Year 1 - Orange Class
Miss Charlton, Mrs Smith

Autumn 1 Week 6
This week we have learnt about tasted. We tasted different foods and talked about the different parts of our tongue. We also designed fruit salads, which we will be making on Monday!

On Monday we had a drama session with Perform Arts Group. We really enjoyed acting and worked well as a class. 

In English this week we have been thinking about poems, we talked about what we already know about poems and wrote our own poem about Autumn. We also went on an Autumn walk round our track to collect signs of Autumn. 

For Maths this week we have been thinking about addition and subtraction using the number facts we already know. 

Thank you so much for the spice jars, we made our own Mindfulness Jars to keep in the classroom.

Next week we will be performing at the church, please come along to see us smiley

Autumn 1 Week 5
This week in Maths we have been adding numbers to make 10 using the number bonds, 10's frame and the part whole model.

Our topic has been our senses, we wrote about Louis Braille this week. 

We have also been recognising capital letters and matching them to lower case letters.

Next week in Phonics we will be learning the split digraphs.

PE will be outside this term, weather permitting. Please make sure your child has plimsoles or trainers in their PE bag. 

Thank you