Year 1 - Blue Class
Mrs Gregory, Ms Higgins, Mrs Manders

Aut Week 6
Yesterday was the perfect morning for a walk outside, so that's exactly what we did!! We took some time really exploring and looking at our surroundings and signs of Autumn. We each collected a favourite thing we had found and used these as inspiration to write some fantastic Autumn poems. As we continued our topic of 'Amazing me' we looked at our sense of taste and had such a fun and exciting time taste testing foods to classify them. We also thought about our favourite fruits and designed a fruit salad which we will be making next week. Singing assembly sounded amazing this afternoon and we are all looking forward to performing at our Harvest Festival next week!!

Aut Week 5
This week we have been focusing on our number bonds to 10 and 20, these facts are so useful in lots of other calculations we make so please continue to practise them at home. In Science we have been thinking about the sense of touch and brainstormed lots of fantastic descriptive vocabulary that we can use in our writing. We also learnt about Louis Braille and were able to recall lots of facts about his life for our writing. In D.T we have begun to make our musical instruments and in Art we have been looking at Monets painting 'Cherry Blossom. After another busy week we have finished off with some well-being time, focusing on controlled breathing and created our mindfulness jars which we can access in the classroom for time out or just a moment of calm and peace.

Aut Week 4
Happy Friday everyone!!! A few reminders; tomorrow is the 'Bake and Taste' morning 10-12pm, we look forward to seeing lots of you there!!!
Next week I will be making mindfulness jars with the children. These will live in the classroom and the children will be able to access them for quiet time, reflection, calming or just for enjoyment. Therefore, could I ask you too provide a spice/herb jar (lidded) for your child, so that we are able to make these next Friday. Many Thank in advance.
This week we have been looking at how our numbers to 10 can be created in a variety of ways. Learnt lots about sight and visual impairment, including exploring a variety of everyday activities blindfolded. We have been think about the difference between sentences and questions, and are really confident at identifying them, and have begun to design our musical insyruments in D.T. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!!

Aut Week 3
Autumn has truly arrived! This week the children have coped very well with the rain and a few wet playtimes but made the most of the time we had outside and particularly enjoyed all the music and movement we have been doing. We have been looking at the sense of sound in our topic 'Amazing Me' and discovered by the age of 30 Beethoven was deaf and yet continued to create some of his most famous pieces! We have watched and listened to classical orchestras and can identify a variety of musical instruments but most enjoyed being conductors ourselves!!! In maths we have explored numbers in great depth and are super confident at counting, organising and ordering them to 20. Our Monster Phonics is continuing to go well and we are particularly enjoying the songs. We all created fantastic golden sentences today which included; capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, see you all next week.

Aut Week 2
What another busy week!! The children have all continued to settle in really well and are working so hard, I'm sure they are glad the weekend has arrived. In maths we have been looking at ordering numbers and finding 1 more and 1 less. We have continued with our topic 'Amazing Me' and looked at how to label diagrams of ourselves. In Art and ICT we have created self portraits and looked carefully at details of our faces. We have started to use Monster phonics and the children particularly love the songs, I have been so impressed with all the words they are able to recall. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine.... Look forward to seeing all the children again next week. 

Aut Week 1
Welcome everyone to Blue Class!!! and what a wonderful start to Year 1 we've had! Our Topic 'Amazing Me' has already had us looking at how we are the same and different, and labelling parts of the body. We have looked at the world, including from Space, which we all found pretty incredible. We have been revising our numbers and played lots of games to help us recognise, order and represent them. Our writing is continuing to develop beautifully and we have written facts, news and the best bit of our first week!!!! Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing everyone next week!!!!