Reception - Hedgehogs
Mrs Gregory, Mrs Oliver

Summer 1, Week 6
We completed our topic of Superheroes this week with lots of creative activities. We made headbands and the children used Learnpads to create their own digital drawing of a Superhero. There were some interesting names and superpowers such as ‘Garry the Scarry’, ‘Billy Power’ and ‘Mr Rizzlenose’.  They enjoyed making and playing with lollystick superheroes.  The children drew around a triangle and used scissors to carefully cut out the shapes needed to make their lollystick superhero.

In Maths we’ve been concentrating on numbers to 20 but specifically the ‘teen’ numbers. We have practised representing them using 2 ten frames and solving problems to find one/two more or less than these numbers.

In Drawing Club this week we read the story of the ‘The Little Red Hen’. We really enjoyed talking about our pictures in small groups, thinking about what disgusting thing the Little Red Hen might put on the bread for her lazy friends and how the bad character on the farm might cook his Little Red Hen Pie as he can’t find the cooker. There was also a strange animal who appeared on the farm who wouldn’t normally live there… kangaroo, tiger and a monkey! You can see photos of the work displayed throughout the week on the Hedgehogs Class Pages.  

Some of you have already said how impressed you were with the dance performance with Mr Rae.  All the children enjoyed joining in and having fun. You should have a link on your Parentmail if you haven't seen it already.  Do lots of reading over the break and remember to write in the Reading Record. 

Enjoy your half term. We’re looking forward to hearing all your news when we return on Monday 7th June.

Summer 1, Week 5

Superheroes was our topic this week and boy did we need them. The vegetables were all trapped on Monday night by Evil Pea. The children wrote speech bubbles of what the characters might be saying.  Luckily Supertato came and saved all the vegetables!

 We have used a numberline to count back from numbers to 20.  There was healthy competition as we played games using simple number tracks as well as snakes and ladders. Everyone knows to jump from the number they are on to count back.

 In Drawing Club this week we read the story of the ‘The Hairy Toe’. We really enjoyed incorporating labels and number in our pictures, thinking about where the little old lady might hide the hairy toe. ‘Tricky Witch’ even came to the aid of the old lady! You can see photos of the work displayed throughout the week on the Hedgehogs Class Pages.
 We practiced writing this weeks Teddy Words using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check. We read sentences and chose the appropriate word to fill the gaps and we wrote words that Hattie Hedgehog stretched out the sounds for us to blend and then write on our whiteboards.

 All the children were Superheroes on Friday afternoon, swimming on a cold windy day. They swam really well, listened to instructions and all said how much fun they’d had. 

Next week we will continue our topic on Super Heroes so practise those poses and create your best superhero stance.

Have a super weekend!


Summer 1, Week 4
Our topic this week was ‘fairies’.  The children have enjoyed making fairy doors and whole houses as well as learning the importance of eating healthily and brushing our teeth twice a day.

Everyone had their first swimming lessons this week.  Some were a bit nervous or worried on Monday but we all explored the pool and changing rooms and talked about what would happen during their lesson.  Everyone was excited to swim and had a great experience.  We look forward to more lessons and the weather getting warmer.

In Drawing Club this week we read the story of the ‘Gingerbread Man’.
We really enjoyed inventing our own character ‘Stinky Cheese Man’ and drawing what would happen if we touch him.
You can see photos of the work displayed throughout the week on the Hedgehogs Class Pages.

We have been reading and writing CVCC (bump) and CCVC (spin) words and practising writing them in sentences.  Everyone is making such good progress with listening to the sounds in words and writing them down in order. We’ve also looked at how we need to leave spaces between words to help us read sentences.

Congratulations to Nancy and Stanley who received a special mention in Achievers Assembly this week.

Next week we will be starting our topic on Super Heroes so dust off your cape and be your best marvellous self.

Have a great weekend!

Summer 1, Week 3


This week has been very ‘Witchy’ and ‘Wizardy’ with lots of potion mixology and strange ingredients being introduced.  We even tasted rabbit plops and everyone was pleasantly surprised!

In Drawing Club this week we have explored ‘What’s in the Witch’s kitchen’ by Nick Sharratt. You can see photos of the work displayed throughout the week on the Hedgehogs Class Pages.

We listened to Tricky Witch’s song about the naughty things she likes to do and spotted lots of CCVC words like spin, drop, stop, star and spoil. The children have practised segmenting and blending to read and write sentences.

Dance with Mr Rae was in the hall this week due to high winds.  It was lovely to see everyone joining in and remembering the moves to the dance that we will record for you all to see at the end. 
The Perform drama workshop on Friday was so much fun.  We all went on a Deep Sea Adventure.  Everyone enjoyed joining in with the games and acting out the story. Be sure to check their pockets before washing the uniform as they may still have their magic pearl in there!

Congratulations to Reuben and Margot who received a special mention in Achievers Assembly this week.

Next week we will be learning about Healthy Eating and Fairies.
Have a magical weekend!

Summer 1, Week 1

Welcome back to the Summer Term. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.  It’s strange to think this will be our last term in Reception but we still have lots of exciting activities and fun learning to look forward to.

This week we have introduced a fun new initiative to Reception, Drawing Club. Children can choose to come to Drawing Club where we draw pictures based on a shared story.  This week the story was ‘Not Now Bernard’ by David McKee.  We have drawn monsters, Bernard’s house, what the monster might eat to take the taste of Bernard away, Where the monster might live and how Mum and Dad might get the monster out of the house!  Each session lasts just an hour or so and everyone who joins in gets a sticker for coming each day. It has been great fun listening to the language and seeing the drawings of their wild and outrageous ideas over the week. Please have a look at the special folder for Drawing Club on the website in Hedgehogs photos where you can see some of the children’s ideas.  Next week we will be looking at a different more traditional story...

Congratulations to Jesse, Luca and Joshua who received a special mention in Achievers Assembly this week.

We have been revisiting ‘oa’ and ‘er’ this week, playing fun games and working on our quick write skills.  All the children are doing really well learning to recognise the words each week which included ‘get’ and ‘went’ this week.

Our topic ‘Marvellous, Mythical, Magical’ began with us learning about Dragon’s. We practised lining up dragons and knights to find which set held more or fewer and also compared groups using 10 frames.  We learned about St. George and the Dragon, painted shields, coloured the English flag and listened to dragon stories.
We had the first dance session with Mr Rae on the field this week.  I was very proud of all the children.  They joined in and listened really well trying to copy the moves.  The sun shone and we all enjoyed dancing outside.

Next week we will be learning about Unicorns and Alicorns as well as finding out about Pegasus.

Enjoy the sun this weekend!

Spring 2, Week 6

So to end an Easter fun-filled week with a visit from the Easter bunny was, I hope you agree, the perfect way to begin the Easter holidays.  The children have settled back in to school and worked so hard this half term they deserved a treat.  They spoke about looking forward to meeting with friends and family as well as eating lots of chocolate eggs over the holiday.  We look forward to hearing all about it.

Our Monster Phonics revision of the digraphs ‘ai’ and ‘or’ this week have included reading and writing words containing these sounds through interactive and board games.  You can access the Education City games using the password in your child’s Reading Record.
34 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For 2021 - NetmumsIn Maths this week we have been revising topics of one more and one less on an Easter theme.  We counted sets of Easter eggs by lining them up and comparing more and fewer as well as finding how many more.  We completed the week on Thursday with a Treasure Hunt around the playing field, solving maths clues and finding the correct numbered egg.

Next half term our topic will be all things "Marvellous, Mythical and Magical" inspired by Charlotte and Isabella's interests.

Thank you for your continued support this half term.  Enjoy a bit of family time without any home learning but do keep up the reading at home over the holidays please.

Happy Easter

Spring 2 Week 5
During the last week of our Dinosaurs topic we have used non-fiction books again as well as Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures on CBeebies to compare and find answers to questions about flying dinosaurs.  We were amazed when we measured out how wide a Pterodactyl’s wingspan is.  We made masks, printed dinosaur footprints and talked about what happened to the dinosaurs.  The children are writing about dinosaurs and I’m very impressed with their use of phonics to listen to all the sounds in the words as they write. 

This week we’ve been playing word sorting games, quickwrite on whiteboards and flashcards work to revise short oo, ar and ur.  We also recapped ‘the’ and ‘said’ from our Teddy Words. 

The pictures were all muddled and we put them in the correct sequence in Maths.  We have been discussing what order we do our daily activities using time vocabulary such as first, then, next, before, after, today and yesterday.  Everyone was really observant looking for clues in the pictures and using the vocabulary correctly.

Congratulations to Margot and Sehaj who received a special mention in Achievers Assembly this week.

Next week we will be learning about the Christian festival of Easter and talking about different ways that people celebrate it.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Gregory

Spring 2 Week 4

I hope the children all remembered to wear red to school and had lots of Red Nose Day fun!  I was sad to be missing out this year.  It was really good to have a short chat with you all on Friday about how well your children have settled in and what they’ve been learning.  Many of you were asking about transition to year 1 and filling gaps.  The transition to Year 1 will be robust as always and adaptions will be made as necessary to fill any gaps that may not have been filled during next term. Thank you for all your positive comments and support.  I think you are all amazing.

Congratulations to Alice and Lily who received a special mention in Achievers Assembly this week.

We’ve been revising some of the phonics that the children weren’t as confident with this week by playing word sorting games, quickwrite on whiteboards and flashcards work to revise ch, sh, th/th and ar.  Next week we will be revising more tricky sounds.

In Maths we’ve explored the properties of 2d shapes, looking for similarities e.g whether they have straight or curved edges and naming square, circle, triangle and rectangle.  We know that a square shares many of the properties of a rectangle and is a special rectangle.  We had fun identifying 2d shapes within 3d shapes through printing on large sheets of paper.

Our topic on dinosaurs continued this week.  We used non-fiction books to compare and find answers to questions about T-Rex, Megalosaurus, Spinosaurus, Allosaurus as well as Microraptors and Velociraptor.  We discovered they were all carnivores and Tyrannosaurus Rex name comes from the Greek language meaning ‘Tyrant Lizard King’.  Next week we will be finding out if dinosaurs could fly.

There were a few who forgot PE kit on Monday. If you can make sure it’s in school this week to save my washing machine running more often than it needs to please as all borrowed kits need to be washed before putting back in stock. Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Gregory

Spring 2, Week 3

Welcome Back!

It’s been delightful seeing all the children back in school this week, sharing their news and meeting up with their friends again.  We’ve been busy assessing where the children are and making sure everyone has the correct reading books. Our topic of Dinosaurs continues and this week we used non-fiction books to find the answer to questions such as ‘Were humans alive when dinosaurs were around?’ The eggs in the nest hatched after a visit from Mum and they have all left school (as far as we know).
The children were mesmerized as we watched a chick hatch from it's shell live during our British Science week lesson. We talked about farming in the past and how machines have helped farmers.  The children were very inventive with their ideas about machines they would invent to help farmers to feed the animals or tend to and gather the crops.

In Phonics this week we introduced a ‘secret symbol’.  We hid the secret sound igh around the Reception environment and they excitedly found the symbols to release the magic as they said the sound. There have been many Superheroes flying around and invisible children (and teachers!).   Look out at home in case your child places a secret symbol in your shoe or under the bed.  Next week we will be revising sounds highlighted by our assessments this week ch, sh, th and ng. Our ‘Message Centre’ will be buzzing with secret symbol making, hopefully encouraging lots of magic and joy in mark making.

We’ve learned about the properties of 3D shapes and why some shapes roll and others don’t, even naming cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere and cone this week.  We also explored how to build the highest tower using a selection of 3D shapes.

Well done to all the children for a great start and to those who have shared some of their favourite pieces of learning from home with me.  I look forward to more children sharing their achievements next week.  Congratulations to Jesse and Luca who both received a special mention in Achievement Assembly this week too.

Please remember to return your child’s PE kit on Monday as we will be changing for PE from now on.  This half term we will still be working in the hall but plan to be outside after Easter so fitted trainers or plimsoles will need to be in school then.

We will continue our topic on Dinosaurs next week answering more of the children’s questions gathered previously.

I look forward to speaking with you all briefly next Friday.  Have a good weekend.

Mrs Gregory and Mrs Oliver

Spring 2, Week 2

Hooray! Happy Hedgehogs will be together again on Monday!

We are all looking forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday.  Hopefully you have checked that uniform and shoes still fit and have packed the book bag and made sure everything is all still labelled clearly.  We will send PE kits home on Monday so you can check everything still fits.  We have been busy in school getting the classrooms back to normal with chair bags and resources in place and of course lots of fun practical learning to come.

 The story time sessions have been a real joy this week, so much fun seeing the children learn more computing skills and independently being able to mute and unmute - what will we do without the magic ‘mute’ button in school? It is always lovely to hear all the children’s news.

 We will continue our learning on dinosaurs next week and find out if the eggs in the nest have hatched.  We have carefully moved the nest into the hall without disturbing the eggs to make space for Foxes class and will continue to monitor progress through the week.

 You have all been Super Home Learners/teachers and we couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you.  We will be taking the time next week to concentrate on finding out where everyone is and what their next steps will be.  This will take the form of Literacy assessments, allowing us to quickly adapt our teaching in order to fill the gaps in learning and PSHE activities to settle the children in again and remind children of expectations in school next week.  The following week our focus will be assessing all of the Maths we have taught since the beginning of January.

Please remember book bags, water bottles and coats on Monday as it is still quite chilly and we spend a lot of time learning outside.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!

Mrs Gregory and Mrs Oliver

Spring 1 Week 6

Wow!  What a busy half term.
So much quality home learning and amazing video and photo Tapestry observations. Thank you for supporting the home learning and getting behind the technology, joining in.  This week learning about pets and how to look after them has been lots of fun.  There are so many pets in our school community!

The story time sessions have been a treat, lovely to see all the children’s smiling faces, great counting on Thursday and we can look forward to more stories after half term.  There will also be the new registration times twice a week, which we will add to the timetable uploaded with the home learning.  These sessions will be limited to 10 minutes only and it’s just an opportunity for your child to drop in to say ‘Hi’ to their friends and us if they want to.  As usual, Mrs Theobald’s assemblies will also be on the timetable for the week along with our story time sessions.

Well done to those children who have already received a special mention in Achievement Assemblies.  I look forward to surprising some more of you after half term.

We really appreciate that this has been a challenging half term for everyone so thank you for all your hard work at home.  I hope you have seen the special ‘Thank you’ to all our families on the Home page of the website. Now hopefully we can all enjoy a bit of a rest and some more quality family time together.  Time to rest and recharge for Spring 2.
Next half term our topic will begin with 'Spring' and then we will be moving on to our ‘Dinosaur Discoveries’ topic as chosen by Joshua in Hedgehogs and Oliver in Foxes.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me and I will do my best to help.

Enjoy the rest

Mrs Gregory

Spring 1 Week 5
I have been so impressed with the children's learning at home recently.  Thank you to the parents for uploading lots of detailed observations with videos and photos to highlight the learning opportunities happening at home. There has been great interest in the sea creatures learning including quite a few of you choosing to do the extra activities on the 2nd side of the timetable.

It's been lovely to see the children at the Zoom story times and Assemblies. It's always so hard to choose each week but well done to those who have received Achievement Certificates so far.  Keep up the GREAT work!

As we approach half term I'm sure you will be finding your energy levels reducing and the same can probably be said for your children.  Be kind to yourselves and do what you can.  I hope you are able to find time to play and enjoy your exercise together each day as well as doing some homelearning. 

Next week we will be learning about Pets!

Thank you for all the lovely emails you send, it is always encouraging to hear what is going well.  If I can help in any way please just ask.

Hopefully it will be safe for us all to be back in school again soon.

Mrs Gregory


Spring 1 Week 4
Well done to all of you who have been learning at home and in school this week.  I am so impressed with the Tapestry observations, photos and videos, that you send in.  It was lovely to be in school working with Bubble 1 this week too, albeit a bit strange watching myself or Mrs Clements' videos.  We're pleased to hear feedback that the videos are helping.

The stories this week were fun and lovely to see you.  Next week I plan to do a story on Tuesday and the link will be sent out on Monday.  I look forward to seeing many of you then.

Next week we will be learning about Sea Creatures as part of our topic on animals.  

If you have any questions or concerns please remember to contact me through email and I will do my best to help.

Mrs Gregory

Spring 1 Week 3
We started the week with an inspiring introduction to some wonderful creatures.  Everyone listened well and joined in where possible. We saw ‘Stanley’ the corn snake who eats mice, ‘Frieda’ the tree frog with sticky feet and Terry the tarantula who can live off 1 cricket a week! Wilma the Hedgehog who can sniff worms under ground was a favourite and Kelly the cockroach who can push air out of holes down the side of her body to make a hissing noise was incredible.  I’m sure everyone who joined the Zoom would like to say a HUGE       to Amber from Wild Science for showing all these Amazing Animals.

Again it was lovely to see so many of you for storytime and have a bit of a natter.  Gold Stars to Stanley, Joshua, Fraser, Abi and Jessica for winning our first Bingo numbers game.  A ‘Super Work’ stamp to everyone who was able to join in with our scavenger hunt for Fun Friday.

If you have read all the favourite stories in the house many times over and are exhausting your book supply at home, there are a few websites that are offering books online for free. Have a look in the Children’s Area on the website for links. 
Keep sending in your observations on Tapestry, it’s lovely to see your home learning.  Enjoy the snow this weekend!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me and I will do my best to help.

Mrs Gregory

Spring 1 week 2
I would like to say a HUGE to you all for working so hard to keep your child learning through these difficult times.  Please be reassured that I do not underestimate how difficult it can be when you may also be trying to do your own work too.  It is a different way of learning which it looks like we need to get used to for the foreseeable future.  I have loved seeing all the observations on Tapestry and am really proud of the children for the effort and fun they are showing in the photos and videos.

It has been lovely to see so many of Hedgehogs joining in with the live Zoom stories this week.  There will be 2 more live story sessions next week, keep an eye out for the invitations.

Next week our topic is ‘Lakeland Animals’ which are animals that live near or in fresh water.  What Lakeland animals can you think of?  On Monday we have an exciting opportunity to ‘meet’ a selection of animals at a Zoom experience provided by Wild Science.  You should all have received a link to the Zoom, I look forward to seeing you all there at 1.30pm.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me and I will do my best to help.

Spring 1, Week 1
Wow! What a week.

I was so sorry not to be able to see everyone on Monday but I was self isolating pending test results.  Luckily my symptoms were very mild but I still had to follow the rules.

Firstly thank you for your support as you have stepped up to the role of 'home teacher' again.  It's not easy to juggle but I have really enjoyed seeing the photos, videos and comments posted on Tapestry this week.  I look forward to being able to track their progress this way over the coming weeks.  If you have any feedback or questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

I will be doing 2 live story sessions this week so watch out for an invitation.  This will likely arrive as a parentmail.  I hope to see as many of the children there as possible.

There will be another letter to follow Mrs Theobalds letter about home learning last week.  This will have some Reception specific information which will hopefully help answer some questions.

I hope you are keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times.

Mrs Gregory

Autumn 2 Week 7
We’ve come to the end of the first term.  I hope this Blog finds you all well and looking forward to a fun Christmas, perhaps plans may change but I’m sure it will still be filled with wonder and excitement. We would like to say a massive THANKYOU for all the supportive comments in cards and for the thoughtful and extremely generous gifts we’ve received.  It looks like we have an artist in our midst too!

This week we watched the videos we all made for our Christmas Performance.  The children liked seeing the children in other classes as well as themselves and spotting their brothers and friends too.  We hope you like our video, it was a lot of fun to do and I was very impressed with how quickly we all learned the signs for ‘When Santa got stuck up the chimney’.  We talked about how we can be helpful and kind to each other at Christmas too so you may find you have a helpful elf in your house, offering to help with the cooking or loading the dishwasher!  The Christmas Party on Thursday was great fun, playing games in the hall in the morning and having a film and some treats in the afternoon.

In Phonics this week we have played Bingo using words with ‘ar’ sounds and painted ‘ar’ words in gold paint because tricky witch changes the sound of the letters when they’re together slightly so the ‘ar’ is gold e.g car, star, farm.  Everyone has worked so hard to learn all the sounds and words we’ve introduced this term and it is beginning to show in their reading confidence too.  Make sure you do a little bit of reading every day over the holidays if you can.

In Maths this week we have developed our understanding of time passing.  We have ordered familiar events in a day using the language ‘First, Then, Later’.  We have moved our angel along our advent calendar noticing how the numbers get bigger as the days get less before Christmas.

Finally we'd like to say a huge WELL DONE to all the children.  They have settled in to school and really engaged with their learning this term.  They have made new friends and built on existing relationships. What Super Stars they all are! 

Stay safe, enjoy a rest and have a wonderful Christmas!

Mrs Gregory, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Hill

Autumn 2 Week 6
It’s been an interesting week with lots of last minute changes.  I hope everyone who is self-isolating is well and those who have been unwell get better soon.  It was lovely to see the children excited to show off their Christmas jumpers as well as photos of those at home.  They enjoyed Christmas lunch on Friday and the servery decorations are gorgeous.  There are some pictures of the children on the website and a video coming soon of our Reception Christmas songs featuring a special guest!

This week the children have started sewing tree decorations.  They have shown great skill in sewing overstitch to make their felt snowman decoration and in weaving a Christmas tree.  We also compared Christmas Traditions Around the World with our own celebrations looking at Australia, Sweden, Portugal and India.

In Phonics this week we have learnt ‘ay’ and ‘oo’.  We found that Cool Blue makes the long ‘oo’ sound in ‘moon’ and tricky witch changes it to the short ‘oo’ sound in ‘book’. 

In Maths this week we have used our understanding of ‘one more’ to find ‘one less’ using a 5 frame and telling maths stories, First there are 4 christmas baubles, Then one falls off, Now there are 3.  Next week we will be introducing the measurement of time, ordering periods of the day and using the language before, next, after.

If the children would like to write Christmas cards for their friends we will continue to quarantine them for 72 hours so Tuesday will be the last day for posting them in the class post box for a Friday delivery. 

Stay safe and have a good weekend!

Autumn 2 Week 5
This week was Art and DT week.  All the children have designed and made some very festive lolly stick reindeer and printed a Christmas card with a jolly Santa on the front to decorate the classroom.  The Christmas baubles created on Monday are looking very festive in the hall together with the tree decorated by all the children in Reception. Next week we will be continuing our Christmas decoration making with weaving and sewing.

We learned that one of the countries Santa visits first on Christmas Eve is New Zealand. We talked about the world, the countries and the oceans and how we would get to New Zealand.  New Zealand is formed from 2 main islands and has lots of volcanoes, 12 are still active. We looked at how volcanoes are formed and watched as one erupted (vinegar, bicarbonate and washing liquid).The capital is Wellington and some of the other big cities are Auckland in North Island and Christchurch in South Island. 

In Phonics this week we tasted milk, white and dark chocolate for ‘ch’, evaluating each and deciding which we liked best.  We sorted words with the soft and hard ‘th’ and learnt ‘sh’ and ‘ng’ too.  The children have enjoyed playing in the ‘Police Station Role Play Area’ writing lists and reports about all the baddies they’ve arrested. 

In Maths this week we have been investigating ‘one more’ using a 5 frame.  The children have worked with their learning partners to tell Maths stories e.g First there are 2, Then one more arrives, Now there are 3.  They have worked well with their Learning Partner and have been great at supporting and talking about the challenges with each other.  Next week we will be using the same strategy to find ‘one less’.

If the children would like to write Christmas cards for their friends we will be quarantining them for 72 hours.  Please remind your child to put them in the post box in class and we will hand them out in due course.

Have a good weekend!

Autumn 2 Week 4
Lost and Found: Jeffers, Oliver, Jeffers, Oliver: BooksThis week began with a story, ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.  It’s about a boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep and undertakes a journey to return him to the South Pole.  We discussed the STEM problem of how to get to the South Pole and the children designed boats using boxes, paper, card, lolly sticks and straws.  It was wonderful to see and listen to the children’s ideas as they worked.

In Phonics this week we’ve made yellow ‘y’ pictures, used oil pastels to colour a bee and practise writing ‘z’ and we all learnt ‘5 little ducks’ in Makaton for ‘qu’.  We had fun playing sound Bingo and writing simple words using the sounds we know already.

In Maths this week we have been comparing sets of objects by matching them up.  The children are really getting to grips with the language including more, less and fewer when talking about comparisons. The children were learning to match the objects in both sets to find the set that has more or fewer.

It’s Art and Design Technology week next week and we are looking forward to making lots of Christmas decorations.  The children voted for their choice of Role Play Area and the decision was…A Police Station, hopefully everyone will behave themselves! 

Sneak peek at New Zealand's Christmas Day weather | NewshubWe will also be learning about New Zealand where I believe Santa begins his travels on Christmas Eve!

Have a lovely weekend.

Autumn 2 Week 3
Our topic this week was learning about Science, Technology and Engineering through a variety of STEM activities.  The children enjoyed using the k-Nex to build structures.  They worked in small groups to solve the problem of how the 3 Billy Goats were to get across the river using cardboard tubes, junk boxes, tape and string to construct a bridge. Hedgehogs talked to each other about their ideas and worked really well together to build their bridge, solving problems and making improvements as they went. We talked about weather including sun, rain, snow, fog, wind and rainbows.  We talked about the sort of materials that might be useful for making a raincoat for teddy and that plastic wouldn't 'absorb' the rain so would be a good material for a raincoat for teddy.

In phonics we learnt about ‘j’, enjoying tasting jelly, ‘v’, ‘w’ and ‘x’.  The children are doing so well learning their sounds and words.  Please remind your child to put their reading books and Reading Record in the basket in the classroom if they need to change their books.  We ask that they share their reading book with you on at least 2 seperate occasions before changing it at school and that you record just a short note in the diary.  Thank you.

The children have been comparing groups and using terms such as ‘more’, ‘fewer’ and ‘same’ in Maths this week and in PE we went on safari, practising running and stopping.

It was lovely to speak to those of you I didn’t get to speak to last week. We will continue our learning through STEM activities next week. Thank you to those of you who ordered Christmas Cards, you should have received them in the bookbag this week.

Have a lovely weekend. x


Autumn 2 Week 2

Our topic this week was 'Pirates' and the children have had lots of fun playing with the small world Pirate Ship as well as completing puzzles and programming the Pirate Bee-Bot to get to the X that marks the spot where the treasure is buried.  In phonics we learnt about ‘ff’, ‘ll’ and ‘ss’.  The children wrote letters to Pirate Puff who had lost his parrot called Polly and posted them in the class post box with a stamp.

In maths the children have been sorting into 2 groups and looking at what makes the objects the same or different, developing their mathematical vocabulary.

We learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali and made clay Diva lamps.  And in PE we went to the circus, practising stopping when the music stops and developing our skills of balance and control by tightrope walking along a bench and juggling beanbags around cones.

It was lovely to speak to some of you this week and I look forward to speaking to the rest of you next week.  Next week we will be learning about Science, Technology and Engineering through a variety of STEM activities.


Autumn 2 Week 1

Our topic this week was ‘Fireworks’.  The children have shared their experiences of fireworks and we’ve learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we still celebrate today with bonfires and fireworks.  The children printed brightly coloured pictures using frilled tubes and added dribbly glue and glitter for that extra sparkle!

In Maths we’ve been exploring lots of different ways of representing 5.  We’ve lined objects up to count up to 5 objects, used 5 frames and dropped the correct number of objects into a bowl, listening for each item to drop then counting each sound. 
The children have been learning ‘b’ by blowing bubbles in paint and catching them on paper and ‘h’ by designing a hat for the Queen after reading ‘The Queen’s Hat’ by Steve Antony.  They also polished up their scissor skills cutting paper hair. 

The Christmas Card designs have been sent off to APFS, thank you for your orders, we look forward to receiving the order at school in a few weeks time.  You have helped to raise money to support the purchase 

Thank you for supporting us in booking your Zoom appointments for Parent Consultations.  I will send an email with a link the day before your appointment so please keep an eye out for it and let me know if there are any problems.  I look forward to speaking with you next week or the following week.

Week 8
The end of the children’s first half term at BIG school!  They have done so well, settling in, making new friends, joining in and learning so much.

Fall Crafts - Leaf People - Mess for LessThis week we have been continuing our learning about Autumn and talked about the festival of harvest.  We learnt about how apples and crops are harvested and made pictures of leaf people using leaves we found on our autumn walk last week.

In Maths we have found lots of different ways of representing 4.  We learned a new skill of subitising which is recognising a small group of objects/dots without having to count them, such as on a dice. 
Remote learning- If your child should have to self-isolate you will be able to find the planned learning for the week under the ‘Class links’ tab on the website in the ‘Homelearning- Reception’ tab. The weekly plan and resources you will need will be there. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. We ask that you only complete this is your child is self-isolating and add photos and observations via Tapestry.

We have learnt to recognise another 5 words this week, mum, dad, and, went, to aswell as finding things with the sounds ‘e’, ‘u’ and ‘r’ in them.  Lots of children chose to make a colourful Elmer, design a rocket and  underpants for the aliens who love underpants.

You still have until 30th October to place your order for Christmas Cards,  wrapping paper or gifts using your child’s unique code on the back of the artwork.  Any orders placed after 30th October will not support our fundraising project and will need to be sent directly.  If you have placed your order before the 30th October please remember to return your child’s artwork to school on Monday after half term.

After half term the children will be having hot meals at lunch time in the servery.  We would really appreciate it if you can support your child using cutlery over the half term so that they can make a start while we help everyone with anything that is a bit trickier to cut up.

Keep Fourth of July booming with these firework safety tips - Pittsburgh  ParentOur topic after half term is 'Fireworks and Bonfire Night'. 

Wishing you all a restful and fun week. x

Week 7
The weather has changed and we have been looking for signs of Autumn.  We found lots of red, brown, yellow and orange leaves as well as berries and nuts on our Autumn walk around the track.  The children have enjoyed making pictures with our finds and doing leaf rubbings this week.  Next week we will be writing about the signs of Autumn that we have noticed.

In Phonics this week we have learned the sounds o, c, k, ck.  Every day we revisit the sounds and words we have learnt so far and this week we went on a sound trail jumping on the sounds and saying them out loud.  We then played a game jumping in 3 hoops with a sound in each and blending the sounds to make cvc words (consonant, vowel, consonant). 

In Maths we have been looking at lots of different ways of representing the numbers 1-3 and how it is easier to count if the objects are in a row rather than in a bundle.  Next week we will be looking at 4 and how 4 can be represented as a group of objects, dots and as a numeral.

This week in circle time we have also learnt about the ‘Pants rule’. We talked about the importance of following the rules and watched the NSPCC Pantosaurus song-

Privates are private
Always remember your body belongs to you
No means no
Talk about secrets that upset you- this should be to someone you trust e.g. parents, adult at school
Speak up, someone can help

You can find more information on this on the NSPCC website

Christmas Cards – The deadline for ordering cards and gifts from your child’s design is 30th October.  This is a fundraising project that we usually make in excess of £200 to buy art and Design Technology resources for the school. 
Please remember to send the designs back to school once you have placed your order. 

Week 6

This week we have been learning all about ‘Our Body’.  Jack was happy for us to draw around him and label the parts of the body we know already and what they can do.   We had some great responses showing their knowledge and understanding.

In Maths we have been sorting shapes according to the properties we know, eg curved or straight edges, 3d or 2d shapes.  The children have impressed with their knowledge of shape names and some simple properties.

In Phonics we have been learning the sounds ‘m’, ‘d’ and ‘g’.  We made mice, played djembe drums and made a Gruffalo.  We are learning lots of new words each week and I am very proud of how quickly the children are recognising them.

This week the children have also created a picture of their family and talked about what makes their family special.  The pictures, with their very bling frames, are part of the hall displays which will be up for the next year. 

You should all have received your child's Christmas Card design together with a leaflet explaining the process of ordering.  Please remember to let us know if you are returning it to school after ordering and we will make sure we take it out of their book bag (email or catch us at the gate).  We have already received some so thank you very much for helping us in our fundraising project this year.  

Next week we will be learning about Autumn and looking for signs of the changing seasons.  Perhaps you have been for an Autumn walk this weekend.  I collected quite a few acorns and conkers myself as well as a couple for my dog, Isla to chase.

Week 5
In Maths this week we have been finding out about 2D shapes.  The children have found shapes in the environment and played a game showing their understanding of shape to work out which one is the 'Odd One Out'.

In EAD we learnt about Frida Kahlo, who was a Mexican artist.  She liked to wear traditional Mexican clothes and wore flowers in her hair.  When she was young she was ill and then had a bad accident and as a result had to spend a lot of time in bed.  She used a mirror to paint self portraits. 
We all enjoyed being artists, painting our own self portraits using mirrors and looking carefully at our features.

In Phonics we learnt the sounds 'i' for igloo and practiced cutting skills and 'n' for necklace where we threaded straws onto wool to make a necklace.  We also learnt the words 'in', 'is', 'it' and 'I'.  The children are picking up the sounds really quickly and finding lots of objects around the environment that begin with the sounds we've been learning so far.

We have enjoyed finding out about what your child would like to learn about and are busy preparing a plan to fit everything in over the year.  Next week we will be learning about 'Our Body'.

You will receive your child's design for a christmas card along with a letter explaining the process next week.  If you would like to order cards, gift tags or anything else using your child's artwork please do so online at APFS and send the artwork back to school.  They will all be posted together and you should receive your order in November. 

Enjoy your weekend smiley


Week 4
Another busy week in Hedgehogs! 

We started 'Monster Phonics' this week and have so far learnt 's, a, t, p'.  We have practiced forming the letters correctly and played lots of games finding words with the initial sounds. The children have really engaged in this finding objects from around the classroom to sort on our phonics display.  We even started our Christmas Card designs, linked to one of our sounds this week, Potato Printing Penguins, can you guess which sound it was?  The designs will be sent home for you to decide if you would like to order them from a professional printing website as cards/gifts with more information soon.

In Maths we’ve been sorting objects according to size and colour as well as singing (quietly) number songs.

Your child should have their first reading book in their book bag.  Please share it with them over the weekend, write any comments on how well they did in the Reading Record and return to school in the book bag each day (Remember no water bottles in book bags).  We will hear them read and change books as often as we can but aim to hear all children at least once a week at school. From next week they will all have 2 books in their bag.  They should also return their library book on Thursday so they can choose a new picture book to share at home.

Thank you to those who have already shared what they would like to learn about in Reception.  Please bring these in by next Wednesday.

Enjoy your weekend!


Week 3
The children have now completed their first full week at school and are settling really well, learning lots of our new routines.  I hope you are enjoying seeing the observations on Tapestry as they are uploaded.  

This week we’ve been talking about our families and who lives in our house with us.  We’ve also been learning the names of the Oxford Reading Tree characters and by the end of next week your child will have 2 reading books, a reading record and an ORT character bookmark in their book bag.  Please look at these with your child and make any comments in the reading record.  It is very useful for us to know how your child is reading at home as well.
Now that there will be books in the book bag it is very important that you don’t put water bottles in the bag.  Water spills can ruin the books.

We had our first dance session this week in the hall.  Everyone joined in really well, moving in different ways and responding appropriately to the music.
This week we’ve been looking at the numbers 1-5 and representing each using fingers, claps and even jumps.

Next week we will be starting our Monster Phonics teaching.  We will be introducing 4 sounds and 2 teddy words which will be in the red book in your child’s book bag on Monday.

As the cold season is creeping up on us please remember to send in a pocket packet or small box of tissues for your child to keep in their chair bag at school.

See you all on Monday at 8.40am.  Our timings haven’t changed with the new year group structure, so all children in Reception will now be dropped off at 8.40am and collected at 2.40pm.  Please be prompt so that the playground isn't too busy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Gregory


Hello Everyone

This week we have completed all the settling in sessions and it has been lovely to see everyone coming in to school so happy and confident.  We are very proud of your children.  We have been learning lots of school routines and the school rules which are
1. To be kind
2. To walk in school. 
We have thought of lots of ways to be kind and everyone is walking in school so well done!

Our topic for this half term is 'All about me'. Next week we will be thinking about our families. 

Please name EVERYTHING, including snack pots, lunch boxes, cardigans/jumpers, book bags. It makes it much easier to reunite items if they are named. 

Next week we will be starting our 'normal' staggered timings to reduce the number of people on the playground at any one time.  Please only 1 parent to drop off and pick up to help us with this.  Drop off will be 8.40-8.50am and collection is at 2.40pm.  Please be prompt to ensure that the playground is cleared ready for the next collection time of the next class. 

Please only send one snack in for your child for the morning. This must be a piece of fruit of veg. Our playtime is 20 minutes, this is time for them to eat their snack and then have a run around. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Gregory and Mrs Oliver