Year 1 - Deer
Ms Higgins, Mrs Manders

This week in Deer class we have been learning all about the ear and hearing. We explored famous musicians who are deaf, including Evelyn Glennie and Beethoven. We had lots of fun learning about musical instruments and the different sounds we could create. In D.T we have designed our own musical instruments, which we will make later this half term. Your child should have brought home a resource list of things they will need you to collect. We have been learning about numbers that are greater or less than, with some very hungry crocodiles to help us, see if your child can tell you how the crocodile does this. With the change in weather the children are now using inside to eat lunch and have been highly praised for how sensible they have been behaving and have coped. Just a reminder that your child's reading record should be in their book bag everyday even if they don't need to change their books. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Deer Class have had another super week! In Maths we have been exploring numbers to 10 by counting forwards, backwards and finding 1 more and 1 less. We have used the Learn Pads and created self portraits for our topic 'Amazing Me', alongside thinking about what makes us special.... we were spoilt for choices! We took advantage of the good weather and practised some ball skills in the sun and spent some time with the school rabbits, Flopsy and Pepper, this afternoon. In English we have been learning how to label diagrams and wrote some lovely sentences about how we are different from other animals. The children have continued to cope brilliantly with returning to school and all the things we have to do and remember. I'm extremely proud of their resilience and maturity. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and some down time, ask your child to share our class hug....see you all next week.

We've had a great week in Deer Class and all the children have worked incredibly hard! In maths we have been looking at numbers to 10 in different representations, sorting, recognising, reading and writing. We have been studying ourselves and animals and have been able to label diagrams. In Monster Phonics we have been looking at the sounds ss, zz, ll, ff, ck and nk. You may have found wordsearches in your child's bag these support the learning and if they haven't been completed this could be done at home. We have been very lucky with the weather and the children have really enjoyed break times and lunches! I hope they continue to enjoy the sunshine over the weekend and look forward to seeing evryone again Monday.

Autumn Term
What a wonderful couple of days! All the children have really settled in to the new routines and starting in Year 1 so incredibly well! I'm extremely proud of them all. We have managed to have some fun making deer faces and have taken lots of time to get to know each other, which has been lovely for me!
New reading books, reading records and a library book came home today, hopefully these will be a nice change. Please make sure book bags are kept as empty as possible as it can be very tricky for the children to put things in unaided, the emptier the easier for them. Could I also suggest that any unnecessary extra bags are avoided as again being so small and not having alot of help,any extras can be tricky to juggle.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Welcome to Deer Class
Welcome to Deer Class
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!