Year 1 - Orange Class
Miss Charlton, Mrs Smith

Week 2 Summer 2

We are really looking forward to welcoming some of you back to school next week (8th June or 10th June).  If you are staying at home we hope you will continue to email us and let us know how you're getting on.  There is information about the new curriculum arrangements on the Home Learning page for Year 1. 

The classroom will look a bit different so I've added some photos of how it looks now.  You might think it looks a bit like when we had our Victorian Day! 

We also have a handwash station that you need to use when you come in to the classroom and find your seat.  Everyone will have their own tray with pens and pencils and number lines, unifix, word lists and lots of other things for you to use.  Please bring your own box of tissues to put on your desk too.

Mrs Penny will be with you next week until my wrist is better. Can't wait to see you all smiley

Love Miss Charlton

Half Term
Hope you are all enjoying half term! Next week is the start of the second half of the summer term, work will be uploaded at the beginning of each week for you to complete during that week. Here is a story read to you by Mrs Smith for you all to enjoy!

Best wishes
Miss Charlton

Week 4 Summer 1

Hope you are all safe and well, every Wednesday we will be setting you some different activities to do at home, they won't be English and Maths.  We are going to be using some of the skills you practise in these and other subjects in different ways on Wednesdays. Sometimes it might be a challenge or a problem to solve. We hope that this will give you the opportunity to extend your thinking and learn some new skills.

It's lovely seeing photos and emails about what you're doing at home.  Some of you have been working on activities from the topic web on castles, they look great!  Keep choosing activities from there, maybe one a week and your daily activities posted on the website.  You need to work at your own pace so if it's too much do less and if you've finished quickly see if you can challenge yourself.

Remember to keep reading using the Oxford Reading Tree Owl.  There are loads of ebooks to choose from when you sign up and it's free!  There's a link on the website or you can follow this link here.

Best wishes 

Miss Charlton

Week 2 Summer 1

I hope you have had a good week, thank you for sending in your work it's lovely to see how you're all getting on. Please keep sending them and I am always here to help if you don't understand the work. Here is a game to help you practise the Maths skills you learnt this week, choose Multiplication and Division then Bronze level  Good Luck! 

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes

Miss Charlton

Welcome back! 20.04.20
Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine. I have been doing lots of walks, spending time with my hamster Saffy and eating Easter eggs. Thank you for your Easter messages. I have recorded a story for you all to enjoy at home in the post below. This half term our topic is Castles please choose activities to complete from the topic web on the Home Learning page, some will be more involved than others but no pressure. Please keep using Education City and Oxford Owls for reading and internet resources.

Missing you all!

Lots of love
Miss Charlton

Happy Easter!
Hope you are all having a lovely Easter!

Love Miss Charlton xx

Week 6 Spring 2
Hello! Hope you are all safe and well. It has been lovely to see the emails with photos of how you have all been gettting on. I am missing you all. Please keep sending me your work smiley
Next week is the start of the Easter Holidays, I hope you enjoy this time playing in the sunshine and doing lots of fun things. It is important that you get some rest so I will only put up a few fun activities on Wednesdays if you would like to do them (they are not compulsory).

Best wishes and Happy Easter!
Miss Charlton

Week 5 Spring 2
Hope you have all been enjoying the home learning activities. Well done for completing your first week. All the parent's evening targets have been emailed out to help you practise your Maths or English over the next few weeks. I hope you are enjoy the sunshine. 

I hope you are all safe and well

Best wishes 
Miss Charlton

Education City
I have saved some Maths related games on Education City, under the Homework section. Please have a go at these at home.