Year 2 - Red Class
Mrs Ball, Mrs Skogstad, Mrs King, Mrs Proudfoot

7th February
This week the children have been writing  stories based on the characters they created for their Peter Rumney painitngs. They wrote them in three stages, thinking about making their story exciting for the reader. They then spent a session editing and improving a few sentences. 

In maths the children have been subtracting two-digit numbers. They used effective strategies and are starting to use their resoning skills more.  They also revised number bonds to 7,8,10 and 20.

In science the melting investigation went well and the children used a good level of vocabulary when they were explaining what happened. Next week they will writing the answer to their question using the results to form their opinions.

PE this week was travelling and balancing using mats and benches. There were lots of  strong shapes and good,focused learning.

In art the children finished their Peter Rumney paintings and we have decided to hang them in the classroom for everyone to see.

In computing this week the children had to predict which letter an algorithm would draw. They then wrote an algorithm for a friend to predict.

Next week we will be learning about hot and cold parts of the world - Norway and Indonesia..

I hope you have an good weekend.


31st January
Here we are at the end of January and we have already achieved so much.

In English this week we have planned and begun to write a story. The story is about the characters we created for our painting in the style of Peter Rumney. We discussed how to hook our reader so that wanted to keep on reading. We have also learnt about expanded noun phrases and when to use a or an.

In maths we have been adding. We learnt how to add 9 to two-digit numbers and revised the number bonds to one hundred. We also revised strategies for adding two-digit numbers with confidence.

In computing we continue to write algorithms for solving problems and we are learning how to debug our instructions when they do not work.

In music we played the glockenspiels and sounded great together. We also continue to play the notes B A G with greater accuracy. Next week we will begin to learn the songs for our Year Two Festival. 
The festival this year has the theme of traditional fairy tales.

In Dance this week we started choreographing our own dance to the song 'Try Everything' from the Disney film Zootopia.

I hope you all have a great weekend. 


24th January
Having spent last week observing the weather, this week we have been reading, learning and writing poems about it. We learnt the poem 'Weather at work' by Jenny Morris and put some actions to it. 
We used the laptops to look at pictures of our chosen type of weather and recorded all the adjectives and phrases we could. These helped us when we started to write our poems. We even made them rhyme.

In Maths we have been working with fractions. Finding half and quarters of amounts with confidence. We also found equivalent fractions. Lots of people know their five times table out of order now which is great. Keep up the good learning.

In art we drew the characters that will be in our pictures in the style of Pete Rumney. These characters will also be part of the story we will be writing next week.

In computing we continue to write algorithms using the program 2go. We had to instruct the cursor to draw a square, a triangle and a house shape, which combined these two shapes.

Our dance session this morning was great fun. We used fast and slow music and we had to express the beat and speed of the music in the way we danced.

Lots of us are looking forward to the disco this evening and I hope a good time is had by all.

Have a great weekend

17th January
On Wednesday we had a visit from Grant Koper. He is a children's author. He knew exactly how to engage the children whislt reading his book and answered their questions brilliantly. The children really enjoyed meeting him.

In English this week, the children have been keeping a weather diary so that they could answer the
question : Is the weathet warmer in the morning or afternoon? They have beeen extending their sentences using the conjunctions if, but, or, and, because, that and when

In maths we have focused on division with a little bit of revision on multiplication. I have been very impressed with their ability to write division calculations and how they solved word problems. 

In Science, the children have carried out an investigation to find the best place to keep ice. They observed, recorded and wrote up their experiment well. Our focus this half term is on working scientifically.

The children thoroughly enjoyed programing the BeeBots and using LOGO. They have written algorithms to solve problems and to direct the BeeBots.


I hope you have a great weekend. Apparently the sun is going to shine.

Happy New Year to you all.
The children seem to have benifitted from having an extra weekend after the new year celebrations. They are already listening and learning really well.

This week in English we have been reading and reviewing books by Tim Hopgood. The children were keen to hear about the visit he made to Barnett Wood School a few years ago and we were able to watch the video which captured some of the highlights.

We have also been looking at artwork by Pete Rumney and thinking about possible storylines for each picture.

In maths we have been learning about statistics. We have counted and categorised data and thought about questions that we could find the answer to.  We created a graph to show the most popular song in  the Christmas concert and also investigated which colour Smartie was there most of in a tube of Smarties. We were able to choose how we investigated and recorded the data.

In Science we have been planning some investigations for next week. One investigation is, where is the best place to keep ice?  The other one will be, is the temperature in school playground colder in the morning or the afternoon?

In PE we have started gymnastics. We are thinking about poise and stability. We focused on creating balances on 1,2,3 or 4 points of the body.

We enjoyed creating the amazing calendars and hope you have found an appropriate place to dislay them.

Have a good weekend

13th December
Things are getting exciting. There is lots of talk about Christmas and holidays and of course the Christmas concert next week.  Lunch today was brilliant. We all sat together in the hall and feasted on roast dinner and all the trimmings.

In maths this week, we have been been focusing on money. We have been making amounts in different ways and calculating change.

In English, we learnt parts of Clement Clarke Moore's poem 'A visit from St Nicholas'. We found rhymes and rythms within the poem and thought about the meaning of phrases.

We then used our senses to think about what Christmas is like and then wrote and performed our own poems based on this. They were amazing!

In PE we played Benchball, which was great fun and in dance we developed our partner work by creating dance phrases which end in big and small moves.

We hope you were impressed with our Christmas cakes. They were cooked on Monday and iced on Thursday. We made our own gift tags by editing a text box in Word. 

Enjoy your weekend and get plenty of rest. There's still a whole week to go!

29th November
The children have coped remarkably well with wet play times this week. However it was great to see the sun again today.

This week the children have been learning about Roald Dahl and thinking about the way he describes the characters in his books. We will be thinking about a new character and writing our own description next week.
In maths we have revised mass and the relevant language. We have weighed objects and compared them to different standard weights. We have also estimated and ordered objects dependent on how much they weigh. 
In DT we have finished making our crowns and evaluated the finished project thoughtfully. We have also created a painting in autumn colours. We had to use our reasoning skills to check that we didint use the same colours next to each other.

On Thursday morning we were able to go to the Baptist church for a year 2 assembly. We learnt all about St Andrew and why we remember him on the 30th of November.

In Geography we used atlasses to locate the physical features of the UK. We found the highest peaks, mountain ranges and rivers. 

In PE we played team games and practised our hockey skills. In dance we worked with our learning partners to develop a four part sequence reflecting the way that animals move. We say some great performances.

I hope the sun continues to shine and that you have a great weekend.


22nd November
On my return today, it was lovely to hear about all the learning the children have been doing this week. We talked about Odd Sock Day and how we are all different and special. Have a look at our socks.

In maths, the children have been revising how to tell the time to o'clock and half past. We also learnt about quarter past. Today we learnt about different intervals of time, e.g. 60 minutes equals one hour and 24 hours equals one day.

In English, the children continued the materials and their uses project from las week. They completed two investigations and have written their method and results.

In DT, the children have started making the crowns that they designed with their learning partners last week.

Today was another busy open morning and again the children were brilliant at showing our guests around the school. They answer questions really well.

I hope you have a great weekend and don't forget to save those toilet roll tubes.
Many thanks

15th November 2019
This week we have been investigating and sorting different materials. We sorted for their properties and also thought about specific uses of materials. When learning about fabrics, we looked at different garments and their labels. We learnt about man-made and natural fabrics too. We really enjoyed weaving to show how some fabrics are made.

In maths we continued learning how to find fractions of amounts. We also undersatand that fractions are equal parts of a whole thing or amount.

in PE, we set up a circuit of different activities focussing on building stamina and aiming accurately. In dance we worked together to create dances with leaders and followers. It was great fun and good to see everyone’s creativity coming to the fore.

The youth leader from St George’s church led our assembly on Tuesday. It was all about celebrations.

I hope you have had a great weekend and a big thank you to all those who have signed up for Technology day. I think
there are still places and there is always plenty to do.
We have started reading The Enchanted Wood this week. The children can bring in a copy to read along if they wish to.

See you on Monday

21st October
We had an exciting and busy open day on Thursday. Red Class were amazing ambassadors and took our visitors around the school confidently.

In English this week we used the internet to find out about Oliver Jeffers. His website doesn't have a lot of information, so the children have written letters to Oliver, in order to find out more.
We have also been reading some of his books and will be reading more next week. We have revised verbs and looked at past tense.

In maths we have been multiplying numbers. We made groups of the same amount, have drawn arrays and have been learning the five times table.  Everyone has achieved thier yellow loom band for knowing their ten times table (out of order) and they are looking forward to achieveing thier blue loom band for the five times table (out of order). Feel free to help the children learn this at home.

In Geography we have learnt and located the seven continenets. Next week we will learn about the oceans of the world.

In PE we practised throwing skills and teamwork. We ran relay races and the teamwork continues to grow. The children are great at dancing the Durham Reel now. We pretended that it was a competition and had to make the dance as perfect as possible.

In DT this week we had teams making poppies. They are amazing !

In science we matched infant and adult animals and talked about their differences and simillarities.

Thank you to all of you who have offered to help walk the children to the church next Friday. I really appreciate your help.
Have a great weekend. 

11th October
This week we have been looking at the painting 'Pottery' by Patrick Caulfield. This will be out hall board for the year. When they are finished, do come and see our class version. It's brilliant!

Our English and science were linked this week. The children have been writing a booklet about keeping healthy. They also had to use the conjunctions 'if, when, or because' to extend their sentences.

In Maths we continued to learn about subtraction. Again we used jottings to help us calculate. We also looked at proving answers by using the inverse opperation. We had to think about the whole amount and the different parts that make the whole amount. There was lots of progress made this week.

Dance was great this morning. We finished learning the Durham Reel and it looked quite professional. Lots of good team work.

This afternoon we played the glockenspiels to some of the tunes we have learnt on the recorder. We revised how to hold a beater correctly and how to make the note 'ring'.

In Geography, we revised the countries of the United Kingdom and the surrounding seas and oceans. We also located the capital cities of the four different countries on our own maps.

Just a note to say our new class reader is The Twits by Roald Dahl. The children are welcome to bring in their own copy to follow if they have one. It is not compulsary so please do not feel you have to buy one especially.

4th October
I hope you all enjoyed your amazing pizzas. The children were very excitied about making them and pleased with the end result too.
In English and history this week we continued to learn about Florence Nightingale and how nursing and hospitals have changed. A huge thank you to Meagan's mum for coming to talk to the children about her job. The children had written some great questions for you. We also wrote letters pretending to be Florence. 

In Maths we continued learning about addition and have also started to revise subtraction. The children are really good at drawing the amounts in their books and they are calculating carefully.

In PE we are learning a new country dance and have been practising our tennis skills.

We continue to learn new pieces on the recorder and we are just about ready to learn a new note.

In Science we began learning about healthy eating and the different food groups. We will be learning more about this next week.

Hope to see some of you at the 'Bake and taste' tomorrow and wish you a good weekend.

27th September
Thank you to all those who came to meet the teacher on Tuesday evening. I hope everyone managed to find the handouts provided in their child's bookbag. I would also like to remind you that you need to apply for a place for your child at junior school between 4th November and 15th January. This needs to be done online at

In English this week we have been writing a booklet about the life of Florence Nightingale. We will be finishing these on Monday. We also completed a comprehension activity about Florence and we are beginning to get the idea of writing answers about a text. 

In Maths, we have been adding three,one-digit numbers, one-digit to two -digit numbers and multiples of ten to two-digit numbers. We are using manipulatives and we also beginning to draw them to represent them in our books. 

In Science we have discussed the need for exercising and how it strengthens our bodies and helps to keep us fit. We thought about how our heart provides oxygen to our muscles when we exercise and felt our heart beat increase in PE.

In Art we sketch some brilliant portraits of Florence Nightingale using shading to give depth.

We have started learning songs and instrumental parts for our Harvest celebration and it already sounds good.

It was great to see Esma when she popped in to see us this morning and look forward to welcoming her back on Monday.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


20th September 2019
Week two in Red Class and we are thouroughly enjoying being ambassadors. 
In English this week we have re-written the story of Little Rabbit Foo Foo, using expanded noun phrases to add detail.
In maths, we have continued learning about place value and representing number in different ways.
Our science this week was all about being hygienic and why it is important. We also talked about cleaning our teeth properly and visiting the dentist regularly.
In Art we created different tones of red by mixing with white. we also revised the colours we could make by mix using red with other colours.
In PE we used our aiming skills to throw a variety of balls. We discussed which were easier and why that might be. Our dance this week was to begin learning the country dance Circassian circle. Great fun and quite exhuasting when you have to keep going. We will learn the rest next Friday.
Thank you to everyone who donated to Genes for jeans.
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First days in Year 2
We have had a great week settling into Red Class.
In English the children have been writing a recount of their favourite part of the summer.
In Maths we have been thinking about number and place value. We also learnt how to set out our numbers correctly.
It was lovely to see such confident swimmers in the pool and a real treat for the first week back at school.
In Art, we have been sketching self portraits and comparing them to those we drew at the beginning of Year One. We saw lots of development in ability and observation.
In Science we got stranded on a desert island and had to think about the things we wanted and the things we needed to survive. You will be pleased to know that mummies and daddies were mentioned quite a lot.

We have been learning about growing our brains and the need for challenging learning. We watched the growth mindset Class Dojo videos on Youtube if you would like to have a look.
Next week we are developing our understanding of place value and retelling a popular story. We will finish giving out reading books, having read with each child individually.
Have a great weekend!