Year 2 - Owls
Mrs Ball, Mrs King, Mrs Hill

23rd December
Not quite the night before Christmas, but almost. Let's reflect a little on our last week of the autumn term.

We had fun at the class party. We played musical statues, musical mats, pin the nose on Rudolph, wink murder and squeak-piggy-squeak. Everyone joined in with good humour and sportmanship. We had party snacks in the afternoon too.

On Friday morning we completed the nativity scene. This is how the children arranged it.

In maths we continued learning about multiplication and also had time to play some maths games together. When we come back in January, we will be focusing more on division and how it relates to multiplication. So revise those times tables in readiness. 

In English we learnt about imperative verbs and how to write and follow instructions. We made  a floating ball toy and identified the verbs in each command sentence.

11th December
First of all, we would like to say a massive thank you for our lovely Christmas gifts. What more could one want than a huge bag of festive treats. Rest assured they will be enjoyed over the next few weeks. 

This week Owls and Badgers have been practising their nativity play in preparation for filming next week. We hope to do this on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The children have been finishing their moving toys and pictures and I must say they are looking briliant. Lots of DT skills are being developed along with some problem solving.

Here are some examples of pictures and toys with sliders, pivots and levers.



In English this week the children have been writing poems about Christmas using senses as inspiration. They used expanded noun phrases to add detail. When finished, the children edited their poems looking for correct spelling and punctuation. They also learnt parts of the famous poem 'A visit from Saint Nicholas' by Clement Clarke Moore. We wondered how many parents could name all of Santa's reindeer.

In maths the children continued learning about multiplication. They have written multiplication calculations for different arrays and drawn their own arrays too. They did fluency activities to help them learn the two and five-times tables. 

In science the children learnt how heating materials can change their shape. They melted wax crayons and filled moulds to make the wax into a new shape. These should have arrived home on Thursday.

In computing the children have been learning to use a text box to make a gift tag. They are changing it's shape, fill colour and text. We will continue this next week. They also thought about the different uses of technology outside of school.

In PE they enjoyed a few games of benchball as it had been promised earlier on in the term. There was a lot of competative play and development of strategies.

Finally it was with sadness that we said goodbye to one of our lovely owls this week. The children had written lots of lovely messages to wish her all the best in her new school.

We know you will continue to be an amazing learner and good friend.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


4th December
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December is here and it's beginning to feel quite Christmassy.
Each afternoon the children have been involved in art and DT activities. On Monday they designed a moving picture or toy and began to build their designs on Wednesday. On Tuesday the children made a bauble to hang in the hall. The whole school have contributed to this wonderful display.
Today we made stars using a scoring technique. It was tricky, but everyone managed in the end.

In English the children have written a character profile for a child for Mrs and Mr Twit. They used expanded noun phrases and had some brilliant ideas for their character's behaviour.
The children have also spent some time editing their writing. They have also learnt about homophones and had fun finding their homophone partner.

In Maths they have been learning about multiplication. They have made equal groups, learnt about repeated addition and have written multiplication calculations. More multiplication next week.

In Dance the children have started creating a dance using large shapes and ways of transitioning between them. The purpose if for the children to create a sequance with a partner that they can repeat.

This is Owls' postbox.
If the children post their cards here, we keep them for a few days before giving them out. So they will be sent home at the beginning of next week.

Next Friday is Christmas Jumper Day at Barnett Wood. The children may wear a Christmas jumper with thei usual uniform instaed of their green sweatshirt. It is also Christmas lunch day, so it should feel very festive.

I wish you all a happy weekend.

21st November
What a lovely lot of odd socks we saw on Monday. Our week has been thinking about being kind to each other, to the world and to those outside of our school community. The whole school created a bithday card for a man called Harry. He will be 100 years old this coming week and is not able to celebrate in the way he hoped. We all wished him a very happy day.

In DT, the children have made the crowns that they designed with their partners last week. They look amazing!

In Geography we used atlases to locate the physical features of the UK. We found the highest peaks, mountain ranges, rivers and coasts. We will be continuing with this learning next week.

In Science  we revised what we knew about materials and there uses. We also discussed man-made and natural materials. There is another investigation set for next week.

In English we have been thinking about good and bad characters. We read 'The Rainbow Fish' and discussed how their character changed from the beginning, to the end of the story.  The children then created a 'bad' characterof their own to write about. 

In Maths we continued learning about money by making and comparing amounts. Next week we will be finding totals and giving change.


13th November
Our English and history learning this week continued to focus on Queen Elizabeth I. We used the Armada Portrait to write some learnt facts about her. We also learnt about Queen Elizabeth II and enjoyed watching parts of her coronation. Did you know that both Queen Elizabeth I and II both became queen when they were 25? We compared other facts that we had learnt too.

In maths this week we started learning about money. Our focus was on recognising coins and notes in our currency and how to count them using some of the strategies we have been using for addition and subtraction. We will be continuing our learning next week by making amounts in different ways.

In science we carried out our planned investigation for finding out which paper was best for mopping up a spillage. It was great to get some hands on practical work and see how we could cooperate.

In dance the children worked together to create dances with leaders and followers. It was fun and good to see everyone’s creativity coming to the fore.

In PE we played some more Tag Rugby games focusing on finding space and building teamwork.

In PSHE we discussed harmful substances and medicines. We thought about what medicine is for and that they should only be given to us by adults we trust. We also discussed what we should do if we discover harmful products or medicines.

The children are taking on responsibilties in school by carrying out some of the ambassador jobs. Everyone will get a chance to be an ambassador through the year. 

Next week is Kindness week. Remember to wear odd socks on Monday as we start the week thinking about how we are all different, but valued.

I hope you are having a good weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday

6th November
This week in Maths we have continued our learning of additiona and subtraction. We are making progress with using column calculations and empty number lines. We learnt to exchange ten ones for another lot of ten and how to show this in the tens column. 
We have also been counting in tens, fives and twos forward and backward. Always good to practise if you have a moment.  Next week we revise money and begin to learn more about calculating amounts.

At the beginning of the week we wrote about the half-term holiday. We focused on letter formation and making sentences interesting to read. We have also been learning about Queen Elizabeth l. We looked at one of the Armada portraits and wrote questions for finding out more about the different parts of the painting. We read books and watched Magic Grandad to find answers to their questions. Next week we will be comparing Queen Elizabeth l to Queen Elizabeth ll.

In PE we played some Tag Rugby games and had great fun finding space and dodging opponents.
In dance we learnt sequences of moves that emphasise stillness and movement.

In science we have started our 'Materials and their uses' topic. We have planned an investigation to carry out next week. We will tell you more about it then.

In art we used oil pastels to draw a portrait of Queen Elizabeth l. We focused on shape and pattern.

For computing this week, we began creating a fact poster about Queen Elizabeth l and will be continuing to add more detailand edit it over the next two weeks.

I hope you have managed to enjoy some fireworks this week. We went through the firework code on Thursday to remind the children how to stay safe around fireworks.

I hope you have a whizz bang of a weekend
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24th October
I can't believe we have completed the first half term!
What an amazing time I have had getting to know your wonderful children. 

Over the last two weeks we have written stories and an acrostic poem. The children had some very funny ideas for their version of 'Stuck' which echoed the style of author Oliver Jeffers. You wouldn't believe what could get stuck in a tree. 

Our acrostic poems were about harvest. They included lots of amazing adjectives to describe feelings and the food being harvested. We also learnt how harvest is celebrated around the world and why it is good to be thankful. 

In maths we spent the week consolidating our learning of addition and subtraction. We were answering questions such as the one below.
We also partitioned two-digit numbers in different ways.

In Science last week we learnt about the life-cycle of a butterfly and made puppets for each of the stages. This week we used the Learnpads to film each other using the puppets to present the facts, It was a great way to end our topic of 'Animals including humans.'

In PE we played bench ball in the hall as the weather was wet and windy outside. It was good to see how the teams played well together and did their best for each other.  In dance we performed the three country dances we have been learning this half term. They are: Circassian circle, Durham Reel and Brighton Rock. Again, lots of great team work and cooperation. 

In geography we learnt about the cardinal points and secondary points of a compass. We went into the playground and located the correct directions. We then had to follow instructions to find different places on a grid by moving in the correct direction. We revised the continents and oceans by thinking about the direction we would need to travel in order to get from one continent to another.

In art we have created the brilliant Christmas cards, that were sent home last week. (Don't forget to order yours online)  This week we have been creating collages of fruit and vegetables for a harvest picture. We used different textures of paper and fabrics with good results.

Please look in the children's bookbags for their holiday challenge. It looks like this:

I hope you all have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing you all after the half term holiday.


9th October
Over the past two weeks, we have been learning about economic wellbeing. We talked about the saying 'money does not grow on trees'and thought about where and how people get money to spend. We also thought about the precious things in our lives that money cannot buy. It was fun to think about the things we might save for and how we could earn money we needed. This will be the basis of our hall board for the year. When they are finished, we will post a picture on our class picture gallery.

Our English and science were linked last week. The children have been writing a booklet about keeping healthy. They also had to use the conjunctions 'if, when, or because' to extend their sentences.
This week we have been finding out about the author Oliver Jeffers. We decided to write letters to him because there wasn't enough information on his website. Next week we will be writing our own version of his book 'Stuck'.

In Maths we continued to learn about addition and subtraction.  We used jottings, tens frames and place value grids to help us calculate. Here is an example of how we can exchange ten ones to make another ten. 
   There was lots of progress made this week.

Dance was great this morning. We finished learning the Durham Reel and it looked quite professional. Lots of good team work.

This afternoon we played the glockenspiels revising E and D. We also played them together for a tune called drive. We revised how to hold a beater correctly and how to make the note 'ring'.

In Geography last week, we revised the countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom. We also located the surrounding seas and oceans. This week we focused on learning the oceans and the continents of the world.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

25th September
In English and history this week we continued to learn about Florence Nightingale and how nursing and hospitals have changed. A huge thank you to nurse Thomas for answering our questions in our Zoom session. It was good to hear that hospitals are much more pleasant nowadays.  We also pretended to be Florence Nightingale and wrote letters from Scutari to our family in England. Thank you Elsie for being Florence in our hot seat.

In Maths we are learning about addition and subtraction. We have looked at different representations of number and commutative calculations. The children are really good at drawing the amounts and calculating carefully.

In PE we are learning a new country dance called Durham Reel. We also used our tennis skills in relay races.

We continue to learn how to play the glockenspiel. This week we revised how to play E and then played D. We learnt that music is written on a stave and how to identify the tempo of music by listening to the pulse.

In Science we began learning about healthy eating and the different food groups. We will be learning more about this next week.

18th September
We have had another great week in Owls.
Mrs Braid and myself have recorded a 'Meet the teacher' presentation which has lots of information about Year 2. A parent mail has been sent to you with details of how to access this. We will also send out a sheet of information in the children's bookbag. I would usually remind parents at the meeting of the need to apply for a place for your child at junior school.

In English this week we have been using extended sentences to write a booklet about the life of Florence Nightingale. We completed a comprehension activity about Florence and we did a good job of writing answers about a text. 

In Maths, we have continued learning about place value and ordering numbers. We counted in twos and tens, forward and backwards too. Please practise counting backwards at home as it is always more tricky. At the end of the week we completed a small assessment of what we have learnt over the last three weeks. Next week we are revising addition and subtraction. 

In Science we have discussed the need for exercising and how it strengthens our bodies and helps to keep us fit. We thought about how our heart provides oxygen to our muscles when we exercise and felt our heart beat increase after being active. Next week we will start learning about different food groups and eating healthily.

In Art we sketched some brilliant portraits of Florence Nightingale using shading to give depth.
In P.E. we learnt some tennis skills including how to hold a racket correctly and the different ways to hit the ball. Next week we will revise the ready stance and how to move whilst sill looking at the ball.  In Dance we revised our Circassian Circle dance and moved it to music. It was brilliant to see all the smiling faces and we agreed that dancing is a fun way to be active. 

Next week both Year 2 classes will be dropping off at 8:50 and picking up at 2:50. This is detailed in the parentmail sent to you on Friday. 
I hope you enjoy the sunny weekend.


11th September
We have had a great week settling into Owls.
In English we have been writing a recount of their favourite part of the summer and we have also re-written the story of Little Rabbit Foo Foo, using expanded noun phrases to add detail.

In Maths we have been thinking about number, place value and representing number in different ways. We also learnt how to set out our numbers correctly.

In Science we got stranded on a desert island and had to think about the things we wanted and the things we actually needed to survive. You will be pleased to know that mummies and daddies were mentioned quite a lot. We also learnt why it is important to be hygienic including cleaning our teeth properly and visiting the dentist regularly.

In Art, we have been sketching self portraits and comparing them to those we drew at the beginning of Year One. We saw lots of development in ability and observation. We also created wonderful owl pictures using oil pastels on black card. These will make a wonderful display for the classroom.

We have been learning about growing our brains and the need for challenging learning. We watched the growth mindset Class Dojo videos on Youtube, if you would like to have a look.

In PE we used our aiming skills to throw and catch. Our dance this week was to begin learning the country dance 'Circassian circle'. Great fun and quite exhuasting when you have to keep going. We will learn the rest next Friday.

I wish you all a great weekend