Reception - Yellow Class
Mrs Clements, Mrs Tiley

Week 4
This week the children at school have been very excited to learn about Space! We have an inflatable solar system in the classroom to help us learn about the planets. To start our week the children use soft pasels to draw pictures of their ideas about what it might look like in space. We went on to find out about the moon after reading our focus story of the week 'Whatever Next!'.

Whatever Next!: Murphy, Jill: BooksIn Literacy this week we have retold the story of 'Whatever Next!' using our phonic knowledge to help us. We had to think carefully about the main events in the story and the order they happened in to help us. The children were beginning to use some of the story language in the book in their own writing too! 

Library of addition math png freeuse download png files ...In Maths this week we have revisited addition, solving problems linked to 'Whatever next!' and using space pictures to complete addition number sentences. 

Next week we will be continuing our Space topic, finding out about astronauts and aliens! 

Thank you to the children who have been continuing their learning at home for emailing in their learning, you're doing a great job! 

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine. Have a lovely weekend

Week 3
Minibeast PNG and Minibeast Transparent Clipart Free Download ...We have continued our mini-beasts topic this week. The children have really enjoyed writing their own clues about a chosen mini-beast for everyone to guess. Thank you to the children who are continuing their learning at home for emailing in their clues, we loved trying to guess them at school!

In Phonics we have been continuing to develop our blending skills to answer yes/no questions. I’ve been really impressed with how well the children’s phonics skills have been maintained and developed during the period the school was closed.

In Maths this week we have revisited time and investigated different ways of measuring how long it takes to complete activities. There have been some great ideas including: counting, jumping, singing and using a stopwatch. At school we found that using a stopwatch was the best way to time how long our challenges took.

Free Space Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...Next week we will be starting our ‘Space’ topic.

Home learning reminder- If your child is attending school, Tasks 1 and 2 for both Literacy and Maths will be completed at school so these do not need to be completed at home. The optional extras are additional activities for everyone and will not be covered at school.

Week 2
Minibeast PNG and Minibeast Transparent Clipart Free Download ...Another busy week in school this week. We have continued our mini-beast topic as part of ‘Our wonderful world’ topic for this half term. We explored different ways to move like mini-beasts in our spaces. We have loved finding out about bees and writing the facts we had found out. Thank you to those who have emailed their fact writing to me this week.

In Maths we have been sharing between 2 and 3, finding out how to share numbers that won’t share fairly between these. If we didn’t have enough for another bug for each leaf we left the bugs to the side. Great sharing from those of you learning at home too.
This makes me feel happy | Happy smiley face, Smiley, Animated ...We have also been thinking about things that make us feel happy, it was lovely to hear everyone’s happy times. These included: playing with mummy’s and daddy’s, coming to school, playing with our friends and hugging our family.

Next week will be our final week learning about mini-beasts before we move on to find out about ‘Space’.
Have a lovely weekend.

Our first week back at school
It has been lovely to see lots of happy faces back in Yellow Class this week. We have been busy learning the new things we have to try our best to remember at school. These include:
  1. Singing happy birthday twice when we wash our hands, remembering to throw the paper towel in the bin once we have dried our hands
  2. Keeping our distance from each other in the classroom and when we are playing outside
  3. Sneezing or coughing into a tissue or our elbow, putting the tissue in our tissue bin and washing our hands after
  4. Trying our hardest not to touch our faces
  5. Only using the resources in the basket on our table in the classroom
There have been lots of new ways of doing things at school. I’m so incredibly proud of those of you who have been in school this week.

A BIG well done to those who are continuing their learning at home, I have really enjoyed seeing the learning you have been emailing me. It sounds like you have been doing lots of lovely things from the holiday news writing you have sent. I'm very proud of how busy you have been with your learning at home!

Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Clements & Mrs Tiley

Hello Everyone, 

Thank you for sending me photos of your bin lorries, I have loved seeing the 3D shapes you used for them. You have had some very inventive ideas. 
Each week I will be asking for one Literacy and one Maths piece of work to be emailed to me.

I have emailed out all of Yellow Class Records of Achievement, thank you to those of you who have replied to confirm you have received these. I'm so very proud of all of the children this year!

I look forward to seeing your learning this week.

Mrs Clements

Story time
Hello everybody, 
I hope you had a lovely Easter Break. I've recorded the story 'Supertato' for you to watch at home, find it by clicking on this link.
As our topic this half term is 'People who help us', Supertato helps the veggies, can you think of any other superheroes and how they help others? 


3rd April
Transparent Email Clipart - Email Icon Transparent Background, HD ...Thank you for the emails of the children's letters this week. I have loved recieving them and finding out what they have been up to. Lots of you have been very busy. If you have not yet sent it to me and would like to, please send it to the yellow class email address and I will send a reply. 
Easter Images ClipartNext week is the first week of the Easter break, during this time homelearning will not be set, however, please feel free to do lots of crafts, baking and using the online resources such as education city. 
Oxford Owl for School and HomeIf you would like more reading material appropriate for your child's level, please use the free e-books on Oxford Owl where there are hundreds of books to look at. Here is the link:
Thank you for all of your support with your child's learning at home so far. Please be kind to yourselves during this time. 

27th March-Hello!

I hope you have all been having lots of fun this week learning at home and have been able to go out in your gardens to enjoy the sunshine. I have been able to get a little bit of gardening done and been busy spotting lots of signs of Spring! How many signs of Spring did you spot? 

I have emailed the children's targets that were going to be shared at parent consultations, so please check you have recieved these. 

I hope you are all keeping safe, well and happy. 

Mrs Clements

23rd March
Hello all! We would like to suggest some games on Education City that might help you with your learning in phonics this week.
In phonics the children are learning to read and write CVCC words (consonant vowel consonant consonant e.g. lamp, nest). Two games you might find useful are ‘Think Chimp’ and ‘Damp Tent’. You can find them by putting the game names in the search bar.
Our Maths topic is length. There is a game called ‘Classy Objects’, where the children need to order objects by length.
  Please also have a look at ‘Oxford Owl for Home’. They have free, tablet-friendly e-books and other games and activities.
Any questions, please ask.
Reception Team

Our learning this week (wb16.03.20)
Image result for healthy eating clipartOur topic this week has been ‘healthy eating’, we have been thinking about our favourite healthy snacks and making healthy choices. We have designed our own healthy meals and made a list of the foods included in the them. We also read the story ‘Carrot club’ as part of circle time this week, thinking about how everyone is fun, cool and the importance of including everyone.

In Phonics this week we have been revising the digraph sounds and using this knowledge to read and write words, captions and questions. I’ve been so impressed with how confidently the children use this knowledge to help them in these activities.

Image result for o'clockIn Maths this week we have been learning about time and o’clock. We started the week by looking at the features of a clock and making our own. We have used mini clocks to make o’clock times and even had a go at solving ‘one hour later’ problems today!

Next week we will be learning about signs of spring, length and using our phonic knowledge to write words made up with 4 sounds.

As you are aware, we will be adding home learning ideas onto the website each day from Monday. We have included a phoneme sound mat in all of the packs which we would like the children to be encouraged to use in some of the tasks we set.
Please keep safe and well during this time.
Mrs Clements & Mrs Tiley

Our learning this week (wb 9.03.20) SCIENCE WEEK
Image result for SCIENCE WEEK clipart
We have had a wonderful science week this week! We have been busy learning lots of new things.

Image result for plant with roots clipartAt the beginning of science week we learnt about roots and how plants need them to get water and stay in the soil without being blown over. We dug up a weed and had a really carefully look at the roots.
Image result for rainbow clipartWe were rainbow collectors on Tuesday after learning about what happens for us to see rainbows. We explored the field with our learning partners to collect lots of natural things that matched the colours in the rainbow. We stuck these onto paper plates.
Image result for iceWe have also learnt about ice and that it is frozen water.
We had ice in the tuff spot outside to explore how to make it melt.
Image result for magnetTo finish science week we became magnet explorers! We used our magnets to look for objects outside that they would stick to. We found out that all of the things we found were made of metal!

In Phonics this week we have learnt the trigraph sounds ‘air’ and ‘ear’. For these sounds we have used the games on education city as well as developing our segmenting skills for spelling and blending skills for reading. How many ear or air words can you think of at home?

Image result for subtraction clipartIn Maths this week we have been developing our understanding of subtraction. We have been busy solving problems by taking away from a set and counting how many we have left. We have begun to learn how to record these as number sentences using the symbols – and =.

Image result for healthy eating clipartNext week we will be learning about ‘healthy eating’. How many healthy choices can you make over the weekend?

Our learning this week (wb 02.03.20)
Image result for cress headWhat a busy week it has been in Yellow class! We have continued with our ‘Green fingers’ topic and have been looking at seeds growing into plants. On Monday, we made our own cress heads and have been busy watching how the seeds have begun to grow. We will be bringing these home next week. Having made these we looked at writing instructions to tell others how they could make their own. We went through all of the steps and used our sounds to help us.

In Phonics this week we introduced the trigraph ‘igh’. A trigraph is 3 letters that make one sound. We have been writing and reading words using the ‘igh’ sound. We have also been singing the alphabet song and learning to think the names to the letters.

In Maths this week we have continued with addition, solving problems and learning how to record these as number sentences. Our problems have been based on growing, for example, ‘how many flowers have grown altogether in both of my plant pots?’.

Image result for world book day clipart
World Book Day was a huge success on Thursday. Thank you to all of your hard work to send your children in in such fantastic costumes. Some characters in Yellow class included: Mary Poppins, The Gruffalo, Betty the Scarecrow from ‘The Scarecrows wedding’ and many more! For our star learner activity we had to draw a selfie of ourselves as our character and write who we had come dressed as. We had the challenge to find out how many books we could read in a day based on this years theme of ‘share a million stories’. We managed to read 135 in Yellow class. Book day vouchers were send home in bookbags.

Next week is Science Week, lots of our learning will be outside and we have lots of exciting activities planned. Please remember to bring wellies and waterproof coats.