Who Are We? 

Role of the Friends Committee

Our Committee consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Organiser and a number of other Committee members. We meet in a very informal way once or twice a term. The meetings last about an hour where we discuss and plan events.

Members have become friends over the years and enjoy sharing other news with each other as well. You do not have to become a member of the committee to help out at any of the events. Just ask! We do welcome new faces and need your support in order to survive!

If you do become a member of the Friends Committee, there is no obligation to attend every meeting, and minutes of the meetings are available on the website.

Friends Committee Vacancies

A few of our committee are leaving at the end of this school year so we will have vacancies if anyone is interested. We are open to fill all positions and more if we have lots of interest!!! Our AGM is at the end of September when all the posts will be elected, but if you are interested, please do speak to any of the Friends Committee.

Current Committee vacancies are:

Treasurer, Vice Treasurery, Vice Secretary, Vice Events

Who are we:

Chair - Kim Thackery - Harry in Yr 1
Vice Chair - 

Treasurer – 
Treasurer - 
Vice Treasurer - 

Events co-ordinator – Matthew Shaw -  Gracie in Year 2
Vice Events co-ordinator – 

Appeals – 
Appeals – 

Publicity – Jessica Griffiths Daughter Margot in Year 2 and Sons Arthur and Hamish in Yr1
Publicity - Helen  

Secretary - 
Vice Secretary - Vacant

Remember every Parent, Guardian or Carer is one of our Friends, please do get involved!
 Friends of Barnett Wood Registered charity number 1054368