Year 1 - Deer
Mrs Davies, Ms Higgins, Mrs Manders

This week we continued our journey around the world by heading to South Africa.
In English, we looked at the stories of South African children’s writer Paul Geraghty. He writes stories about animals and the children enjoyed having a go at writing their own versions of his books.
In Maths we continued our topic on halves and quarters, moving on to finding a half and a quarter of a number. We used counters and other objects to work out the answers practically.
We learnt about the different animals that live in South Africa, went on our own mini safari, looked at African patterns and played the djembe drums.
Have a great weekend!

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic half term and were able to enjoy some sunshine.
This week we have begun our ‘Around the World’ topic. The children made suggestions of countries to learn about and we have picked some of their ideas to guide our learning. This week we started in Australia! We have learnt about some of the key features, for example their flag and geographical location, created some aboriginal style art work and listened to a didgeridoo.
A large focus of our ‘Around the World’ topic will be animals. We will be looking at the animals that live in our focus country as well as the animals that live in the UK. We focussed on minibeasts this week, exploring the school field. We found ants, snails, caterpillars, spiders, bumblebees and even a newt! We also did some tree shaking and we amazed to see all the different animals that live in just one tree.
In Maths our topic has been fractions. We have been learning to find a half and a quarter of a shape and object. Next week we will be continuing this topic and moving onto finding a half and a quarter of a number.
Please remember with the hot weather to apply sun cream before school and to ensure you have a hat and water bottle in school.
Have a great weekend!

This week we finished our Castles topic in spectacular fashion… with a medieval day! The children looked absolutely brilliant in their costumes. We had knights, kings, queens, princesses, ladies, jesters, dragons, a horse and a candle maker! We began the day with a Zoom call from Windsor Castle! Martin, our guide, showed us parts of the castle and some interesting artefacts, including a real sword and cross bow! We then headed out to the field for lawn games and (our version) of jousting. In the afternoon we completed a dragon craft and went on a dragon hunt! It was a great day.
This week the children had their last dance session with Mr Rae. The link to their dance performance will be sent to your e-mails.
Thank you for all your support this half term. We hope you have a lovely break and we look forward to next term. Our topic will be ‘Around the World’.

This week we have continued learning lots of interesting facts about castles, presenting what we have learnt in a leaflet. We found out about lots of aspects of castle life, including the jobs that needed doing, castle gardens and banquets.
Our Maths topic has been counting in 5s. As well as learning to recite the pattern, the children have been applying their knowledge to solve problems by counting groups of objects.
Thank you so much for sending in your photographs of flowers. The children really enjoyed sharing their favourite plants with the class.
Swimming has been a huge success this week, with lots of happy faces returning from the pool. A big thank you to all the helpers that make it possible.
Have a great weekend!

Look at our Castle display! It looks fantastic! The children worked with their learning partner to create a collage person. Can you spot the knights? The soldiers? The cook? The Lord? The Lady? The jesters?
In English this week we have been learning about leaflets. We have been identifying the features (such as headings, sub-headings and photographs) and understanding that they are another way of sharing information. Next week we will be making our own leaflets about castles.
Our Maths focus has been counting in 2s. The children are becoming very confident and can count very quickly! Perhaps you could practise this weekend?
Today we had a visit from Perform. All the children took part in an ocean-themed drama workshop and had an excellent time. There is more information in the children’s bookbags.
Have a great weekend and please remember swimming starts next week (Wednesday and Friday).

We have had another lovely and busy week. In English we have been looking at stories with a repeated phrase. We used the story ‘Peace at Last’ to write our own story about a knight who is trying to sleep in a castle but it is just too noisy!
In Maths we have been exploring weight and capacity. Deer class used scales to compare two objects, stating which one was the heaviest, and used various containers to demonstrate the concepts of full, almost full, half full, nearly empty and empty.
We are continuing to practise our ball skills in PE and we are enjoying our dance sessions with Mr Rae. This week we have also continued our castle topic by labelling the different parts and beginning a castle model.
We hope you have a super Bank Holiday weekend and we will see you on Tuesday.

Welcome to the Summer Term! We hope you all had a fantastic Easter break.
This week we have begun our Castles topic! The children have been very excited to begin their new learning and started the topic by finding out about the people who live in a castle. They then worked with their learning partner to draw one of the people and are looking forward to painting and collaging their characters next week.
In Maths we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We have named them and described their properties, as well as looking at irregular shapes. We have also investigated the nets of 3D shapes.
On Tuesday Deer class enjoyed their Dance session with Mr Rae and on Friday we began our Games sessions for PE. If the weather allows we will be outside, so please check plimsolls fit.
Have a great weekend!

What a lovely week we have had to finish the Spring term! In Maths we have been revising place value, using a 100 square to help us find and name 2 digit numbers. We have also been learning about and celebrating Easter. The children have written the Easter story, been on an egg hunt and met the Easter bunny!
During our first week back after the Easter holidays, we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes, including looking at nets. Please could all the children bring in ONE box that can be taken apart to look at the net? Something such as a cereal box is ideal, but we would love more unusual ones if you have them!
Thank you so much for all your support and hard work this term. Have a fantastic Easter break!

Wow what another busy week we have had! We are all really excited to see signs of Spring appearing in this country and we have been learning about Spring celebrations in other countries- Songkran, Hanami and Holi.
In Maths this week we have continued our length and height topic. At the start of the week we recapped using non-standard units of measure and then moved on to looking at centimetres and metres.
This week we have also been recapping the parts of a plant, learning about maps and enjoying our dance and gymnastic sessions.
Thank you for joining us for our parent consultations. It was great to have the opportunity to speak you.
Have a super weekend!

This week we continued with our Spring topic. We created beautiful booklets all about the season, including information about the weather, the plants and the baby animals we see during Spring. 
We also continued our learning about the United Kingdom. We found out lots of facts about England and used the laptops to find pictures of famous English places and people.
In Maths, we have continued our length and height topic. We have been measuring using both non-standard units of measure (for example cubes) and standard units of measure (this week we used our rules to measure in centimeters).
Our PE this half term is on a Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school and that hair is tied back.
The children looked brilliant in their red outfits today and we had a lot of fun listening to their jokes.
Have a great weekend!


It has been so wonderful to have all the children back together this week. They have settled in really well and they are already showing confidence in the routines of school.
This week we have been learning about Northern Ireland. The children have learnt about the legend of the Giant's Causeway and created postcards about their pretend visit to the famous landmark. 
In Maths we have begun our length and height topic. The children have been investigating it practically, through measuring and ordering, as well as using the correct vocabulary, such as longer, shorter, taller, longest and shortest.
Schools around the country have been celebrating British Science Week and we joined in the fun too. The theme this year was the impact of technology on farming. We joined in with a virtual lesson about how incubators are used to hatch chicks. We were very lucky to see a chick hatching out of an egg and the children got very excited, cheering on the chick. "You can do it!" they were saying- so lovely!
Thank you for your continued support. Please get in touch if you need to- we are always happy to help.

Today is the last day of home learning for lots of you. Well done for working so hard. We are so excited that we will all be back together at school next week. Over the weekend it might be worth checking that your school uniform and shoes still fit (we know how quickly you children grow!) and get your PE kit ready as we will start getting changed for PE again. 
We have a lovely few weeks planned so there is lots to look forward to.

This week was the last week of our Victorians topic. We hope that you enjoyed it! We can tell that you learnt lots by all the brilliant work you have been sending us. Next week is half term. Please make sure that you use it to have a break, relax and feel refreshed! 
Happy Half Term!

Hello everyone! We hope that you have had a safe and successful week, whether you are at school or learning at home. We miss you all! The Victorian workshop on on Thursday was certainly a highlight of the week. It was great to see so many of you dressed up and joining in. 
Please stay in touch smiley

Happy Christmas Deer Class!
We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We miss You all!
Here is a special Christmas message!

Happy Christmas Deer Class!

We are keeping up our miles with the Race to Rudolph and even achieved 7 laps on one day! In English we have continued to think about Traditional tales and composed alternative endings, trying to use interesting sentence starters and adjectives. We have done lots of planning for our exciting; Art and D.T week, next week (hopefully you saw the angel plans for your child but we have lots of available resources if you didn't or don't have the things on your child's list). In geography we have been looking at maps and the purpose of a key and used this to help us create a map for Goldilocks. We wrote a list on the laptops for things the Little Pigs might need to build their houses and in Gymnastics created movements to the story of The Enormous Turnip. Another busy week! Hope you all have a good weekend and the children have lots to tell you about their activities during next week.

And were off on our 'Race to Rudolph'! This week we made an excellent start with 15 laps of the track. As a class we are aiming for a big 100! Thinking about the number 100 this week we celebrated kindness week. As a school, we found out about a man named Harry who was turning 100 and because of lockdown was feeling quite sad about the occasion. We decided to show him a random act of kindness and produced a special 100 card from every single child at Barnett Wood. In English we have continued to think about traditional tales and thought in particular about the similarities in the middle of stories. In D.T we produced our own sliding pictures of the Gingerbread Man being chased by all the other characters and in Maths we thought about 2D and 3D shapes.

This week we have continued to explore traditional tales and their key features, we then wrote the opening paragraph for our favourite story and all did a great job. In maths we had a great morning playing shops to practice our coin recognition and calculating change using our taking away. We spent time thinking about why we wear poppies, held a 2 minutes silence in the playground and craeted some beautiful poppy pictures in art. This half term our D.T project is to create a moving picture so we started this week with exploring a range of pop-up and moving picture books. Maybe see if you have any at home and share them this weekend!

I hope everyone had a lovely half term, it sounds like the children had a great break and they wrote brilliantly about the fun they had, in their news at the beginning of the week. We have started our new topic 'Traditional Tales' and focused on the story of the Little Red Hen this week. The children enjoyed the story but I think even more baking bread like the hen! We went on a lovely Autumn walk and took pictures of signs of Autumn. The children were very perceptive and loved being able to take their own photos. We have also learnt about Guy Fawkes and firework saftey (hopefully they will be able to enjoy a few, even if its just from the window!) and they produced beautiful, brightly coloured pictures using illuminous paints and oil pastels. In maths we have been thinking about taking away, calculating our answers using cubes, jottings, number sentences and part-whole models. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

We finished off our topic of 'Amazing Me' this week with the sense of taste. We had lots of fun trying to decide if things were; sweet, sour, bitter or salty and throughly enjoyed creating our own fruit salads. It was lovely that the children were so willing to try new things and even discover some new tastes they liked. We created our own beautiful Hungry Caterpillar books and learnt about why some fruits and vegetables aren't grown in this country. In Maths we have been thinking about adding and are become quite confident at writing our own number sentences. So after another busy week I wish you all a lovely, well rested half term!!!

Ready for after half term we will now be uploading our planning and the activities that will be taking place in the classroom on to the Home Learning page. You only need to complete these from home if your child is off school self isolating. Please do not complete them over half term as they are our learning in class and only for reference for home learners.

Happy Half Term Everyone!!! smiley

Hopefully you have all received your child's Christmas card design! They looked fantastic, I found some very tickly feet!! We have also continued to work on our musical instruments, it has been lovely to see how inventive and creative little minds can be. In maths we have begun to think about addition and pairs of numbers that make 5 and 10. The children created a piece of writing about what they could recall about their senses. I was so proud of how hard they worked and all they are achieving. In 'Amazing Me' we have been thinking about our sense of smell and the children tried to guess various essential oils. I was astounded how many could recognise lavendar! They have all worked very hard and had a busy week so I hope you all have a lovely weekend, get some rest and as always look forward to Monday. 

We have had a very creative week! Musical instruments have started to be made, collages were created, helping us to think about our sense of touch, and mindfulness jars assembled, which the children loved watching. In our topic this week we focused on our sense of touch and linking back to our study of Louis Braille the children created thier names using the Braille alphabet. We spent time thinking about things we can do to help us feel calm; including practising rainbow breaths, mindfulness colouring and guided meditations. We used up lots of energy in P.E focusing on tennis skills and have enjoyed working together in dance. We have continued to think about our numbers to 10 and have been learning how to use the part/part/whole model to help us.

This week in our topic 'Amazing Me' we have continued to think about our senses; focusing on sight. We learnt about Louis Braille and the children had to recall key information. Their sentences and facts were really fantastic, I was so impressed! In Maths we have been thinking about sequencing amounts from greatest to smallest and had the opportunity to play some interactive games on the smart board. The children had a wonderful Art lesson and created pieces in response to how the music made them feel. They were very intuitive and chose colours that truly reflected the mood they felt. Marking their pieces was a pleasure! In P.E we explored some cricket skills and cooled down with some rainbow breathing, see if your child can show you. We have lots and lots of materials for our instrument project, thank you for being so prompt. This week we plan to make mindfulness jars on Thursday, if anyone has small screw top jars for this again it would be a great help. Thank you for all your support! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

This week in Deer class we have been learning all about the ear and hearing. We explored famous musicians who are deaf, including Evelyn Glennie and Beethoven. We had lots of fun learning about musical instruments and the different sounds we could create. In D.T we have designed our own musical instruments, which we will make later this half term. Your child should have brought home a resource list of things they will need you to collect. We have been learning about numbers that are greater or less than, with some very hungry crocodiles to help us, see if your child can tell you how the crocodile does this. With the change in weather the children are now using inside to eat lunch and have been highly praised for how sensible they have been behaving and have coped. Just a reminder that your child's reading record should be in their book bag everyday even if they don't need to change their books. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Deer Class have had another super week! In Maths we have been exploring numbers to 10 by counting forwards, backwards and finding 1 more and 1 less. We have used the Learn Pads and created self portraits for our topic 'Amazing Me', alongside thinking about what makes us special.... we were spoilt for choices! We took advantage of the good weather and practised some ball skills in the sun and spent some time with the school rabbits, Flopsy and Pepper, this afternoon. In English we have been learning how to label diagrams and wrote some lovely sentences about how we are different from other animals. The children have continued to cope brilliantly with returning to school and all the things we have to do and remember. I'm extremely proud of their resilience and maturity. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and some down time, ask your child to share our class hug....see you all next week.

We've had a great week in Deer Class and all the children have worked incredibly hard! In maths we have been looking at numbers to 10 in different representations, sorting, recognising, reading and writing. We have been studying ourselves and animals and have been able to label diagrams. In Monster Phonics we have been looking at the sounds ss, zz, ll, ff, ck and nk. You may have found wordsearches in your child's bag these support the learning and if they haven't been completed this could be done at home. We have been very lucky with the weather and the children have really enjoyed break times and lunches! I hope they continue to enjoy the sunshine over the weekend and look forward to seeing evryone again Monday.

Autumn Term
What a wonderful couple of days! All the children have really settled in to the new routines and starting in Year 1 so incredibly well! I'm extremely proud of them all. We have managed to have some fun making deer faces and have taken lots of time to get to know each other, which has been lovely for me!
New reading books, reading records and a library book came home today, hopefully these will be a nice change. Please make sure book bags are kept as empty as possible as it can be very tricky for the children to put things in unaided, the emptier the easier for them. Could I also suggest that any unnecessary extra bags are avoided as again being so small and not having alot of help,any extras can be tricky to juggle.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Welcome to Deer Class
Welcome to Deer Class
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!