Key Worker classes but we will still be setting learning activities for you to complete at home. This half term we are going to do things slightly differently in that we will be uploading your learning for the whole week, rather than day by day.

There are also extra topic related activities for you to complete if you have spare time.

Your parents can still email us, but as we will be in class for the whole day, every day, we may not be able to respond to you until after school finishes.
If you have an urgent message or question, please email the office:

We love seeing your work and the videos you are sending in. Keep them coming!

We miss you!

Mrs Theobald x


Friday 22nd May
So we've reached the end of the half term and what a strange one it has been!

I just want you all to know that I am incredibly proud of you and how well you are getting on with the home learning - I know it's not easy for you or your parents but you have been amazing!

Next week is half term, so make time to do nice things with your families and relax.

We will be putting up a half term holiday challenge like we normally do. We hope you enjoy it!

Take care and see you on here on the 1st June...

Mrs Theobald 

Friday 15th May
Hello everyone,

I hope you've all had a good week and that your home learning is going well.

We know it's not the same as being at school but it is a good idea to try to have a bit of routine during the week and then you can relax at the weekends. There might be some days where you don't feel like doing your learning or it might be hard, but just do your best, that's all we expect from you!

We will be setting an extra task every Wednesday, in addition to your English and Maths learning. Last week it was a scavenger hunt. Did you have a go at that? We hope you enjoyed it!

Every week, we will be asking you to email a piece of English and Maths to us, so keep a look out for which activities we would like to see each week. 
Please email your learning to the class email address:

Next week is going to be beautifully sunny so hopefully you will be able to spend lots of time outside.

Have you watched the teachers dancing to 'Can't Stop the Feeling'? The video is on the home page. Enjoy!


Friday 8th May

I hope you are all well and have had a good week.

How are you getting on with your learning at home?
If you are finding things tricky, don't worry - we just want you to do your best.

It's lovely to see some of what you have been doing at home - thank you for the emails and photos! It would be nice to see some photos of you reading in unusual places. You may have made a den or have a tent in your garden where you could enjoy some quiet reading time. 

I wonder if you did anything today to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day...

We had a picnic in our front garden, which we'd never done before, so that was fun! Luckily the weather was very warm and sunny. 

Apart from that, we have been going for walks and riding our bikes near where we live. 

I hope to see you all soon.

Bye for now!


Summer 1, week 1
Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the first week of the summer term. 

I hope you are all well and have had a lovely Easter. Did you eat lots of Easter eggs?

Some of your parents have been emailing me photos and videos of what you have been doing and it is so nice to see your faces! All the teachers are really missing you so it is a great way to keep in touch. 

Have you watched any of the videos of the teachers reading stories? They're available on the home page of this website.  

I hope you are enjoying your home learning and are managing to do some learning every day. It is a really good idea to read for about 20 minutes every day, if you can. Remember, there are lots of good websites to look at and I especially recommend the Oxford Owl website, which has lots and lots of books for you to choose from. It is free to sign up.

You can also practise your mental maths skills by playing 'Hit the Button' regularly and there are many different activities for you to practise skills across the curriculum on Education City.


Make sure you are getting lots of fresh air and exercise too, if possible. It is important to relax and have fun as well! 

I am really looking forward to seeing you all soon, but for now, keep safe and happy.

Mrs Theobald 

Friday 3rd April
Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a nice week, learning and playing at home with your families or at school with the teachers who have been looking after you.

If you want to send me any photos of what you have been up to, you can do so using the class email address:
I've seen some lovely photos and videos - it's really nice to see what you've been doing. Keep them coming...
This week I have been going for a run every other day, as I am trying to get fitter, and riding my bike on the other days. What have you been doing to keep fit and active?

We have posted an Easter Holiday Challenge on the home learning page which you can do over the Easter holidays if you would like to.

Maybe you can do some Easter baking as well, or help prepare an Easter meal for your family. You could organise an Easter Egg hunt and make some Easter decorations for your home.  

With warm Easter wishes from
Mrs Theobald


Friday 27th March
Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and getting used to being at home rather than school - it's very strange, isn't it?

I am missing you all and look forward to being back at school with you as soon as possible... 

In the mean time, make sure you are being kind and helpful at home and keep busy by doing the learning activities which Mrs Ball and I are posting online every day for you. It is also nice to help around the house, play in your garden if you have one and get some fresh air and exercise every day. Maybe you can do some baking or help prepare a meal. Get creative and make models out of Lego or make something out of Hama beads and do some painting, if you can. Make sure you make some time for relaxing and reading as well.

If you want to send me some photos, or a message, the email address is:

Please tell your parents that I have emailed them some learning targets which I would've given to them at parents evening this week. They may need to check their 'junk folders'.

Stay safe and happy!

Mrs Theobald  


Spring 2, week 3
Friday 13th March

The highlight of our week this week was our trip to Wisley RHS Gardens yesterday.
We saw so many beautiful and unusual plants and flowers.
We hunted for the different parts of a plant, went on a colour walk, saw the biggest tree and the tallest tree in Wisley and planted some Marigold seeds.
The children were amazing and a real credit to you.
Thank you to those adults who were able to accompany us.

This week we have had fun reading rhyming stories all about animals from the ‘Oi Frog!’ series. We have enjoyed writing our own animal rhyming sentences as well as an acrostic poem about an animal of our choice.

In Maths we’ve continued practising our addition and subtraction skills by partitioning the numbers into tens and ones.

We’ve also practised travelling in different ways during Gymnastics, and our dancing with Mr Rae is coming along brilliantly.

Our sunflower and bean seeds are beginning to grow nicely and as part of Science week, we also planted potatoes.

Have a great weekend!


Spring 2, week 2
Friday 6th March

This week we have enjoyed writing stories based on the book ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’. We picked out a particular character called ‘Esteban the Magnificent’ and sent him on an exciting adventure!

We have been practising our addition skills in Maths and revising our knowledge about money.

We have worked on developing the quality of our jumps and rolls in Gymnastics and loved dancing with Mr Rae.

On Monday in Science we planted our sunflower and bean seeds. We are going to compare them as they grow. We are looking forward to visiting Wisley RHS Gardens next Thursday and finding out about all the different plants which grow there!

We are busy learning songs and a rap for the Year 2 music and arts festival which we are attending in April. This week we practised adding percussion to the song ‘There was a Princess Long Ago’.

We loved celebrating World Book Day yesterday. All the costumes looked brilliant!

What a busy week!

Enjoy the weekend…


Spring 2, week 1
Friday 28th February

We have really enjoyed our first week back at school, and yesterday’s snow was very exciting, even if it didn’t settle!

This week our learning in English has been focussed on a book called ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Dewalt and Oliver Jeffers. We wrote letters pretending to be an unhappy item from Duncan’s pencil case. The children are producing some terrific writing!

Next week, we will read the follow-up to the book, which is called ‘The Day the Crayons Came Back’.

In Maths we have been revising how to tell the time on analogue clocks, as well as ordering intervals of time. It is really helpful to regularly practise telling the time at home, as this will help the children to retain their knowledge.  

Our Science learning this half term is all about Growth. Next week we will be planting some sunflower and bean seeds so that we can compare their growth over the coming weeks… We are also carrying out an experiment with bulbs to see if they really do need water, light, warmth and soil in order to grow well.

In DT we are designing our own moving pictures that will help us to learn about the parts of a plant.
Dance with Mr Rae on Tuesday was great fun and I observed some excellent concentration and copying from the children.

In Gymnastics we practised different ways of rolling. Next week we will focus on jumping.

We are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day on Thursday next week. Don't forget to come dressed as a (favourite) book character and bring your favourite book with you to share.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!


Spring 1, week 5
Friday 7th February

Highlights this week include:
  • Super story writing
  • Practising subtraction
  • Dancing in groups to pop music
  • Playing our recorders and glockenspiels and composing our own tunes
  • Learning how create a gymnastic sequence including travelling and a balance
  • Carrying out an exciting science experiment in which we discovered not all foods melt when they are heated
  • Painting in the style of Van Gogh.

Have a lovely weekend.

Spring 1, week 4
Friday 31st January

We have enjoyed planning our own adventure stories this week and have written our story beginnings. Next week we will continue by writing the middle parts of our stories and write some excellent endings as well. Then we will think about how we can make a particular section of our story even better.

In Maths we have been practising recalling addition facts and we have developed our addition skills using jottings (pictures) to help us to calculate mentally. We have learned how number patterns can help us to calculate as well. Next week we will move on to practising subtraction.

During our Science lesson we planned an experiment which we will carry out next week. We want to find out the answer to the question: ‘Do all foods melt when they are heated?’ Many of us also attended lunch time Science club on Thursday and made electrical circuits with Mrs Davies and Miss Higgins, which was very exciting!

We made up our own group dances to pop music in Dance, which were good fun, and in Gymnastics we practised paired balances and poses on the mats and benches with our learning partners.

We have enjoyed painting our Pete Rumney inspired paintings and we are getting really good at painting neatly and carefully, using gentle brush strokes.

In Computing we have continued to learn about algorithms using the program ‘2go’.

Enjoy the weekend!


Spring 1, week 3
Friday 24th January

We have continued our focus on weather and this week we became poets! We looked at a range of weather poems and enjoyed performing a poem by Jenny Morris called ‘Weather at Work’.
We then planned and wrote our own poems about the weather.

We have revised our knowledge of fractions in maths and practised finding halves, quarters and even thirds and fifths of amounts. We noticed that finding fractions of numbers is the same as division! We also learned that some fractions are the same as others, for example, a half is the same as two quarters and also the same as three sixths.

In computing we continued to learn about algorithms. We wrote algorithms using a program called ‘2go’, making a range of shapes on the screen. We had to watch what went well and whether any parts of the algorithm needed correcting. This is called ‘debugging’.

We had great fun creating a sequence of balances in PE.

In Dance we practised moving to slow and fast music.

We did some sketching and painting in Art, making choices about how many people and animals we want in our recreation of Pete Rumney’s painting.

Have fun at the disco tonight, those of you who are planning to come!

Have a lovely weekend.

Spring 1, week 2
Friday 17th January

This week our learning has had a Science/Geography focus. We wanted to find out the answer to the question: “Is the local weather colder in the morning or in the afternoon?” Together we devised an experiment in order to find out. Every day, we have been checking the temperature in the morning and in the afternoon and we have been writing a weather diary. It’s been really interesting and the children have been really inspired! We found out that the weather tends to be colder in the morning.

On Wednesday we enjoyed meeting the children's author Grant Koper and listening to him read one of his stories to us. We also got to ask him lots of questions about his job. 

We revised our knowledge of multiplication in maths and then moved on to learning about division. This will link to our learning about fractions next week. It is great to see lots of children memorising some multiplication facts now! We played an online game called ‘Hit the Button’. This is good fun if the children want to practise at home.

We have started our focus on gymnastics in PE and I saw some fantastic balancing on Wednesday. We are really concentrating on good posture and poise at the moment. In Dance we enjoyed creating dances based around the theme of waterfalls.

Our computing focus is ‘algorithms’ this half term. The children have been using ‘2go’ to learn about programming. 

In art, we are learning about artists who represent weather in their work. We are learning about an artist called Pete Rumney. Today we began recreating one of his paintings.

Please remember all the children have a log in for Education City, which has a wealth of games and activities to consolidate learning.

Have a great weekend!


Spring 1, week 1
Friday 10th January

Welcome back, everyone!

We have had a lovely week back at school. Everybody came back excited and ready to learn.

We wrote about our Christmas holiday experiences and read a wide range of books by one of my favourite authors, Tim Hopgood. One of his books is called ‘A Dog Called Rod’ and this inspired us to write about our own (imaginary) pets.

In maths we collected some data in order to answer a question and represented this data in different ways, such as tables and bar graphs. We also used a computer program to create a graph, which was quicker than drawing a graph by hand!

We enjoyed balancing in PE this week and in Dance we improvised isolated body movements with a partner.

Our learning in our computing lessons is based around ‘algorithms’ this half term. We learned what an algorithm is and used a program called ‘2go’ in order to make things move.

In Art we created some lovely calendars.

We have lots of exciting learning planned this term and are looking forward to working with you all.

Enjoy the weekend - I'm sure the children will be tired!


Autumn 2, week 6
Friday 13th December

This week in Indigo, we have been reading and writing Christmas poems. We learned some verses of a very old and famous poem called ‘The Night Before Christmas’ (or ‘A Visit from St Nicholas’) and enjoyed performing them. We also wrote our own descriptive Christmas poems.

In Maths we have been developing our understanding of money, counting coins, making totals and working out change as well. If you want to practise your skills, maybe you can spend some pocket money at the weekend!

We enjoyed decorating our Christmas cakes this week. In Computing we created our own tags for the Christmas cakes as well. We hope you enjoy your cakes that the children baked you!

Yesterday, as part of our Geography learning, the children created their own maps of imaginary towns or cities, using a key. We chose some ‘human features’ and some ‘physical features’ too.

Today’s Christmas lunch was lovely, with everyone eating together in the hall, singing and telling Christmas jokes. We are really getting into the Christmas spirit now!

We are looking forward to showing you our Christmas performance on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning next week.

Have a great weekend…


Autumn 2, week 5
Friday 6th December

The highlight of this week was definitely our Christmas Art/DT day on Wednesday. The children loved designing and making a range of Christmas crafts to make the school look festive during December. A huge thank you to all the parent helpers who came along! You were amazing and it was lovely to spend some time with you all.

In Maths we have revised our addition and subtraction skills and next week we will be applying this learning in order to solve problems related to money.

We have been inventing our own ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ characters in English and describing what they are like. I have seen some fantastic writing! Well done, everyone.

In Geography we have been building on our knowledge of physical and human features of the UK.

We had fun making up some creative dances today, pretending we were trying to escape from the hula hoops we were dancing in.

We hope to see many of you at the Christmas Fair on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday 29th November
Friday 29th November
This week in Maths, we have been learning about mass (weight) and we spent some time solving problems involving weight as well as developing our skills of comparing, estimating and measuring weight using balancing scales. It was great fun!

We are learning about Roald Dahl and his stories in English and will be inventing our own characters next week.

We enjoyed partner work in Dance today where we were creating animal moves that could be repeated and in PE we further developed our ball skills. This week we were controlling the ball with our feet.

We spent some time using the atlases this week in order to revise our knowledge about the four countries and capital cities of the UK. We also learned about the meaning of ‘physical features’ of places.

It’s great to see so many of you have signed up to help next Wednesday during Christmas Art/DT day – Thank you!

Have a great weekend...


Autumn 2, week 3
Friday 22nd November

This week we have had fun carrying out some experiments in order to find out more about materials and their properties.

We found out about which paper is the best for mopping up a spillage and which materials can change shape if we try to squash, stretch, bend or twist them.

We made beautiful royal crowns with our learning partners and it was lovely to see some excellent cooperation.

In Maths we have been practising telling the time. We revised o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to on analogue clocks.

We continued to practise our Hockey skills this week during PE.

Enjoy the weekend!


Autumn 2, week 2
Friday 15th November

This week in Year 2, our learning has focussed on ‘Everyday Materials and their Uses’. We started the week by exploring objects made from a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, metal, glass, paper and fabric.

Next, we sorted the different materials according to their properties, such as flexible and rigid, dull and shiny, transparent and opaque. We learned about the materials being suitable for the objects that are made of them.

We found out about how different fabrics are made and that some fabrics are natural, such as wool, whereas others are man-made (artificial), such as nylon. As part of our learning we did some weaving, which was very fiddly but good fun!

Next week we will be carrying out some experiments to test different materials…

In Maths we have been practising finding halves and quarters.

Next week we will be revising how to tell the time.

In DT, linked to our learning about Queen Elizabeth I, we designed crowns with our learning partners which we will be making next week.

We practised our Hockey skills this week during PE and the children were great!

Don’t forget to sign up for Art/DT day which is on the 4th December – we’d love to see you!

Have a good weekend.


Autumn 2, week 1
Friday 8th November

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term!

This week we went back in time to the time when Guy Fawkes was alive. We learned all about the events of The Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night.
We also learned about Queen Elizabeth I who was alive just before that time.

We found out many interesting facts about her and produced some excellent writing.
Some of us are now joining our letters beautifully!

In Maths we revised our knowledge of 3D shape and practiced describing what the shapes are like. We also learned about fractions of shapes, such as half and quarter.

We enjoyed making up our own dances with our learning partners involving motion and stillness. In Games we practiced throwing and catching a range of PE equipment, such as balls, hoops, bean bags and Frisbees.

In Music we have enjoyed learning some new songs and practised singing at an accurate pitch. Our recorder playing is coming along nicely. We can now play several tunes using the notes ‘b’ and ‘a’.

I look forward to seeing many of you at parent consultations next Wednesday and Thursday…

Now that the weather is turning colder, please make sure your child has their coat every day and don’t forget to name hates, scarves and gloves. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend.


Autumn 1, week 7
Friday 25th October

And so we come to the end of our first half term in Year 2!
The time has really flown by and it has been lovely getting to know all the children better.
They have learnt so much already and are really being very sensible and grown up.

This week we have enjoyed writing our own versions of Oliver Jeffers’ story ‘Stuck’.

As well as this, we have revised our knowledge of shape, in particular 2D shape. We have sorted shapes according to their properties (sides, corners, symmetry) and whether they are ‘regular’ or ‘irregular’.

We learnt about the seven continents and five main oceans of the world.

We created some gorgeous Christmas cards which you will be able to order after half term.

The children were wonderful at St George’s today during the Harvest Assemblies.
We’re very proud of them, as I’m sure you are too!

Enjoy the well-deserved break and see you on Monday 4th November… Happy half term!


Autumn 1, week 5
Friday 11th October

This week, our learning has been based around ‘Keeping Healthy’, linked to our learning in Science this half term. We read information books about healthy eating and our amazing bodies and then wrote our own ‘Keeping Healthy’ booklets.

In Maths, we have continued to practise subtraction and we also learned to check our subtraction calculations by using addition. Next week we will begin to learn about multiplication, starting with the 2x table.

We also enjoyed playing our recorders, playing tennis, country dancing and painting in art.

Have a lovely weekend!


Autumn 1, week 4
Friday 4th October
We have continued to learn about Florence Nightingale and this week we wrote letters from Florence to her family, explaining what things were like in Scutari, the hospital in Turkey where Florence and her nurses went to help.

We had a very special visitor, Meagan’s mum, Charlotte, who is a nurse. We asked her lots of questions about her job and what it’s like to be a nurse nowadays.

In Maths, we have been revising subtraction and building on our current skills. The children concentrated brilliantly! We will carry on with this learning next week and learn a trick to check our subtraction calculations by using addition.

In Science we thought about eating a balanced diet and in DT we made pizzas. They looked and smelled delicious! Did you enjoy yours?

In Dance we learned another country dance called ‘Durham Reel’ and in PE we continued to build on our tennis skills.

What a busy week!

We hope to see lots of you at our ‘Bake and Taste’ event tomorrow morning from 10am – 12pm.

Enjoy the weekend…


Autumn 1, week 3
Friday 27th September

This week, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale.

We wrote information booklets all about her life.
In Maths, we have been polishing up on our addition skills.
Next week, we will be thinking about addition and subtraction and how the two are related.

In Science and PE we thought about why exercise is important for keeping healthy. We built up our stamina by running around the track and we also practiced our tennis skills.
In Dance we worked on improving our country dance called ‘Circassian Circle’.

Next week, in preparation for learning about eating a balanced diet, we will be making our own pizzas! How exciting!

Don’t forget to use education city to practice skills we have been learning in school.
The log in details are in the front of your reading diaries.

Have a lovely weekend.


Autumn 1, week 2
Friday 20th September

And so we come to the end of our second week in Year 2 already!

This week, we have enjoyed listening to the story of Little Rabbit Foo Foo as part of our learning in English.

We wrote questions to ask him and then he visited our classroom so that we could find out why he had been such a naughty rabbit! We also had a go at writing the story in our own words.

In Maths, we have continued our learning about the value of numbers.
We practiced ordering numbers from smallest to biggest, we learnt how to ‘partition’ numbers into tens and ones and we also practiced comparing numbers using the <, > and = symbols.

We have been learning about the meaning of ‘hygiene’ and talked as a class about ways of keeping healthy and hygienic.

In PE, we enjoyed country dancing and improving our fitness and stamina by running and hurdling around the track.

We continued to develop our sketching skills in Art and in Computing we used an app called ‘Piccollage’ to create rabbit posters.

We also had our very first recorder lesson during Recorder Club!

What a busy week!

Next week we will be learning about someone called Florence Nightingale.
Have you ever heard of her?

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


Autumn 1, week 1
Friday 13th September

We have had a lovely first week in Indigo class!

We have done some excellent writing, counting, singing, sketching, swimming, talking and listening.

It has been good getting to know each other better and thinking about the year ahead together.

I’m sure there’ll be some tired children this weekend!

See you on Monday.
PS. I look forward to meeting you all properly at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening on Tuesday 24th September at 7pm.