Welcome to the Reception home learning page. We will be uploading Maths and English learning by 9:30am every day. This will either be a worksheet that you can download and print or a suggestion of work to complete in your exercise book in your folder. If parents have a question about the work, they may contact the teacher by email at:
Mrs Davies is now on maternity leave until Feb 2021. If green class parents have any questions about the learning tasks our experienced support assistants, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Tiley will respond.

Title Description: Last updated:
2_syllable_jigsaw.pdfWednesday 29th April 2 syllable word puzzle 29-04-2020 09:45
3D_Shape_Properties_Vocabulary.pdfMaths 3D shape properties vocabulary mat 13-05-2020 09:36
Everyday_3D_shapes.pdfMonday 11th May Maths 3D shape powerpoint. Part 1 of todays Maths task 11-05-2020 09:38
Friday_15th_May_2020_Maths_3D_shape_feely_bag.pdfFriday 15th May Maths 3D shape feely bag 15-05-2020 09:39
Friday_15th_May_Handwriting_one_armed_robot_letters.pdfFriday 15th May Handwriting 15-05-2020 09:39
Friday_1st_May_-_Pyjamarama_Day.pdfFriday 1st May-Book Trust Pyjamarama Day Choose some of the activities from the activities scheduled for the day. Have fun! 01-05-2020 09:32
Friday_1st_May_2020-Phonics_writing_2_syllable_words.pdfFriday 1st May Phonics-Writing 2 syllable words 01-05-2020 09:58
Friday_1st_May_2020_-_How_much_in_jar.pdfFriday 1st May Maths-How much in the jar? Choose one of the activities 01-05-2020 09:56
Friday_22nd_May_2020_Maths_Halving_problem_solving.pdfFriday 22nd May Maths halving problem solving 22-05-2020 08:54
Friday_22nd_May_Handwriting_Curly_caterpillar_letter_formation.pdfFriday 22nd May Handwriting curly caterpillar letters 22-05-2020 08:54
Friday_24th_April_Literacy-_Retell_the_story_of_St_George_and_the_dragon.pdfFriday 24th April Literacy- Retell the story of St George and the dragon 24-04-2020 09:47
Friday_24th_Maths-repeating_2D_shape_patterns.pdfFriday 24th April Maths- Continue the 2D shape repeating patterns 24-04-2020 09:48
Friday_8th_May_2020_Maths_doubles_education_city.pdfFriday 8th May Maths- Doubles Education city 08-05-2020 09:28
Friday_8th_May_2020_Reading_den.pdfFriday 8th May Literacy-Make a reading den 08-05-2020 09:29
Italian_Cooking.pdfWeek 8 Around the World-Italy Cook an Italian meal for your family 17-07-2020 12:36
Jack_and_the_Flum_Flum_Tree.pdfMrs Morris reads a Story 28-04-2020 13:27
Monday_11th_May_2020_Maths_Everyday_3D_shapes_detectives.pdfMonday 11th May Maths- 3D shape detectives 11-05-2020 09:38
Monday_11th_May_Phonics_Segmenting_digraph_words.pdfMonday 11th May Phonics- Segmenting digraph words to match pictures 11-05-2020 09:38
Monday_18th_May_2020_Maths_Introduction_to_Halving.pdfMonday 18th May Maths Introduction to halving 18-05-2020 08:58
Monday_18th_May_Phonics_Segmenting_trigraph_words.pdfMonday 18th May Phonics Segment the trigraph words to match the pictures 18-05-2020 08:59
Monday_20th_April-_Maths_2D_shape_detectives.docxMonday Maths 2D Shape detectives, what shapes can you find around your house? 20-04-2020 09:30
Monday_20th_April_Phonics-Yes_no_questions.docxMonday 20th Phonics Read and answer yes/no questions 20-04-2020 09:30
Monday_27th_April_Literacy-Emergency_Machines_writing.pdfMonday 27th April Literacy-Emergency vehicle fact writing 27-04-2020 09:25
Monday_27th_April_Maths-_Money__coin_sorting.pdfMonday 27th April Maths-Sorting money 27-04-2020 09:25
Monday_4th_May_2020_Literacy_Weekend_news_writing.pdfMonday 4th May Literacy- Write about your weekend news. 04-05-2020 09:18
Monday_4th_May_2020_Maths_Doubles.pdfMonday 4th May Maths Doubles 04-05-2020 18:18
Mrs_Clements_reads_Supertato_veggies_assemble.pdfMrs Clements reads Supertato Veggies Assemble 07-05-2020 12:38
Mrs_Morris_-_Reads_The_Crocodile_Who_Didn_t_Like_Water.pdf 07-05-2020 11:42
Pedros_Pizza_Parlour_Finding_Half_PowerPoint.pdfTuesday 19th May 2020 Maths-Pedros Pizza Parlour Use this first before completing the maths activity for today 19-05-2020 09:11
Reception-_Mini-beasts_topic_web_Summer_2.pdfSuggested activities covering areas in the EYFS curriculum linked to our new topic of 'Mini-beasts' as part of 'Our Wonderful World' 31-05-2020 14:47
Reception-_People_Who_Help_Us_Topic_Web.docxSuggestion of activities linked to our topic 'People Who Help Us' this half term 20-04-2020 09:29
Reception_Summer_2_Learning_PLEASE_READ.pdfPLEASE READ Information about our learning for this half term 31-05-2020 14:53
St_Georges_Day_Story.pdfThursday 23rd April- Story of St George and the Dragon for Literacy task 23-04-2020 09:51
Supertato_Read_by_Mrs_Clements.pdf 21-04-2020 13:16
T-T-4903-The-Police-and-what-they-do-Powerpoint.pdfThursday 30th April You may wish to look at this PowerPoint to find out about the role of the police. 30-04-2020 09:34
The_Very_Hungry_Caterpillar_by_Eric_Carledocx.pdfStory time Mrs Gregory Reads 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' 31-05-2020 14:48
Thursday_14th_May_2020_Maths_what_shape_am_I.pdfThursday 14th May Maths-What shape am I? 14-05-2020 09:46
Thursday_14th_May_2020_Phonics_segmenting_sentences.pdfThursday 14th May Phonics- Segmenting sentences 14-05-2020 09:46
Thursday_21st_May_2020_Maths_Halving_numbers.pdfThursday 21st May Maths Finding half of a number 21-05-2020 09:08
Thursday_21st_May_2020_Phonics_Segmenting_trigraph_sentences.pdfThursday 21st May Phonics segmenting trigraph sentences 21-05-2020 09:08
Thursday_23rd_April-_Literacy_the_story_of_St_George.pdfThursday 23rd- Literacy- Read the story of St George and the Dragon 23-04-2020 09:50
Thursday_23rd_April-_Maths_repeating_patterns.pdfThursday 23rd Maths Repeating patterns 23-04-2020 09:50
Thursday_30th_April_2020-Teddy_words.pdfThursday 30th April New Teddy Words 30-04-2020 09:32
Thursday_30th_April_2020_Maths_Education_City.pdfThursday 30th April Maths- Education city money games 30-04-2020 09:31
Thursday_7th_May_2020_Maths_ladybird_doubles.pdfThursday 7th May Maths- Ladybird doubles 07-05-2020 09:17
Thursday_7th_May_2020_Phonics.pdfThursday 7th April Phonics- Read the sentences and match the digraph word to the correct picture 07-05-2020 09:16
Tuesday_12th_May_2020_Teddy_words.pdfTuesday 12th May New teddy words 12-05-2020 09:33
Tuesday_12th_May_Maths_3d_everyday_objects_shape_sorting.pdfTuesday 12th May Maths-Sorting everyday objects by their 3D shape 12-05-2020 09:33
Tuesday_19th_May_2020_Maths_Pizza_Parlour.pdfTuesday 19th May Halving Pizzas 19-05-2020 09:11
Tuesday_19th_May_2020_Phonics_blending_trigraph_words.pdfTuesday 19th May Phonics- Blending trigraph words 19-05-2020 09:12
Tuesday_21st_April-Maths.pdfTuesday 21st April-Maths Education City 21-04-2020 09:45
Tuesday_21st_April_New_Teddy_Words.pdfTuesday 21st April-New Teddy Words 21-04-2020 09:44
Tuesday_28th_April_2020_Phonics_Syllables.pdfTuesday 28th April-Phonics Syllables 28-04-2020 09:13
Tuesday_28th_April_Maths_Matching_coin_values.pdfTuesday 28th April Maths-Matching coin values 28-04-2020 09:13
Tuesday_5th_May_2020_Maths-_Using_our_doubles_machines_to_find_doubles.pdfTuesday 5th May Maths- Using our doubles machine to solve problems 05-05-2020 09:28
Tuesday_5th_May_2020_New_Teddy_words_rainbow_writing.pdfTuesday 5th May Teddy Words- rainbow write our new words for this week 05-05-2020 09:30
Wednesday_13th_May_2020_Literacy_Jobs_in_the_community.pdfWednesday 13th May Literacy- Write about one of the roles of people in the community who help us 13-05-2020 09:37
Wednesday_13th_May_2020_Maths_EAD_bin_lorry_designs.pdfWednesday 13th May Maths- Make a bin lorry using recycled materials, what 3D shapes have you used? 13-05-2020 09:36
Wednesday_20th_May_2020_Loose_parts_challenge.pdfWednesday 20th May Loose parts Create a 'thank you' picture using loose parts 20-05-2020 09:02
Wednesday_22nd_April-_Maths_Think_of_a_shape.pdfWednesday 22nd April- Maths Work out the 2D shape from the description 22-04-2020 09:12
Wednesday_22nd_April_Phonics.pdfWednesday 22nd April-Phonics. Writing captions to match pictures 22-04-2020 09:13
Wednesday_29th_April_2020-Phonics_read_and_match_2_syllable_words.pdfWednesday 29th April- Phonics Read the 2 syllable words and match to the correct picture 29-04-2020 09:44
Wednesday_29th_April_2020_Maths_shop.pdfWednesday 29th April- Maths Set up your own shop 29-04-2020 09:43
Wednesday_6th_May_2020_Maths_Doubles_using_tens_frames.pdfWednesday 6th May Maths-Doubles using tens frames 06-05-2020 09:38
Week_1_Literacy_and_Maths_Optional_Extras.pdfAddition Literacy and Maths activities you may wish to complete in addition to the Literacy and Maths tasks for this week 31-05-2020 14:49
Week_1_Literacy_Task_1-Holiday_News.pdfLiteracy Task 1- Write about your holiday news 31-05-2020 14:51
Week_1_Literacy_Task_2-_New_Teddy_Words.pdfLiteracy Task 2- Rainbow write our new teddy words for this week 31-05-2020 14:50
Week_1_Literacy_Task_3-_Phonics_Buried_Treasure.pdfLiteracy Task 3-Phonics Buried Treasure, use your blending skills to read the words, decide if they are real of made up 31-05-2020 14:50
Week_1_Maths_Task_1-Teen_Number_Bingo.pdfMaths Task 1- Play teen number bingo to help recognise these numbers 31-05-2020 14:52
Week_1_Maths_Task_2-_Representing_teen_numbers.pdfMaths Task 2- Find out how to use tens frames to represent teen numbers. Have a go at representing them in this way as well as as pictures and written words 31-05-2020 14:52
Week_2_Literacy_Task_1-minibeast_fact_writing.pdfLiteracy task 1- Mini-beast fact writing, choose to write about your favourite mini-beast. We are learning about bees at school so you might like to as well 05-06-2020 12:28
Week_2_Literacy_Task_2-teddy_words.pdfLiteracy Task 2- Look, cover, write, check for our new teddy words this week 05-06-2020 12:27
Week_2_Maths_Task_1-sharing_between_2.pdfMaths Task 1- Share the ladybirds between the 2 leaves 05-06-2020 12:27
Week_2_Maths_Task_2-sharing_between_3.pdfMaths Task 2- Share the aphids between the 3 ladybirds 05-06-2020 12:26
Week_2_Reception_Literacy_and_Maths_Optional_Extras.pdfWeek 2 optional extras for Literacy and Maths for everyone. You may like to choose from some of these suggestions too 05-06-2020 17:58
Week_3_Literacy_and_Maths_Optional_Extras.pdfOptional extra activities for literacy and maths for everyone 12-06-2020 12:50
Week_3_Literacy_Task_1-_Phonics_Yes_No_Questions.pdfLiteracy task 1- using your phonic knowledge read the yes no questions and answer them 12-06-2020 15:02
Week_3_Literacy_Task_2-_Who_am_I.pdfLiteracy Task 2- Write your own mini-beast clues for us to guess which one you have described 12-06-2020 12:53
Week_3_Maths_Task_1-_Reading_oclock_and_half_past_times.pdfMaths Task 1- Choose from the chilli challenges to read o'clock and half past times 12-06-2020 12:52
Week_3_Maths_Task_2-Measuring_time_challenges.pdfMaths Task 2-Explore ways of measuring time to complete the different challenges 12-06-2020 12:51
Week_4_Literacy_Task_1-_Whatever_Next__story_retelling.pdfLiteracy task 1- Listen to our focus story for this week 'Whatever Next!', write about the events in the story. 19-06-2020 13:31
Week_4_Literacy_Task_2-_Teddy_Words.pdfLiteracy Task 2- Write sentences using the teddy words from last week and the new ones for this week. Please ensure these words have been added to your child's teddy word books. 19-06-2020 13:31
Week_4_Maths_Task_1-_Whatever_Next__Addition_word_problems.pdfMaths task 1- Solve the addition word problems linked to our story of the week 'Whatever Next!' 19-06-2020 13:30
Week_4_Maths_Task_2__Space_Maths_.pdfMaths Task 2- Solve the Space themed addition sentences. 19-06-2020 13:29
Week_4_Reception_Optional_Extras.pdfOptional extras- If you would like to, please choose from the suggested activities for this week. We have added a couple of other ideas for other areas of learning. 19-06-2020 13:29
Week_5_Literacy_Task_1-_Design_an_Alien_and_write_about_it.pdfWeek 5 Literacy Task 1- Design your own alien and write a description about it 26-06-2020 15:17
Week_5_Literacy_Task_2-_Phonics_Naming_Aliens.pdfWeek 5 Literacy Task 2- Create your own alien names using the sounds we have learnt so far in phonics 26-06-2020 15:16
Week_5_Maths_Task_1-_Subtraction_Tower_Challenge.pdfWeek 5 Maths Task 1- Subtraction tower challenge, see if you can subtract all of your bricks before your grown up 26-06-2020 15:16
Week_5_Maths_Task_2-_Alien_Subtraction.pdfWeek 5 Maths Task 2- Solve the subtraction alien problems using the spaceship and mini aliens to help 26-06-2020 15:14
Week_5_Optional_Extras.pdfWeek 5 optional extras, choose from some of the suggested activities linked to our 'Space' topic 26-06-2020 15:13
Week_6_Literacy_Task_1-_Write_a_letter_to_Pirate_Pete.pdfWeek 6 Literacy Task 1- Write a letter back to Pirate Pete 03-07-2020 10:54
Week_6_Literacy_Task_2-_Sort_the_trigraph_pictures.pdfWeek 6 Literacy Task 2- Phonics- Sort the trigraph words. 03-07-2020 10:54
Week_6_Literacy_Task_3-_Rainbow_writing_teddy_words.pdfWeek 6 Literacy Task 3- Rainbow writing teddy words 03-07-2020 10:53
Week_6_Maths_Task_1-_Exploring_and_comparing_weight.pdfWeek 6 Maths Task 1- Exploring weight. Make your own balance scales, compare the weight of different objects. Please send a photo of you using your balance scales and what you have found out. 03-07-2020 10:52
Week_6_Maths_Task_2-_Investigating_capacity.pdfWeek 6 Maths Task 2- Explore capacity. Please email any photos of you completing this at home. Can you order the containers you have chosen? 03-07-2020 10:51
Week_6_Optional_Extras.pdfWeek 6 Optional Extras for Literacy, Maths and Other areas of learning 03-07-2020 10:50
Week_7_Literacy_and_Maths_Optional_Extras.pdfWeek 7 Optional Extras 10-07-2020 15:20
Week_7_Literacy_Task_1-_Segmenting_for_spelling-sentence_writing.pdfWeek 7 Literacy Task 1- Phonics sentence writing revisiting the sounds we have learnt 10-07-2020 15:22
Week_7_Literacy_Task_2-_Teddy_Words.pdfWeek 7 Literacy Task 2- Teddy words sentence writing 10-07-2020 15:21
Week_7_Maths_Task_1-_Ordinal_Number_races.pdfWeek 7 Maths Task 1- Introduction to ordinal numbers, have a race with members in your family 10-07-2020 15:21
Week_7_Maths_Task_2_Oridnal_numbers_cut_and_stick.pdfWeek 7 Maths Task 2- Ordinal numbers 10-07-2020 15:20
Week_8_Literacy_Task_-Teddy_Bingo.pdfWeek 8 Literacy-Teddy word bingo 17-07-2020 12:39
Week_8_Maths_Task-Making_pizza_counting.pdfWeek 8 Maths- Make a pizza following the instructions, solve the addition problems 17-07-2020 12:38