Reception - Yellow Class
Mrs Clements, Mrs Tiley

Our learning this week (wb 13.01.20)
Image result for wild animal clipartThis week we have continued our ‘Amazing animals’ topic. We have focused on wild animals. We have been finding out about tigers, lions, giraffes and ostriches. We have used information books and the internet to find out about these animals and some amazing facts! We have also read the story ‘Dear Zoo’ and found out about zoos and how animals are looked after. We watched a clip from Colchester zoo and how their Rhino Otto was transported back to the zoo after visiting another zoo for a little while. We also learnt about the role of a zoo keeper.
Image result for chocolate clipartIn Phonics this week we have learnt the digraph sounds ‘ch’ ‘ng’ and ‘th’ (hard and soft sounds). For ‘ch’ we tasted different types of chocolate and evaluated them. We have been really practising our segmenting for spelling skills and our blending for reading skills using these sounds.
Image result for 3d shapes clipartIn Maths this week we have been learning about solid (3D) shapes. We started the week by sorting flat and solid shapes. We have learnt the names of cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cone and pyramid. Once we learnt the names of these shapes we looked for them in the classroom as everyday objects. We have also sorted them to our own criteria e.g. ones that roll and ones that don’t.
Image result for grant koperWednesday was very exciting as we had a visit from Author Grant Koper. Before he visited we thought about some questions we could ask him to find out about being an author. Some of the questions we thought of were:
“How do you write books?” George
“Why do you want to write books?” Anya
“Have you done a book about dinosaurs?” James
He read his book ‘The day Granny’s knickers blew away’. The children loved listening to the expression and enthusiasm when reading his book.

Image result for cube with question marksNext week we will be introducing our ‘curiosity cube’. What will be in it? The children will be given the week to carefully look at it the objects in the cube and why there are there, what they are used for, who uses them.

Happy new year
Happy New Year to you all! It’s been lovely to hear the children’s exciting holiday news and how they spent their time over the Christmas period. They have been busy writing their holiday news, I’ve been so impressed with how well they have used their phonic knowledge to help write their sentences.

In Phonics this week we have learnt the sounds ll, zz, ff, zz. We have used these sounds in a variety of ways, for example, reading yes/no questions and writing captions. Next week we will be continuing to learn more digraph sounds.

Image result for 5 clipartIn Maths this week we have been exploring addition and finding ways of making 5. To do this we have used a range of resources and strategies. For example, making towers of 5 using 2 different coloured cubes, throwing beanbags into a hoop and sharing bears between hoops. During all of these activities we have been explaining how we made 5 and are beginning to use some of the vocabulary linked to addition.

Image result for bear clipartWe have started our ‘Amazing animals’ topic for this half term. This week we have been learning all about bears. Bears we have found out about are: brown bears, pandas and black bears. We have used the internet to find out interesting facts. Did you know baby pandas are pink? Next week our topic will take us to the Savannah!

Happy Christmas!
Image result for hanukkah clipartThis week we have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. The children have listenmed to the story and how families celebrate at this time of year. 

Image result for reindeer and santa clipartWell done to all of the children for being super reindeers and Santas at our Christmas performances this week. You sang and danced so well! 

In Phonics we have been using all of the sounds and words we have learnt this year to continue to develop our reading and writing skills. 

In Maths we have begun to explore sharing sets fairly between 2. Kipper and Biff have had different sets of presents to share, the children have helped to make sure they had the same number each and investigated what to do if we hadn't shared them out fairly. 

Image result for thank you clipartWe would like to say a great big THANK YOU for our Christmas gifts, it is very kind of you all. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break and get to spend time as family making lots of lovely memories. 

Happy Christmas and have a great New year,

Mrs Clements & Mrs Tiley