Year 2 - Tigers
Mrs Ball, Mrs King

5th July 2019
What a great sports day we had! Thank you for supporting this event. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. It was brilliant to see how organised they were.

In English this week we have been reading and learning poems about school. We created our own version of 'Song of the homeworkers' and called it 'Song of the artworkers'.

The Song of the
Artworkers by Tigers
Artwork, smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork, messywork
Throw it in the bin work
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork paintwork
Do it on the beachwork
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork nowork
Creat some of your ownwork
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork, goodwork
Illustrate your homework
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork hardwork
Do it on your ownwork
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork stupidwork
Really, really hardwork
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork scribblework
You need to start againwork
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork starwork
Really good finework
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork enoughwork
Really really boringwork

Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork smallwork
I don’t think this is goingtowork
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork goodwork
put it in the hallwork
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork oldwork
Take it all awaywork
Artwork smartwork
Put it on the wall work
Artwork colourfulwork
Make it red and greenwork
Artwork smartwork
Put in on the wall, wall wallwork!

Next week we will be  writing our own version of 'Please Mrs Butler' by Allan Ahlberg. 

In maths we revised and consolidated our knowledge of place value. We used inverse operations to find missing numbers and to check answers.

We enjoyed making our rosettes for sports day and we also had time to create an imaginative picture inspired by music.

Our computing this week was to continue creating a brochure about an animal of Mexico.

All of the children seem to have had a visit to there new schools now and they are talking very positively about it.

Swimming Gala next week. For the practise and the Gala,the children will need an extra towel and a tshirt in there swimmimg kit. This is to keep them warm when they are in and out of the pool.

28th June 2019
At last we are back on the field and enjoying the extra space to play in. However, the children do need a named sun hat and water bottle in school every day to keep them safe in the sun.
In English and geography this week we have been writing a booklet about the geography of Ashtead and a village in Mexico called Tocuaro. The children loved going to Tocuaro with Google Earth as it gave them the feeling of being there. 

In Maths we have reading scales and using standard measures. Our main focus was on mass and there was lots of estimating and practical weighing to be done. We also had a carosel of measuring activities involving time, capacity, length and mass.

Our science and computing are linked for the next few weeks. The children are creating a tri-fold leaflet (in Microsoft Word) all about an animal that lives in Mexico. We spent time researching an animal on the internet and looked at the information some of the children brought in from home.

In PE this week we practised some running and relay races in preparation for sportd day. (NEXT FRIDAY)

As Tocuaro is famous for mask making, the children have been designing and collaging their own masks. I must say they look extremely colourful and you will get a chance to see them on celebration evening.

I hope you have a great weekend.


14th June 2019
In English this week the children have been writing a booklet all about rabbits. They found out many facts and wrote their own statement sentences. They also used the laptops to type command sentences about looking after rabbits.

In Maths, we have been learning more about statistics and drawing graphs. The children even created a chart using data from their potato harvest.( Thank you Melissa's mum for making this happen. The children are very excited about taking home the potatoes they have grown)
The children have also been revising their knowledge of shape and sorting shapes for different criteria.


Symmetrical/ not symmetrical          Curved faces/ not curved faces

We missed PE this week because of Open day, but many of the children enjoyed playing quick cricket with Mrs Penny in sports club.

Here's hoping for a better week (weather-wise) next week

7th June 2019
On Friday Tigers had a great time following samba rhythms with Theo's dad who is a professsional drummer. 

In English this week the focus was on writing a recount with lots of detail. We also revised past and present tense and homophones. 

In maths, we continued learning about time. The focus was on recognising five minute intervals. and calculating intervals of time. 

In PE we improved our running technique by getting a good starting position and trying hard not to look at the person running next to us. We also ran relay races in preparation for sports day in a few weeks. 

In art the children have started to print their William Morris wallpaper and they are looking great! 

It's been lovely listening to the holiday challenges. Our favourite music can mean a lot to us and for different reasons. The children are listening well and respect each others choices.

Well done Maypole team. I hear you were amazing and coped well in the windy conditions. 
I can't wait to hear all about it on Monday.


17th May 2019
In Maths this week the children have been developing their ability to recognise and write fractions including halves, quarters, thirds and fifths. We have thought about how finding a fraction of a whole number is the same as dividing.

In English the children have focused on the text 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.           
They have written many questions to ask the wolf.  They also read evidence from other story characters in order decide if the wolf is big and bad or simply misunderstood. Our courtroom had prosecuters, defenders and lots of discussion about the evidence presented. The majority of the jury decided that the wolf was in fact misunderstood and went on to say how he could behave in the future to stop this from happening. All great fun and a good opportunity for speaking and listening to each other.

For PE this week the children joined Lions for rugby skills on the field. Good fun and great to see the two classes working together. 
I was exstremely proud of Tigers and the way they listened to our new swimming teacher (Mrs. Patterson). They all seemed happy with their first weeks swimming in the newly refurbished pool.

In art the children punched out their patterns, insprired by William Morris, ready to start printing next week. The results should be amazing.

In Computing and Science the children have made progress with their life-cycle PowerPoint presentations. We have one more week to finish this project.

Quite a lot of Tigers are taking part in the Barnett Wood colour run on Sunday. I wonder if we can retain the trophy for most laps run?
Do your best, Team Tiger 



10th May 2019
Although it has been a short week, we have still managed to pack in lots of learning. 

This week the children have written their diary entries for the Great Fire of London using rich language and paragraphing. On Friday the children used a quill pen and ink to write just like Samuel Pepys.

In maths the children have been multiplying and dividing with a focus on money. Next week we will continue learning about division in relation to fractions.

The maypole dance that we learnt this week was 'Spider's Web', which was quite tricky. However the children are beginning to get the idea and can build on their success next time.

In science they continue to learn about plants and animals in different habitats and the focus this week was on food chains. They learnt lots of new vocabulary and applied this to their learning.
The children have also started creating a Powerpoint presentation of a food chain.

Our art project is looking at William Morris and his beautiful prints. The children have designed their own printing block and the next step is to punch out the design on a tile.

Have a great weekend!

5th May 2019
What a great week it has been!
The children have learnt many new facts about the Great Fire of London. They have completed a variety of activities including: comprehension, ordering the event on a timeline, a true or false questionnaire, learning the song 'London's burning' and singing it in a round and a drama workshop. Next week they will be using the adjectives collected this week to write a diary entry about the fire.

In Maths the children have been learning more about addition and subtraction and how to apply thier knowledge to different types of problems. This is one of the problems they completed.
You have five coins:   1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p.
Put them in a row using these clues.
The total of the first three coins is 27p. 
The total of the last three coins is 31p.
The last coin is double the value of the first coin.

In Art the children have sketched and painted a tudor house. When they are finished, they will be displayed in the classroom window for you yo see.

In PE we continued to practise tennis skills. This week they were focusing on forehand, backhand and serving.  In dance they learnt a new maypole dance called the Double plait. It was tricky but very impressive teamwork made it successful.

In Science this week the children began to annotate their photos of different habitats on the Learnpads. They remembered how to use the app Picollage and just have a little to finish next week.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend.


26th April 2019

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

Today we challenged ourselves to be more active in school because it is Stand up Surrey Day. This is all about encouraging all Surrey Schools to use chairs less and move more.
Many children walked the track this morning and through the day we got active every thirty minutes by following little exercises on the internet. The children thoroughly enjoyed the breaks.

Our English this week has been  about command sentences and instructions. The children have ordered, written and completed comprehension activities using instructions. They are great at identifying imperative verbs.

In Maths the children have been learning about capacity/volume. They have been reading scales on a variety of measuring vessels and ordering different containers by using estimation. Always a useful skill. They also used place value to solve problems.

In Science the children have started a topic about living things in their habitats. They have identified many different habitats and used the Learpads to take photos of some around the school grounds. They have also painted a habitat which they will later write about. Another activity was to sort living non-living and never living things. This raised lots of interesting discussion about wooden tables and picked apples.

Our PE this week was practising tennis skills and learning our first Maypole dance. It is amazing how children smile as they dance round the maypole. 

In Music the children have learnt how to play note E on their recorders. We played a tune called 'New note E you don't scare me'. 

Next week we begin learning about The Great Fire of London. This is a very popular topic and the children have already been thinking about the facts they want to find out.

Thank you for all the lovely posters completed over Easter. We will look at them all eventually.
I wish you all a good weekend.


5th April
So here we are at the end of the spring term and what a huge amount we have been learning!

This week the children brought home their amazing stationery pots. They had a great time making them and have written some thoughtful evaluations.

We were so proud of the children and their dance performance. What a happy team! We will Mr Rae and his great enthusiasm. 

In maths this week the children have been learning to order and compare intervals of time. For example  two hours > 90 minutes or 30 minutes = 1/2 an hour. They have also been counting in threes forwards and backwards and partitioning two-digit numbers in different ways.

In English they wrote a book in the style of 'A seed in need' by Sam Goodwin. In learning partners they planned their four pages to explain the life-cycle of a seed. They were stunning!

Our science this week was to look at the results of our growing investigation and write a conclusion to the question 'Can plants grow without water, warmth, light and soil?'
There has certainly been a lot of growing in our classroom this half term.

In music the children practised the notes B A G and played two tunes. 

PE was great this week. The children performed sequences including a travel, balance, jump and roll. They thought about making their performance better. They also learnt how to complete a forward roll safely.

I have been hearing all about what might happen in the Easter holiday and the children are very excited. 
I wish you a happy Easter and look forward to seeing the children's holiday challenges next term.

22nd March 2019
This week we became detectives finding out about the history of our school. We found out where the old doors used to be and when the changes happened. Billy and Nellie in Lions, invited their mums in to  tell us about the school when they came here. We asked them lots of questions.
We used the information to write a recount and a comparison of facts.

In maths, we continued our learning about multiplication and division, We related this to calculating amounts of money.

Our stationary pots are looking very colourful and neatly painted. Next week we are going to join the elements together.

The bean and sunflower seeds are generally growing well and we are recording the difference we observe each week. The children are excited about taking their plants home next week.

In music we played recorders and glockenspiels brilliantly. We focused on playing together and singing words clearly.

Next week we will be meeting for parent consultations. Please take the opportunity to look at your child's learning, it is very impressive.


15th March 2019
It is great to be back with Tigers and seeing how much they have been learning.

In Maths this week we revised and continued our learning about shape. This includes describing 2d and 3d shapes using the correct vocabulary and finding lines of symmetry. We also made a tool to help us  and right angles on shapes.

In English we thouroughly enjoyed reading the Oi books by Kes Gray. We even made our own version focusing on rhyme and correct use of punctuation for speech. 

Dance is a highlight of the week, with Mr Rae teaching us lots of new moves. This week we were thinking about the energy we put into our dancing.

In DT we selected the materials we need to make our stationery pots and next week we will be joining them together.

We are continuing to use the Bee Bots for the next two weeks. Creating clear instructions and testing them. 

We enjoyed Red Nose Day today. Telling jokes and joining in with the official song. Thank you for all of your kind donations. Look out for the total next week.
  If anyone has found Penny's Wolf Red Nose could you bring it in to school next week.

Have a great weekend!

15th February
This week we have enjoyed all the Book Week activities.
We dressed up as animals on Monday and we have read lots of fiction and nonfiction books to our friends around the school. 
We have been learning to tell the time by focusing on 5 minute intervals - 5 to 4 and 10 past 7.

Image result for clock face
The children have become experts at spotting the time during the day.
In gymnastics we worked with our learning partner balancing on the apparartus and in music we continue to play our recorders recognising long notes, short notes and rests.

smiley   GOOD NEWS - Mrs Ball will return on Tuesday 26th February for the mornings only for the first week. 

8th February 2019
Tigers had another busy and enjoyable week:

  Making clay bees with Angie from the Arts Society, Ashtead.

 Comparing a cold country, Norway with a hot country, Mahli.

 Investigating the question, 'Do all foods melt when heated?'

 Multiplying and dividing using the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Next week is BOOK WEEK and we look forward to seeing everyone dressed as an animal on Monday. Please bring an animal fact to school as we will be making a factual leaflet.

1st February 2019

What a busy and enjoyable week we have had in Tigers. smiley

Mrs Ball loved her flowers and card and has sent a message
to Tigers.

We have finished our stories based on a Pete Rumsey painting and editied a part that we thought could be improved.

We have been subtracting two digit numbers from two digit numbers. You could ask your child to show you how to use jottings to work out the following sum:     54 - 27 =     Bring the answer into school to show us.

We have also learnt some new singing games, played the glockenspiels, designed a bee in readiness for our clay workshop, looked at physical features using an atlas and practised some punctuation using speech.

latest News Jan 25th
Tigers continue to impress us with their hard work and excellent behaviour. Mrs Penny and Mrs Leyland are enjoying teaching the class and we are pleased to report that Mrs Ball is now at home recovering from her op.

This week our maths focus has been ‘addition’ using different strategies as follows:
23 + 26 = 49                               23 + 26 = 49
20 + 20 = 40                                                    ll ... + ll ……
  3 +   6  =  9                                                    ( l represents 10 and . represents units)
Next week we focus on subtraction
 We continue our art project, viewing and drawing Peter Rumney paintings. Our stories about the painting are developing well and Tigers have completed their introduction. Next week we develop these further by adding a middle and end to our stories.
Our Science investigation concluded that the best place to keep ice is in the freezer. The ice cube outside also remained as a solid cube because we had a very cold day. We enjoyed observing the ice cube on the radiator, which melted very quickly.
In computing, we had fun programing an object to move to specific places. For example, a rocket was programmed to visit two planets and  a car was programmed to visit two places on a road map.

Message from Mrs Penny and Mrs Leyland
Dear Parents and Children,
We have had a terrific week with Tigers. We are so impressed with the way Tigers learn and behave.
The Road Safety Magic Show was a great success with our children having fun whilst learning some very important messages about keeping safe by the roads.
In maths tigers have been finding 1/3 or 2/3 of the following ammounts- 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, up to 75!
We studied a poem called, ' Weather at Work' by, Jenny Morris and created our own similar poem using a variety of adjectives.
Next week we will be investigating how ice melts under different conditions.
We will be using the laptops to program a moveable toy and looking at how we can correct any errors. This is called, 'debugging'. 
We all miss Mrs Ball and wish her well as she recovers from her op x

4th January 2019
Welcome back to school everyone. First of all we would like to thank you for all the wonderful cards and gifts we recieved for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the festivities with your families.

This week we have been writing a recount about our favourite part of the Christmas holiday. We are trying to start sentences in different ways and incluede plenty of detail. We are also checking our own sentences and correcting punctuation and spelling where necessary.

In maths we have continued learning about statistics. We have asked and answered questions about data. Today we found out how many people in Tigers have five letters in their first name. We represented this data in a tally chart and then created a graph.

We will be bringing home our terrific tiger calendars today. We used soft pastels to create the fur effect and to show the form of the tiger's face.

Next week our topic will be weather. In science we will be recording the weather to answer a question. In art we wil be looking at how famous artists have represented the weather in their paintings. In English we will be keeping a weather diary each day and focusing on extending sentences using subordination and coordination.

16th December 2018
As we move into the last week before Christmas, it is really encouraging to see how independent Tigers are becoming. They really are a great class.

In Maths last week we estimated and measured in centimetres. We also measured arm spans and compared them with our friends.

In English we created our own Christmas poems with lots od description. We aim to hear the last few people perform their poems next week.

In dance we learnt a hip hop dance and we all agreed that it needed lots of energy to keep going. In PE we played leaping salmon and bench ball. Both games allowed us to improve our sending and catching skills.

We have now learnt the note G on the recorder and we are extending our repertoire of tunes.

I hope you were impressed with the Christmas cakes we made. They looked so professional and appetising and the children were really proud of them.

On Tuesday we will be performing our Christmas concert for you at St Georges Church. It is looking good and everyone seems confident.

Party clothes for Wednesday , but please remember the children need practical shoes and coats.

Thank you


7th December 2018
This week in English we wrote character profiles for the Little Twit we painted last week. Soon these pieces will form a new display in the classroom as we are very proud of our learning.

In maths, we have been learning the value of the coins in our currency and making amounts. We have also been solving problems and reasoning about money. We are getting better at using £ and p when recording amounts. If possible, it would be good to practice handling coins and making amounts at home too. 

We have now learnt all of the songs for the Christmas concert and will be having a rehearsal next week. It sounds amazing! We played recorder to Mrs Skogstad on Thursday afternoon and she was really impressed with the progress in our playing. We also played the glockenspiels to one of our recorder tunes which was good fun.

In DT we have all made a mini Christmas cake and next week we will be decorating it to our chosen design. We have also used Word to create a gift tag for them.

In geography we have continued our learning about human and physical features of countries in the UK. This time we used phographs of features and sorted them.

In P.E. we used our ball skills to complete a variety of relay races. It was great fun! In dance we used our imagination to create a dance using a hula hoop as a prop. We developed a story to tell with our bodies and to reflect the music. We then performed our dances so that the rest of the class could comment on the skills they saw. It is lovely to see how individual our ideas can be.

Enjoy your weekend.

30th November 2018
There is definitely an air of excitement about the first day of advent tomorrow.
We had a great time designing and making Christmas decorations on Wednesday. A huge thank you to all of those who were able to help. The children loved it.

In Maths we have been learning how to partition to subtract and revising how to add using a range of strategies. 

In English we have been reading the wonderful character descriptions written by Roald Dahl. We also finished our class reader (Matilda). Next week we will continue reading The Twits, which we started reading yesterday. 

In art we painted a picture of a new character for The Twits called Little Twit.  I look forward to reading the character descriptions that will accompany the pictures.

In geography we have been identifying physical and human features of the UK. We will continue with this learning next week.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you at the Christmas Fair on Sunday.
I hope you all have a great weekend.


23rd November 2018
This week we have been carrying out investigations for our science topic of 'Materials and their uses'. We looked at how materials change when we squash, stretch, twist and bend them. We also investigated the best paper for mopping up a spillage. This was great fun and the children were interested in watching the water being absorbed.  Our English sessions were used to write about the investigations and what we had found out. when writing,we are focusing on improving the content and the neatness of our writing so that there is more detail for the reader.  

In maths this week, we have been revising and finding out more about measuring mass. We have concentrted on using balance scales this week and ordering objects depending on their mass. 

In Geography we have been looking at the physical and human features of countries in the UK. We recorded these using the same symbols found in the map's key.

In dance we have been developing our partner work and representing different characteristics of animals. There were some really good ideas. WE will be working on this more next week.

In the classroom we have some amazing crowns! They have been made with lots of determination to make secure joins between the elements we chose to use. Very successful co-operation seen from all. Well done!

On Thursday we had a visit from Mrs Davies who came to say thank to the children and parents from Orchids for the lovely wedding gift you gave her. I have included the postcard that the children read below so that you can read it too.

In computing this week we finished our documents about Queen Elizabeth 1 and printed them. We also researched nylon and answered questions to show our understanding.

I hope you have a very enjoyable weekend and please keep bringing in the toilet roll tubes for DT day on Wednesday. There is still room for helpers in some of the sessions, if you would like to help.


!6th November 2018
It has been a very busy and enjoyable week in Tigers. 
To begin with we were sorting different materials and discussing the criteria for our sorting. We then thought about the properties of materials and why some materials are better than others for making specific objects. We also looked at natural and man-made fabrics and even did some weaving to show how some fabrics are made. Next week we will be planning and carrying out an investigation. 

In maths we have been revising, ordering and learning more about intervals of time. Lots of confident recognition of the quarter hours and that ncludes being able to draw the time on an analogue clock. 
I love the picture that Oliver drew showing Tigers using the clocks in the carpet session.


With our Learning Partners we have designed a royal crown. Next week are going to make them and see wether or not our designs work. There a lots of very creative ideas.

In Computing we are developing our editing skills using Word. We have been typing text about Queen Elizabeth and changing the font, size and colour of the text.

We thouroughly enjoyed the Djembe drumming workshop on Wednesday morning. Steven the drummer said that he was very impressed at how well we played. We were impressed with Steven's playing too. 

Our recorder playing is coming along nicely and today we thought about the pitch of notes. We also used bells and ordered them from highest to lowest pitch. We played two new songs today and they both sounded great. Mrs Penny said she thought we were listening to a CD because it sounded so good.

It was so colourful in school today with all of the odd socks. In the classroom we have been adding comments to our kindness box all week. When someone has been kind to us or others we wrote it down to share with the class. We have also designed a pair of socks that tell people about us. We included the things that are important to us or the things we like. Have a look at some of the pictures on Tigers photo page.

I hope you have a happy and restful weekend.

9th November 2018
We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Queen Elizabeth I in history. We started the week by looking at a painting called Armada Portrait. We wanted to find out more so we thought of some questions to ask and wrote them using the correct punctuation.
We also completed a comprehension activity and found out some really interesting details about Queen Elizabeth's life.

In Art, we skillfully used oil pastels to draw a picture of Queen Elizabeth I and took time to look at each others work. We were then able to think about our own pictures and evaluate the way we used the pastels.

In Maths we have been finding fractions of amounts, using practical apparatus and jottings. We have also learnt about turns in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. We used the Beebot's to help us think about quarter, half and three quarter turns. 

In PE we played games so that we could practise our sending and recieving skills. We learnt that stillness can be part of dance and used a repeating sequence of moves at different heights to represent the music. We enjoyed watching each others dances and giving positive feedback.

We used the laptops in computing this week. We created a new document, found a picture of Queen Elizabeth I on the internet and saved it. We then inserted the saved picture into our document and edited the frame for style and colour. Next week we will add text.

I enjoyed meeting you at Parent consultations this week. You have amazing children and they are learning well. Many of you asked about the way we teach maths in Year 2, so this is a reminder that on Tuesday 20th of November there is a maths workshop at 7.30pm in the school hall. You are welcome to come and find out.  

Dont forget about Education City. There are lots of great activities for practising maths, English and science skills. Some of you asked about learning number bonds, well there is an activity called 'Secret Sums' that may help.

I hope you have a great weekend.

19th October 2018
Our first half term has come to an end and I must say how much I have enjoyed getting to know Tigers. We have learnt many new things and had lots of fun. I think you will agree that out Harvest celebration was expertly performed and we are really proud of all the year twos.

This week we have written our own story in the style of Oliver Jeffers. We read the story Stuck and thought about all of
the things our characters could throw into the tree. Lots of the children are using expanded noun phrases in their writing which is brilliant.

In Maths we have been revising 2D and 3D shapes. We sorted shapes on a Carroll diagram and for symmetry. We also made 3D shapes with learning partners.

In Science  we matched adult and young animals and wrote about the similarities and differences.

There is a homework section on Education City where the children can revise some of this half terms learning.

I hope you enjoy completeing the half term challenge and that you have a happy and relaxing half term.

12 th October 2018
Another busy, but enjoyable week in Tigers.

In English we found out about Oliver Jeffers and have written letters to him. We tried hard to make our writing the best it has ever been. We will send the letters to Oliver and hope that he replies.

In Maths we started learning about multiplication. We used cubes to make 'groups' or 'lots of' and have written a number sentence for each problem. We have also drawn arrays to work out multiplication problems.

In Geography we used an atlas to locate the continents and oceans of the world. We also learnt a song to help us remember the names of the oceans.

In PE we played some Tag rugby games. This was a taster of the PE we will be doing in Spring. Lots of excellent dodging and use of space.  We also finished learning Durham Reel in dance and watched each set perform. We all agreed that country dancing helps to keep us fit.

There were lots of visitors to the school on Thursday's open afternoon and the children were brilliant at showing them around. We were really proud of them all.

One week to go before half term and don't forget Harvest celebration on Friday morning.
Keep learning those words narrators.


5Th October 2018
It seems amazing that we are still able to play on the field in October.
The children are really enjoying their playtimes and getting plenty of exercise.

In English this week we have been writing out 'Keeping Healthy' booklets and learning that a balanced diet, exercise and healthy drinks will help keep us in tip-top condition. We learnt about the different food groups and how we need all of them in the right amount to help us grow.
In our writing we have been using subordination in our sentences by extending them with the words because, if, when and so.
Next week we are learning about the author Oliver Jeffers and look forward to reading lots of his books.

In DT, we enjoyed designing and making pizza. There was great excitement at the thought of eating them too. 

In Maths, we have been subtracting ones and tens from 2 and 3-digit numbers. We used jottings to help us calculate and have even learnt how to borrow tens. Next week we move onto multiplication with the emphasis continuing on using apparatus and jottings.

This week in dance, we started learning The Durham Reel and look forward to completing the dance next week.

To all those going to Beaver campfire, I hope you have a safe happy time and enjoy the toasted marshmallows.

Whatever you are doing this week I hope you have a great time.


28th September 2018
What a great week!
Tigers are such a caring and considerate class. We have worked in Learning Partners quite a lot this week and it has been a pleasure to see how much they cooperate.smiley

In English we have continued writing about Florence Nightingale. We needed to imagine ourselves as Florence and write a letter home to Pathenope, Sydney Herbert or her parents. The children are learning to put greater detail into the sentences they write by adding expanded noun phrases. 

In maths we have been adding two-digit numbers using number facts and jottings. We also added two-digit numbers and ones. When asked, most of the children felt that their understanding has improved this week. 

In DT we made lamps just like the one Florence Nightingale used in Scutari hospital. We had to look at a finished lamp and work out what we needed to do, in order to get the same result. Our amazing lamps are now on display on the classroom wall along with our booklets.

We continue to make progress in learning to play the recorder and have built quite a repertiore considering we only play one note at the moment.

In dance we learnt the country dance ' Circassian Circle'. We split into two groups and watched each other so that we could evaluate and revise our performance.

Next week are focusing more on subtraction. Again we will be using practical apparatus and jottings to become familiar with the place value of numbers. We will also be using our science topic as the writing focus. More about that next week.

Have a great weekend.

14th September 2018
This week, we have been learning the new routines for Year 2 and managing really well.
In English, we have been reading about Little Rabbit Foo Foo and rewriting the story in our own words. With their learning partner, the children thought of adjectives to use in their writing. We have also been learning about different types of sentences and the appropriate punctuation for each.

We started reading 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl for our class reader. 

In Maths we continued learning about place value and using jottings to represent Dienes rods in our books. We also investigated how many two and three-digit numbers we could from a given number. We then ordered them. 

In Art, we have been sketching self portraits and comparing them to those we drew at the beginning of Year One. We saw lots of development in ability and observation.

In Science we got stranded on a desert island and had to think about the things we wanted and the things we needed to survive. You will be pleased to know that mummies and daddies were mentioned quite a lot.

Next week we start learnikng about Florence Nightingale and why we remember her.
I hope you have a great weekend.


First days in Year 2
We have had two grrrrreat days settling into Tigers.
In English the children have been writing a recount of their favourite part of the summer.

In Maths we have been thinking about number and place value. We also learnt how to set out our numbers correctly.
It was lovely to see such confident swimmers in the pool today. It was such good weather and a real treat for the first week back at school.
We have been learning about growing our brains and the need for challenging learning. We watched the Growth mindset dojo videos on Youtube if you would like to have a look.
Next week we are developing our understanding of place value and retelling a popular story. We will also be listening to the children read individually.

Have a great weekend!