Year 2 - Badgers
Mrs Braid, Mrs Murray

Friday 5th February
Dear Badgers and families, 

We're nearly at half term; the weeks seem to zoom by but at the same time I know these lockdown days feel long.  

I hope you've all had a good few weeks of home learning.  I really love seeing the work you've been doing and I am very impressed with what I have seen.  Please keep sending it in!  If you ever have any photos of other activities you've been up to, feel free to share those too.  

Keep reading and enjoying the outdoors and I can't wait to see you all on our Zooms this week! 

Mrs Braid smiley

Friday 15th January
Hello Badgers!

I hope you've all had a good week.  I have really loved looking at all of your work, well done! 

It was also so brilliant to see so many of you on the live story and spelling sessions.  

I have found some fun websites for reading, some with videos of books being read aloud and some with activities you can do too.  

This website has books read aloud and activities. 

This one has books sorted by ages with a pdf for each age category.  The pdf has a QR code for each book which takes you to a YouTube video where it is read by the author.

This website has loads of videos by authors that set a 10-minute challenge.  There is lots on this website but some are more suitable for older children so look at this with your child. 

This is Oak Academy's virtual library which will be growing.

I look forward to seeing you all again this week for the live sessions!

Mrs Braid  smiley

Friday 8th January 2021
Hello Badgers!  

I hope you are enjoying the home learning. 

I love seeing the work that you send in - keep up the good work! 

I will be doing two story sessions this week; I am looking forward to sharing some of the new books we got for Christmas with you.  It will also be a lovely way to keep in touch.  

Sending you all virtual hugs!  

Mrs Braid smiley

Friday 11th December
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! 

So this week we have been learning times tables and the children have done really well.  We have tackled the 2-times table and the 5-times table so far.  

In English we explored the traditional Christmas poem by Clement C Moore - The Night Before Christmas.  We have then written our own poems about what Christmas is to us, using our senses to help us.  Some of the poems I have read already gave me goosebumps the writing was so beautiful! 

We became particles in science this week to learn about how solids change into a liquid.  Then we investigated this change by melting old wax crayons and creating new shapes.  

We have been practising our nativity this week - most of the children have learnt their lines off by heart - Mrs Ball and myself have been so pleased with them.

Our resident elf Jack has been causing mischief this week, hiding and hanging out, watching, even leaving jokes for us!

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe. 

Friday, 4th December
Well, we have had a busy couple of weeks.
Last week we finished our topic on money and enjoyed playing shops in their pairs ‘buying’ items and some making change too.  This week we began our learning about multiplication, making sure our understanding of equal groups is secure.  The children have done really well tackling this new topic. 
In English, we spent two weeks learning about Roald Dahl and some of his fantastic books.  The children wrote some fabulous character descriptions for their own little Twit. 
This week has been DT week and the children have made some fantastic creations.  Some of them are decorating the hall now.  They look amazing!  Hop over to the photo album – I’ve added a couple of pics of the ones hanging in the hall. 
The children learnt about different movements in DT last week in preparation for designing and making moving pictures this week.  We still have some bits to finish off but I have been so impressed with their creativity and perseverance with this project. 
We created an advent calendar for the classroom.  Each child decorated a bauble and wrote an act of kindness on the back.  Every day we are turning over that bauble and trying to carry out that kindness.  I love hearing the ideas the children have come up with. 
There is another piece of big news in Badgers – we had an elf arrive in our classroom!!  Jack Sparklenose arrived on Tuesday this week with a letter straight from the big man himself!  I wonder what Jack will get up to over the weekend? 
We hope you have a lovely weekend and I cannot believe we only have two weeks left to go! 

Friday, 20th November 2020
A wonderful week in Badgers!

To begin our Kindness Week we wore odd socks on Monday, we continued to focus on ways to be kind all week. 

We focussed on character descriptions in English and thought up characters who were baddies but really wanted to change their ways and become good.  The children came up with some fantastic descriptive language. 

We also linked our PSHE learning this week to Kindness Week and thought about emotions and

The class made crowns this week following our learning about Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II.  The children worked well in their pairs and stuck closely to their plans, producing some beautiful creations. 

In maths we continued to work on money and were finding equal amounts and comparing amounts of money.

For geography this week we talked about physical and human geography and then focussed on physical features of the UK. 

We have begun our Race to Rudolph this week also – Badgers clocked up over 150 laps this week! 
Have a lovely, restful weekend.
Mrs Braid

Friday, 13th November 2020
Another busy week in Badgers.
We have had a wonderful week learning about money in maths and enjoying some practical work using our other resources to understand the value of different coins.  We then moved on to working out totals of coins and notes.  
In English we continued to link our learning to history and Queen Elizabeth I as well as looking at our current queen, Elizabeth II, comparing their lives finding out what was different and what was similar. 

Last week we planned a science investigation and this week were able to carry it out.  We wanted to find out which paper would be best for mopping up a spillage.  The children were great scientists, observing, recording and sharing their results and using scientific language. 
In PE the children built on their ball skills from previous learning and in dance we were working on following the leader doing a dragon dance.  I was very impressed with their beautiful movements. 
In music we explored instruments looking at the Armada portrait.  The children then composed some music in groups, telling the story of the painting while one of the group narrated – they were brilliant at thinking about how to use the instruments to illustrate what happened and I loved hearing how knowledgeable they have become on Queen Elizabeth I. 

We have also started to read the Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher – it does feel early to start a Christmas book but I wanted to have enough time to finish it before the holidays!

It was lovely to have some chats with you this week during our parent-teacher consultations, I look forward to more of them next week. 

Have a lovely weekend! 
Mrs Braid