Year 1 - Blue Class
Mrs Gregory, Ms Higgins, Mrs Manders

week 4
This week we have had fun learning about Indian music.  We watched traditional music being performed and learned to play rhythms on the drums (not as quickly as the Indian musicians!)  We also danced our socks off doing Zumba to 'Jai Ho' on the hottest day this year so far!

We have practised our handwriting and learned how to spell our buzz words this week which are… because, with and time.  We listened to more ‘Just So’ stories by Rudyard Kipling and found out what the weather is like in New Delhi, the capital of India and compared it to the weather in London.  We were surprised to discover that it is twice as hot but also much wetter in New Delhi in June than in London.

In Maths we’ve been learning the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes and how to make repeating patterns.

In computing we were learning how to input instructions in a programme called 'Logo' on Learnpads.  We decided we would like to do some more of this as we were getting really good.

Next week we will continue learning about India including the toys and games children in Chembakoli play.  In Maths we are learning about time and our Buzz Words are very and every.  Please bring in your home learning folders so that we can share them at school.  We will return them in time.

I hope you've been enjoying the wonderful weather.  Have a good weekend

Mrs Gregory

Week 3
This week we have been continuing our learning about India and we used the skills learned last week to make a wax resist rangoli pattern for the front of our Father’s Day card.  Hopefully everyone’s Dad had a lovely day and appreciated their card.

We have practised our handwriting and learned how to spell our buzz words this week which are… said, says and your.  We listened to more ‘Just So’ stories by Rudyard Kipling and wrote our own version of how the leopard got his spots with some very interesting suggestions.

In Maths we’ve been using positional language to describe where shapes are on a grid and missing numbers in a number square.

We talked about what makes a mammal, bird or fish different and sorted some pictures.  Some were surprised by the whale and dolphin being mammals even although they live in the water but they also give birth to live young and come up for air unlike fish who lay eggs and breath underwater through gills.

Next week we will continue learning about India including a weather comparison and listening to Indian music, learning to play drums. We will also work on the Learnpads and learn more about 2D and 3D shapes and patterns.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Gregory

Week 2
It was so lovely to see those children who came to school this week. 

We have learned about sharing sets of objects into halves and quarters and begun to learn about India as our topic this half term.  We found India and Chembakolli on the map and found out about the buildings there, comparing them to our own in Ashtead.  We also went on an Indian Animal Hunt around the field and learned lots of interesting facts about them.

We have been singing ‘Animal Fair’ and listened to some ‘Just So’ stories by Rudyard Kipling beloved.smiley

Thank you for sending in your work completed at home.  We hope to share some of this with the class in school too.  Everyone agreed that although school is different it is still fun and that having a tray with all your own resources in it is also really cool!

Enjoy your weekend.
Mrs Gregory and Ms Higgins


Monday 1st June 2020
Hello Everyone!

We are really looking forward to welcoming some of you back to school next week (8th June or 10th June).  If you are staying at home we hope you will continue to email us and let us know how you're getting on.  I've attached the letter about the new curriculum arrangements below.

The classroom will look a bit different so I've added some photos of how it looks now.  You might think it looks a bit like when we had our Victorian Day! 
We also have a handwash station that you need to use when you come in to the classroom and find your seat.  Everyone will have their own tray with pens and pencils and number lines, unifix, word lists and lots of other things for you to use.  Please bring your own box of tissues to put on your desk too.

Hope you've had a lovely half term.

Love from

Mrs Gregory


New curriculum arrangements for Year 1
Summer 2
This half term we have provided a new topic web for our topic on India.  There are lots of activities to do at home. 
Each week we will upload 2 Maths and 2 English activities which we expect to be completed at home if your child is not returning to school.  If your child is returning to school these activities will be completed in class.  If you feel you would like some additional learning in Maths and English for your child we have also provided an ‘Optional Learning Activities’ sheet with further ideas. 
You can also access games and activities on Education City – we have noticed that you have been playing these on a regular basis.  Sometimes we will set specific games to play but feel free to explore.
BBC Bitesize is also a great resource.
Please use our email to contact us if you have any questions or email the office.
Mrs Gregory will be teaching on Monday and Tuesday.
Miss Higgins will be teaching on Wednesday and Thursday.
We will aim to respond to emails in a timely manner.
Thank you for all your support, we have loved seeing what the children have been learning whilst at home.

Mrs Gregory and Ms Higgins

Friday 22nd May 2020
Hi Everyone!

Well, I am very impressed with the learning you have been sharing this week.  So many of you have sent in your stories about knights and castles, showing your knowledge of parts of the castle as well as great story language, if you haven’t sent it in yet I can’t wait to see yours. 

I have learned a lot over the past few weeks.  I have learned about making videos to help you learn and putting them on Youtube for you to watch. Some of your parents have said how these have been useful. I’ve learned you don’t need to miss out on important occasions as we celebrated my nieces 1st birthday via Zoom on Tuesday.  Through my son's home learning I've learned about the Father of Computing, Alan Turing and how he helped to invent the first computer over 80 years ago!  We use computers every day now.  I’ve also learned it’s really embarrassing dancing on your own in your garden with both your teenage sons watching!  I hope you all enjoyed the video.laugh

Next week is half term so we won’t be setting any new work for you to do but if you want to do more you can always choose activities from the topic web we posted on the website at the beginning of term (20th April 2020). This week we asked you to email the stories you have written so we can read them and then maybe share them when we are all back at school.  Please email to if you haven’t already.  It was lovely to hear Arthur reading his story on video.

Have a lovely half term.  Let’s hope the sun keeps shining so we can enjoy our gardens and exercise outside.


Mrs Gregory

13th May 2020
Wednesday 13th May 2020
Hello Everyone!

Hopefully you are enjoying your learning at home.  I know some of you have said you are finding the work a bit tricky sometimes so we have tried to make sure the activities are open ended or differentiated so you can do as much as you feel you are able.  This also means that you can challenge yourself to make the work a bit trickier too!

Every Wednesday we will be setting you some different activities to do at home.  These won't be English and Maths.  We are going to be using some of the skills you practise in these and other subjects in different ways on Wednesdays. Sometimes it might be a challenge or a problem to solve.

We hope that this will give you the opportunity to extend your thinking, perhaps learn some new skills and ask questions to further your understanding.

We love seeing photos and emails about what you're doing at home.  Some of you have been working on activities from the topic web on castles which is great!  Keep choosing activities from there, maybe one a week and your daily activities posted on the website and let us know how you are getting on.  You need to work at your own pace so if it's too much do less and if you've finished quickly see if you can challenge yourself.

Remember to keep reading using the Oxford Reading Tree Owl.  There are loads of ebooks to choose from when you sign up and it's free!  There's a link on the website or you can follow this link here.

Have fun and stay safe. smiley

Mrs Gregory and Ms Higgins

1st May 2020
Pyjamarama Day!

Hello Blue Class
Firstly … ‘pinch and a punch for the first of the month’ cheeky Did you catch anyone this morning?

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying your learning this week. If you would like to email us a photo of something you’ve done we love seeing your achievements over the week.

It’s been great seeing your pictures and videos of your castles with working drawbridges.  If you would like to know more about Windsor castle and the people who lived there here’s a link to the website. Here is a statue at the castle.  Do you know who it is?  Can you find out when they lived there?

Today is ‘Pyjamarama Day’.  We would have been taking part in lots of fun activities at school so maybe you can do some of them at home with your family.  Here’s a link to the website.

Make sure you check the website regularly.  The staff are reading stories, there are letters from Mrs Penny and the home learning pages.

BBCBitesize is a really useful website giving useful explanations of strategies in Maths as well as lots of other subjects.
I hope you are all keeping safe and happy
Lots of love

Mrs Gregory and Ms Higgins


Story Time
Hello Everyone!
I hope you are enjoying your learning this week.  I thought I would read you a story as you’ve been working so hard.  You can follow the link below to watch the video.

We are all special and different but what makes you YOU? 
Maybe you could draw a picture of yourself showing what makes you special.
Mrs Gregory


Summer Term 1
Welcome back Blue Class

We hope that you have had a really lovely Easter holiday and are looking forward to getting back to doing some home learning.  We will be giving you a Maths and an English activity each day and we will also be starting a new topic.  The topic this term will be ‘Castles’.  We have created a topic web with lots of activities for you to choose from.  Some of them will take a little bit longer to complete than others so you don’t need to choose one each day eg making a model of a castle could take a few days or even a week!  Take your time and have fun.     
Maybe you could make a collection of ‘Castle’ books.  They could be fiction or non-fiction.  If you need some more books to read you can go to the Oxford Reading Tree Owl website and find books to read at your level there. I’ve just read ‘The Frog Prince’ which is about a Princess who looses something and makes a promise that she finds difficult to keep.

Have fun!

Mrs Gregory and Ms Higgins

Happy Easter
Hi Blue Class
It was lovely walking Isla in the sunshine today.  The photos and videos you've been sending are amazing - you are all working so hard, we're very proud of you.  Have a brilliant Easter holiday.
Mrs Gregory

Friday 3rd April
Good Morning everyone!!! Hope you are all safe and well, am thinking of you everyday and have loved recieving pictures, videos and emails letting us know how your all getting on. You all seem to have been so busy and it seems lots of fun has been had investigating capacity this week. Mrs Gregory and my self are well. I have been keeping busy in the garden and doing some colouring and lots of cooking! We hear you have been using zoom to keep in contact, which is so lovely and lots of fun. 
Next week is the start of your Easter Holidays and we hope you spend it doing lots of fun things and taking time to play and hopefully enjoy some sunshine. We would like you to rest so will only be putting up a few fun tasks on the Wednesdays. These aren't compulsory just ideas for filling some time should you need them.

Take care Blue Class, sending a big hug

Ms Higgins xx

27th March 2020

I hope you are all able to enjoy some sunshine and play in the garden as well as doing the activities we have put on the website for you.  I have also been very busy in my garden noticing lots of signs of Spring - my apple tree is growing new leaves!  I have been helping my children with their homework and tomorrow we plan to do some baking.

The targets that we would usually discuss during parent consultations have been emailed to you.  Please let me know if you haven't received them and keep in touch via the email 

I am missing you all and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Mrs Gregory

Spring 7
We have had a wonderful Science week, which has supported and extended much of our topic learning about 'Growing'. We have set up a observation station where we can observe our beans growing, alongside; sweet peas, tomatoes, peas and radishes. We have been on a nature hunt using a colour wheel to spot items and created beautiful class books around spring, planting and growing. We have also been learning about the U.K focusing this week on England. In Maths we are experts in counting in 2's, 5's and 10' (forwards and backwards!!!) We are making excellent progress with our assembly plans and have tried so hard to remember everything by heart! Ms Higgins is super impressed and proud!

Spring 4
Happy Friday everyone! The children have once again had a busy week. In Maths we have been recalling number bonds to 10 and using these to make connections and learn number bonds to 20, which we are really confident with now! In English we have been really delving into our topic of Victorians and shared lots of non-fiction texts, which we have also looked at key features of. We had lots of fun baking Victoria sponges in honor of Queen Victoria but hopefully had even more fun eating them!! This week in yoga we have begun to learn a new sequence called the 'Sun Salutation' (we are becoming quite experts!) Next Tuesday it is our Victorian day, so please remember to dress up and we look forward to creating a day to remember! Have a lovely weekend.

Spring 3
I can't believe what we have managed to fit into 1 week!!! The children have been looking at addition and subtraction in Maths and we are particularly proud of their ability to solve worded problems! In English we have been focusing on writing and following instructions, including those needed to make toast (which we delightedly devoured choosing honey or butter for our topping). We also followed instructions for how to make bird feeders, linking with out study of animals in Science, which was messy and sticky but such fun and look beautiful hanging from brightly coloured ribbons near the track. We have explored percussion instruments in Music and created our own accompaniment to a nursery rhyme and looked at how this could be represented pictorially. We have continued with our study of Victorian Britian and finished off the week with an Arctic themed Yoga session, ready for the Disco this evening!!! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Spring 2
Another busy but fun week! We have been focusing on telling the time to o'clock and half past, we have absolutely smashed this target and can not only read but draw the times!!! In English we have been focusing on Beatrix Potter and had some lovely opportunities to look at her characters and even invent some of our own. In History we have been looking at and comparing toys; old and new. Whilst in Science we went bird spotting and were shocked at just how many birds we were able to spot. We finished our week with another successful and calming yoga session, just in time for the weekend! 

Just a couple of reminders;
Disco tickets came home in book bags this evening.
Next week we are making bird feeders and need toilet rolls/tubes if you have any.

Thank you in advance!

Spring 1
Welcome back everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holidays and are well rested. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts Mrs Gregory, Mrs Manders and myself recieved, they were so kind, generous and thoughtful!
We have got straight into our new topic of Victorians and the children have already throughly enjoyed discovering some of the aspects of school life then and learning about Queen Victoria. In maths we have been looking at 1/2s and 1/4s of both shape and number, an extremely trick concept, but everyone has shown great resilience and really worked hard. This half term we are learning yoga, the children had a great first session this afternoon and were very sensible and focused in trying to achieve some quite tricky poses! 


Aut Week 11
This week we have been exploring shape and are able to identify and sort 2D and 3D shapes in a variety of ways. We have continued to explore our topic of Traditional Tales and particularly focused on the story of The 3 Little Pigs. It gave us an excellent opportunity in Science to look at material properties and their strengths. We had a fantastic afternoon building houses with the different materials until The Big Bad Wolf came and tried to blow them all down. In D.T we have finished building our moving pictures and created a lovely class display. We generated maps with keys for various tales in Geography and creatively danced to the story of The Enormous Turnip. Hope you have a lovely weekend.... and see you in December!!!

Aut Week 10
Happy Friday everyone! This week we have been doing lots of work around the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The writing the children have produced has been absolutely fantastic! We have been working with coins and money in Maths and we are getting so good the children can even suggest alternative ways to make the same amounts. We have enacted part of The Enormous Turnip in dance, created moving pictures in D.T and have continued looking at materials and thier properties in Science. Today we have sent home information about the Christmas Concert, some book bags are full, so please could you have a good clear out so that anything inportant can be kept and the bags can be made claerer for the glitter, sparkles and fun that I'm sure will start to fill them, in time for Christmas, over the next few weeks. Thank you for the toilet/kitchen rolls we have already recieved, keep them coming please!!!

Aut Week 9
It was lovely to see you all this week and share all the wonderful things we do in Blue Class and all the amazing things the children achieve!! I'm sure you are all as impressed and proud as we are!!!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to entering into another world of fairytales next week!

Aut Week 8
Welcome back everyone!!! The children have all returned refreshed and seeming so capable already!!! We have entered into the world of Traditional Tales, particularly looking at the Little Red Hen, this week. We baked bread, re-enacted the story using puppets, made mini books and have begun to look at adjectives. Maybe try at home to have a competition to see who can think of the most interesting describing word for something, over dinner or on a car journey. We have also been enjoying exploring the season of Autumn and have reinforced how to be safe during fireworks. 
Over the next couple of weeks we will be collecting toilet tubes for our christmas craft and next Wednesday and Thursday will be our parents evenings, so look forward to seeing you then! Have a great weekend.

Aut Week 7
Wow! What a day, what a week, what a half term. I am so incredibly proud of all the children. They have all settled so well into Year One and really taken all the new learning, expectations and challenges in thier stride. Today I was so delighted with the behaviour and performance of our children in the Harvest Festival (thank you for all your help and support) and thought they sung beautifully. This week we have really been focusing on this terms Buzz words which can be found in your childs book bag, please continue to practise reading and spelling these as they are super helpful for reading and writing. I hope you all have a fun and relaxing half term. The children have really earnt it and look forward to seeing you all in just over a week.

Aut Week 6
Yesterday was the perfect morning for a walk outside, so that's exactly what we did!! We took some time really exploring and looking at our surroundings and signs of Autumn. We each collected a favourite thing we had found and used these as inspiration to write some fantastic Autumn poems. As we continued our topic of 'Amazing me' we looked at our sense of taste and had such a fun and exciting time taste testing foods to classify them. We also thought about our favourite fruits and designed a fruit salad which we will be making next week. Singing assembly sounded amazing this afternoon and we are all looking forward to performing at our Harvest Festival next week!!

Aut Week 5
This week we have been focusing on our number bonds to 10 and 20, these facts are so useful in lots of other calculations we make so please continue to practise them at home. In Science we have been thinking about the sense of touch and brainstormed lots of fantastic descriptive vocabulary that we can use in our writing. We also learnt about Louis Braille and were able to recall lots of facts about his life for our writing. In D.T we have begun to make our musical instruments and in Art we have been looking at Monets painting 'Cherry Blossom. After another busy week we have finished off with some well-being time, focusing on controlled breathing and created our mindfulness jars which we can access in the classroom for time out or just a moment of calm and peace.

Aut Week 4
Happy Friday everyone!!! A few reminders; tomorrow is the 'Bake and Taste' morning 10-12pm, we look forward to seeing lots of you there!!!
Next week I will be making mindfulness jars with the children. These will live in the classroom and the children will be able to access them for quiet time, reflection, calming or just for enjoyment. Therefore, could I ask you too provide a spice/herb jar (lidded) for your child, so that we are able to make these next Friday. Many Thank in advance.
This week we have been looking at how our numbers to 10 can be created in a variety of ways. Learnt lots about sight and visual impairment, including exploring a variety of everyday activities blindfolded. We have been think about the difference between sentences and questions, and are really confident at identifying them, and have begun to design our musical insyruments in D.T. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!!

Aut Week 3
Autumn has truly arrived! This week the children have coped very well with the rain and a few wet playtimes but made the most of the time we had outside and particularly enjoyed all the music and movement we have been doing. We have been looking at the sense of sound in our topic 'Amazing Me' and discovered by the age of 30 Beethoven was deaf and yet continued to create some of his most famous pieces! We have watched and listened to classical orchestras and can identify a variety of musical instruments but most enjoyed being conductors ourselves!!! In maths we have explored numbers in great depth and are super confident at counting, organising and ordering them to 20. Our Monster Phonics is continuing to go well and we are particularly enjoying the songs. We all created fantastic golden sentences today which included; capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, see you all next week.

Aut Week 2
What another busy week!! The children have all continued to settle in really well and are working so hard, I'm sure they are glad the weekend has arrived. In maths we have been looking at ordering numbers and finding 1 more and 1 less. We have continued with our topic 'Amazing Me' and looked at how to label diagrams of ourselves. In Art and ICT we have created self portraits and looked carefully at details of our faces. We have started to use Monster phonics and the children particularly love the songs, I have been so impressed with all the words they are able to recall. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine.... Look forward to seeing all the children again next week. 

Aut Week 1
Welcome everyone to Blue Class!!! and what a wonderful start to Year 1 we've had! Our Topic 'Amazing Me' has already had us looking at how we are the same and different, and labelling parts of the body. We have looked at the world, including from Space, which we all found pretty incredible. We have been revising our numbers and played lots of games to help us recognise, order and represent them. Our writing is continuing to develop beautifully and we have written facts, news and the best bit of our first week!!!! Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing everyone next week!!!!